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Trick Photography

Ilellind Ny 111I~1i.


Once Upon a Time Travel



king Thing
Trick Photography

Effect: A selected card is caused to vanish from the deck and very
visually reappear inside a photograph of the magician.
Preparation: You will need to get a card wallet. These are usually
sold with packet tricks. Essentially, it is a plastic wallet with
2 sides with a plastic see through window over each. You will also
need a fake membership card. The one I use is a piece of cardboard
cut out to the same shape and size as a poker size playing card.
Onto the left side of the card I type my name, a fake serial no.,
an emergency phone no., and to top it off, in the upper left comer
I put my actual thumb print. (what a ham!) Next, you need to go to
a photo booth and take 2 colour photos of yourself (fig.l and 2)

1 2

( .......~
L"" "!-:
('"7 ~

You will notice that fig. I and 2 are exactly the same, except that
fig. 2 has a jumbo card in between the hands. Now get the
membership card and stick the photo from fig no.2, the one with the
jumbo card in it, onto the upper right comer of the card. Have the
card plasticized. Get some double sided tape and apply it around
the white border of the photo from fig.l, the one with nothing in
the hands. Tape this photo to the underside of the plastic window
in the wallet in the position where the membership card photo would
be if it were inserted into the window. Now place the laminated
card under the window, beneath the duplicate photo. (fig.3) It now
looks like a membership card with a picture of yourself with
nothing in your hands. (fig.4) Put the wallet into your pocket and
you are set to go.

Method: Force the card you have in the photo on a volunteer.

Control the card to 8th from the bottom of the deck. Tum the deck
face up and biddle count five cards into your left hand. Ask the
spectator if their card is amongst the five. They will say no.
Place these cards onto the bottom of the deck and biddle count five
other cards into your left hand. This time the third card you pull
off the deck will be the selection. Hold a pinky break under this
card. Without breaking the rhythm of the count, pull the fourth
card off the deck onto the small packet, but as you do secretly
steal back the third card (selection) onto the bottom of the deck.
Count the last (fifth) card onto the packet and hand the packet of
5 cards (really 4) to the spectator. Explain that you can find
their selected card because you are an official member of the card
shark club. To prove this, bring out you card wallet and display
your card shark membership card through the window of the wallet.
(fig.4) Point out to the spectators that your hands are in the
official magicians mysterious position. This points out to the
spectator that your hands are empty without making it too obvious.
Take hold of the card as in (fig.5). Your fingers go underneath the
card and your thumb is on top ofthe plastic window perfectly
covering the area in between your hands. You will now pull the card
from the window. At the same time turning the window of the wallet
towards yourself, so that the picture which remains in the wallet
is hidden from the spectators view. Note, that the right thumb
remains in the same position on the new photo. ie; in between the
photographed hands (fig.6). From the spectators point of view you
have merely removed the membership card from your wallet. In
reality however, you have switched the photo with empty hands for
the one with the force card in it. The spectator is unaware of this
fact because your thumb is covering the card. AIl that remains is
to simply throw the membership card onto the packet of 5 cards and
the force card seems to visually appear on the picture. Have the
spectator count the cards in his hand revealing only 4 .... the
selection has mysteriously travelled into picture land.
Roger Rabbit eat your heart out' 0

