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Job identification:

Job Title : Shopkeeper Job code : 001

Recommended Salary Grade : Exempt/ Nonexempt : Exempt
Job Family : Shop manager EEOC :
Division : Reports to : Owner of the shop
Department : Location : Shiddeshwari , Dhaka
Date : 24 October 2018

The person in this position is responsible for:

1. Selling the products and daily commodities to the customers, keeping record for each
transaction in a book, taking customer payments, giving changes and fulfilling the sales
2. Maintaining the inventory of each product, placing orders to wholesalers, suppliers,
manufacturers to maintain an inventory level.
3. Maintaining a good relationship with customers and suppliers to create a loyal customer
base and generate sales.
4. Keeping him updated with product quality, customer demand, product knowledge,
product price and competitor’s price.

“Performs other assignments as required “

Scope and Impact of the Job:

Revenue generation:

The person in this position is responsible for generating approximately 15-20 thousands taka of
sales revenue daily.

Supervisory responsibilities:

This person supervises the work of an employee (boy) who helps him to manage the shop.

Required knowledge and experience:

Related work experience:

Prior experience of managing shop and maintaining the transactions are required.
Education or equivalent:

Minimum SSC passed is required.


Must have knowledge on products .Must have planning and organizing skills and must have
number skills for handling cash. Must have marketing and business skills.

Primary responsibilities:
Maintaining the sales of products and keeping the records (50%):

 Generate sales of each kind of product and achieve the sales target.
 Keep himself updated with product’s price and competitor’s pricing
 Keeping record of each transaction in a book
 Taking customer payments, giving changes and wrapping purchases.
 Giving customers advice about new product and usage of the product
 Listening to customer’s needs to learn about the product demand and finding out the new
sales opportunities.
 Answering customers’ enquiries.
 Match the sales transaction figure with sales units at the end of the day.
 Make payments to suppliers or wholesalers for supplying the products.

Inventory and order management (35%):

 Check the inventory level of each product and maintain an inventory level.
 Place order for products to suppliers or wholesalers.
 Visit to wholesalers market (Kawran bazaar) to collect some products for which suppliers
are not available.
 Check the quality of the products sent by the suppliers.

Maintaining a good relationship with customers and suppliers (10%):

 Providing quality product to make a loyal customer base.

 Offering discounts to the most loyal customers.
 Sometimes provide home delivery to the most loyal customers.

Others (5%):

 Maintain the cleanliness of the shop

 Make sure products are arranged in a proper way in the shelves.
Decision making responsibilities for this position:

Determine the inventory level and product balance in the shop. Determine the products (running
products) which can be sold quickly. Determine the demand of the products

Submitted by : Abdullah-Al-Haris Date : 24 October 2018

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