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Appendix 1: Lesson Plan (template)

LESSON PLAN Subject: English

Trainee: Mariam Rashed Topic or Theme: How are you (My letters)

Class: G1/D Date & Duration: 11-3-2019

Trainee Personal Goals

 Classroom management

 Staying within allocated time

 Use more hands-on activities, less worksheets

 Organized and structured lesson

Lesson Focus

Listening: To identify the sound v at the

beginning of words.

Speaking: To say words beginning with the

sound v.

Reading: To recognise the letter v at the

beginning of words, blend CVC words van, fan.

Writing: To copy and write the capital letter V

and lower case letter v.

Lesson Outcomes

By the end of the

lesson, learners will be able to …
• identify the sound v
• make the shape and form of the lower case
letter v
• make the shape and form of the capital letter V
• produce the sound v
• say words beginning with the sound v.
Links to Prior Learning

• Arabic language: letters and sounds matching

• Units 1–6 My letters lessons

21st Century Skills

Not applicable

Key vocabulary

van, violin, violet, vase, vegetables

Possible problems for learners Solutions to possible problems

Some letters in English are Learners need to have lots of practice in identifying
unreliable and have more than one
and producing the sounds in words.
sound. The letter v is extremely
reliable with only one sound. The
shape of the letter v is a similar
shape to the letter w and can
be identified incorrectly.
Resources/equipment needed

Learner’s Book page 137

Audio Tracks LB 117, LB 126, LB 127 and AB 57
Flashcards: van, violin, violet, vase, vegetables

& Time
Students will: sit on the carpet and Teacher will: play the song of sound
listen and dance Then will play a game with them which is
10 min Students will say the sound of each say the sound of the letters
letter Teacher will show the students the letter
song by use flashcards


Main activities
& Time
Students will: listen Teacher will: show them a video about
letter V
5 min


4min Students will repeat with the teacher Teacher will: show them the flashcards
words and say the words one by one

Teacher will play the audio for the students

and ask what words did you hear?
Students will answer by raise their Teacher will ask the students to find words
hands. begin with letter V
10 min


Teacher will give them the magnetic letters

Students will find all letter V

Magnetic letters

7min Teacher will give them flashcards and a

Students will choose one card and plate of sand
Cards write the word on the sand

Plants of sand

Differentiation activities (Support)

1. Ask learners to work in pairs and share a book to do the activity.

2. Learners point to the flashcards or do the actions instead of saying the words.

Differentiation activities (Stretch)

1. Ask learners what other words and names beginning with the v sound they know.
2. Learners can write the v words in the air as they listen to the chant.
3. Learners can sound out and blend the CVC words van, fan, man, tan, pan.
& Time Plenary/Conclusion

5 min Students will say the sound of each Teacher will play a game with them
letter Teacher will divide the students into two
White board teams, the first team will have a leader
flashcards and the second team will have a leader
then the teacher will show them the
letters of the alphabet and students will
have to know the sound of each letter. The
team that wins the points is the winner.
Homework -

☐ Observation ☐ Student self- *☐ Oral questioning ☐ Peer assessment

☐ Quiz ☐ Student presentation ☐ Written work and ☐ Verbal feedback