3 4 5

, ~ ,
1<10>,2&£0.<:.'( loJo.(4'5)4S4-2(,.b5

~~ /~

=~~ RITJJ'"~oI
~~~~. lu

1O."~~0( NO.(4;t;)-,\f¥ru.c.5
Effect: The performer places his hands behind his back and has a
card selected. With his hands still held behind his back the
selected card vanishes from the deck. The performer slowly turns
around to reveal the selection protruding from his outer breast
Gimmick: Take two cards, for sake of explanation, lets assume they
are the 7 of clubs (7C) and the 10 of hearts (lOR). Take the 7C and
cut out a very sleight half moon on top of it (fig. I ). Now turn the
card face down (the halfmoon is on top of the card) and put a
strip of double sided along the bottom of the card (fig.2). Place
the lOR face down onto the face down 7C. Note: because of the tape
the two cards will stick together, try to keep the cards properly
aligned). What you have just made is a gimmicked card which will
allow you to force a short card and immediately have that card
vanish when the cards are spread through. In this trick the force
card will be the I OH. You will also require a duplicate lOR. Place
the deck face down in your left hand with the gimmicked card face
down on top. On top of this place the duplicate lOR face down. I
usually have these two cards in my pocket. When I am ready to begin
the trick I palm them onto the deck.

1 2

Method: Rave the cards slightly spread between both hands at chest
level with the faces of the cards held towards the spectators. Tum
your back to the spectator. When your back is towards him place the
top card (lOR) into your outer breast pocket. Try to do this
without moving your arms too much, in other words, you don't want
the spectator to be aware of the fact that you are putting a card
there. Now, very dramatically, place your hands behind your back
(your back should be towards the spectator). Cut the cards. You now
have the short card gimmick in the middle of the deck, ready to be
forced. Slowly riffle your thumb up the edge of the cards (fig.3).
When the spectator calls stop, immediately open the deck at
the short card. This is very much a timing thing which you will get
the knack for very quickly. Tell the spectator to remember the card
they are looking at (lOR) (fig.4). Let the cards close up, don't
hold any breaks. Remind the spectator that your hands did not move
from behind your back. Spread through the cards so that the
spectator can see the faces as they go by (fig.S). When all the
cards have been spread through the spectator will be surprised to
find that his card is not there. With your hands still held behind your
back, very slowly tum around to reveal the selected card lying gingerly
in your outer breast pocket ... .let the "ROCKY THEME' play in the background. 0

3 4


Effect: A borrowed bill is caused to change in denomination

..... twice. The bill is shown cleanly on both sides before and
after each change. The hands are seen empty throughout.
My presentation: A borrowed $10 bill is magically changed into a
$100 bill. An attempt to change it back into a ten dollar bill
fails leaving the perfonner holding a $2 bill. Apologizing for his
error the perfonner visually changes the bill back into it's
original state .... a $10 bill.

Preparation: To start, you will need a 2 and 100 dollar bill. Both
bills are folded as in the illustrations in fig. 1. Double sided
tape or glue is used to stick the bills together as in fig.2. The
bills are placed into a thumb tip with the 100 dollar bill touching
the ball of your thumb, ie. towards yourself

Method: Borrow a bill and perfonn the K1ause bill switch using the
folding technique in fig. 1. Exchange it for the two bills that are
glued together. When you unfold the bills, do so only to the one
hundred dollar bill. When the one hundred is fully opened, the
glued two dollar bill will be folded up in the lower right hand
comer of the one hundred, facing yourself The thumb tip holds it
firmly against the bill. (fig.3) (perfonners view) Tum the bill around so
that the spectators can see the back of the bill. In doing so hide
the glued bill from view with your left fingers as in fig.4. Tum
the bill back around towards yourself as in fig. 3. To change it
again, simply perfonn the same movements as in the bill switch.
However, this time do not use the thumb tip. You will now have a $2 .
bill in your hands with the $100 bill held in the lower right hand
comer. To finish, change the bill back to a $10 bill via the bill
switch. To repeat, simply tum the bill around in the thumb tip so
that the $100 bill is nearest the ball of your thumb. After
thanking the audience, pocket the spectators $10 bill and when he's
not looking hide behind the nearest curtain! 0


IL-----------'i L___ m_--'----------'

2 3

Trident Sugarless Bill
Effect: Performer borrows a bill, tears off a comer and
gives it to the volunteer as a receipt. The bill is then folded
up and placed into the left hand where it suddenly
transforms into a piece of gum. From his pocket the
performer brings out a sealed package of gum. The
spectator himself breaks open the seal and pulls out a piece
of gum. Upon opening the gum wrapper the spectator
finds not gum ..... but a bill .... with a missing corner.. ..
which matches the spectators receipt .. exactly.
Preparation: Take a twenty dollar bill, rip off a comer and
place this into your thumb tip, which goes into your
pocket. Now go to the store and buy a package of Trident
gum. Gently peel away the paper wrapping to reveal the 2
foil underneath. Do not rip the paper as you will need to
reglue this back later. Press down on one flat side ofthe
gum package (this will reveal the contour of each piece
of gum inside). Find the crack in between the third and
forth piece of gum. Using an X-acto knife cut a slit along
this crack ( the slit should only penetrate the one side of
the package)(fig.l). Bend the package open like a book as
in (fig. 2). With a pair of tweezers reach into the side of
the package with the pull tab and remove all the pieces of 3
gum from this side. Remove one piece of gum from it's
wrapper and place this piece aside. Next, fold the bill with
the comer missing into the same shape as the gum and
wrap this in the gum wrapper. Now, with the tweezers,
gently place this wrapped up bill back into the foil, at the
bottom (ie. the end with the pull tab on it ). Place the
remaining wrapped pieces of gum into the foil. Unbend the
foil to a flat position. Put a strip of scotch tape over the slit
and glue the paper wrapper back onto the foil. When ready
to perform place the package of gum into your right jacket
pocket along with the missing comer in a thumb tip. In the
left jacket pocket have the naked piece of gum
Method: Borrow a bill which matches the denomination
placed in the gum. As the bill is brought out, your left and
right hands go into their respective pockets. Your left hand
fingerpalms the piece of gum and your right hand comes
out with the thumb tip on the right thumb (tom comer
inside tip). The left hand takes hold of the bill as in (fig.3).
The right hand comes over and rips off the right top comer
(fig.4) (note: the thumb tip is shielded from the
spectators view by the tom comer).In a continuing action the
right hand goes behind the bill for a split second and holds the
tom comer against the bill with the thumb tip. The left thumb now
takes hold of the thumb tip keeping it pressed against the bill as
the right hand moves to the right pulling the right thumb from the
tip which in tum pulls the duplicate comer from the tip carrying
it to the right (fig.5).This is handed to the spectator as a
receipt (note: this switch of a tom comer is credited to Paul
Gertner from his bill in cig. routine).
To vanish the bill, the right hand comes back to take hold of the
bill, as it does the right thumb goes back into the tip and immediately starts
folding the bill, keeping careful not to drop the tom piece. Note: the
tom piece gets folded into the bill. During this action, the tip is transferred
into the left hand on top of the piece of gum. The right hand now places the
bill directly into the tip, stealing it away on the right thumb. The left hand now
opens, revealing the gum. The right hand goes into the right pocket, ditches the
thumb tip and comes out with the package of gum. To finish,have the spectator
break the seal on the gum, take out a piece and reveal the bill with the missing comer
.. the receipt matches ... take a bow.

A special thanks to a great magician and friend, Alain Choquette, for coming up with the basic
idea for this effect.
Once Upon a Time Travel

EtTect:Performer borrows a crisp $2 bill and has the serial no.

recorded. Simply by folding and unfolding the bill the performer
causes it to travel 5 years into the future. When the crisp new $2
bill is unfolded it is seen to be worn out, there is a rip in the
bill, a comer is missing, the queen has eyeglasses drawn on her. ..
and the serial no. is the same. To finish the effect the performer
causes the bill to revert back to the present time to it's original
almost mint condition. Note: This effect can be repeated for table

Preparation: For this effect you need two mint $2 bills with
consecutive serial no's. Now get a good eraser and erase the last
no. of the serial no. (You will need to do this for each serial no.
that appears on the bill) This procedure will take about 112 hour.
(There is a lot of rubbing involved) You will now have 2 bills with
matching serial no's. Now take one of the bills and soak it in
water for a couple of minutes, dry it off, crumple it up, scrub it
with a brush, step on it, etc. ( You want to wear the bill out as
much as possible) After the bill is dry do whatever you think might
be appropriate to make it look older (ie. write things on it, rip
it, rip off a comer, etc.) Finally, fold up the bill as per the
bill switch and stick into your thumb tip which goes into you right
outer jacket pocket. Now take the remaining bill and fold and
unfold it as per the bill switch. Lastly, fold the bill in half and
put in the same pocket as the thumb tip.

Method: Borrow A crisp $2 bill ( I just ask one as if it is .

necessary for the trick) You will now switch the borrowed bill for
the bill folded in half in your pocket using an old gag. You
explain to the spectators that you will show them how to increase
their money. Openly fold the bill as if you were about to perform
the bill switch and unfold it. Now comment "See it's in creases."
(Ow! That hurts.) After that fold the bill in half Say "Thank you"
and pocket the bill. (Another gag.) Now, while in the pocket,
switch their bill for yours. Then say "Just kidding." and bring the
substituted bill out of your pocket. Have the serial number
recorded. Now talk about time travel as you get the thumb tip onto
your right thumb. Now simply perform the bill switch showing the
transformation to the older bill. Now perform the bill switch again
to bring the bill back to the present time.
For repeat performance: Once the serial number has been recorded,
explain to the volunteer that the bill might get damaged in this
experiment. Offer to buy the bill from them. Reach into your right
outside jacket pocket, take hold of the bill and under cover of the
pocket fold it once or twice placing it into finger palm position.
You will now feign removing two dollars from your inner breast
pocket or wallet if you have one there. In reality you are just
producing the finger palmed bill. Offer the spectator this two dollar
bill for theirs. Go on with the trick as previously explained. Except now
at the end of the trick fold the bill in half and put in back into your own pocket.
You are now reset to start again.

One time performance: If you are giving the bill away, offer to
autograph the bill. In doing so make sure that your first and last
names cover the erased spots on the bill. This very useful piece
of information was given to me by fellow magician and great friend
Marty Kattleman.

EtTect:A bill is borrowed and signed. The bill vanishes and

reappears in the marker cap that the bill was signed with. The
spectator himself pulls the bill from the cap.

Preparation:lnside your right outside jacket pocket have a matching

cap to the marker that you are using, as well as a thumb tip. I
have found that the best marker to use for this effect is the Berol
Liquid Tip (chisel tip) permanent marker.

Method: Borrow a bill and have it signed, while this is happening,

get the thumb tip onto your right thumb. Now fold the bill as per
the Klause bill switch except that you will give it one final fold
along the long side. In the action of folding the tip is
transferred into the left hand. The folded bill is placed into the
tip in the left hand. The right thumb pushes the bill into the tip
stealing everything out at the same time. Show that the bill has
vanished. Pause ...... ( your left and right hands go into their
respective pockets). "Okay.. .I've got a really neat card trick I
can show you." As you say this, inside your right pocket, your
thumb pulls the bill out of the tip and loads it into the duplicate
cap. The easiest way to do this is as follows: once the folded bill
is pulled out of the tip it is held in fingerpalm lengthwise, so
that it's length lies across all the fingers. The cap is held
between the first finger and thumb above the bill with the open end
of the cap nearest the bill. (fig. I) The cap is now pushed over the
bill, guided by the left fingers, until the bill is lodged into the
cap.(fig.2) The right hand now fingerpalms the cap and comes out of
the pocket. ( This whole procedure should take between 5-6 seconds
as you joke about wanting to show them a card trick).

To produce the bill from the cap, hold the marker vertically in the
left hand with the cap end facing downwards. The duplicate cap is
fingerpalmed lengthwise in the right hand (the top closed end of
the marker is closest to the pinky and the open end with the bill
protruding from it is nearest to the index finger).(fig.3) The
right hand approaches the marker and grabs the cap so that the cap
on the marker is completely hidden by the right hand, which
incidently also holds the palmed cap.(fig.4) With all this held in
the right hand the left hand is free to grab the top uncapped end
of the marker protruding from the right hand and pull it from the
cap. However it will only look like you pull the marker from the
cap, in reality your left hand pulls the marker as well as the cap
still attached to it out of the right hand.(fig.5) The left hand
turns to the right a bit to cover the cap still on the marker.
Meanwhile your right hand pops the fingerpalmed cap into view as if
the cap was pulled off the marker (fig.6). Let your left hand with
the cap hidden fall to your side as all attention is on the cap
with the bill inside. Have the spectator pull the bill from the cap
and verify his signature. As this is happening pretend to recap the
marker while really just re-fingerpalrning the duplicate cap in the
right hand and place both the marker and the duplicate cap safely
away in your right pocket.
1 2

3 4

5 6

Effect: A stick figure finds the selected card.

Method: Have a card selected, signed and controlled to the top of the deck via your least
favourite method. Explain to the spectator, "Cindy, if! could find your card, that would be a good
trick. But if all of a sudden, your favourite movie star walked in that door, came over here,
grabbed the deck, reached in and pulled out your card, that would be a miracle! I wish I could do
that...Actually, just think of your favourite movie star and I'll try to read your thoughts by drawing
a picture of that star on the top card."
Hold the deck face down in the left hand dealing position and tilt your hand back such that the
face of the pack is towards the audience, back towards you.
Draw a stickman on the back of the top card (unbeknownst to the audience, this is the
Ask the spectator to name her movie star - for example, Tom Cruise.
"That's incredible - that's exactly what I drew!"
Reveal the drawing ofthe stickman - this should get a good chuckle from the folks.
Carry out a Double lift, flipping the top two cards face up onto the deck. Ask Cindy if this is her
selection. Of course, she says no. Cindy always says no. I know this from experience. Explain that
Tom Cruise will search through the deck to find her card.
Perform a K.M. Move with the double, such that you remove the face up selection while leaving
the indifferent card face down on the deck. Briefly, your right hand takes hold of the face up
double by its right long side, 1st and 2nd fingers below, thumb on top. Slide the double to the
right, as if doing a Double Lift, but just as its left long edge reaches the right long edge of the
deck, your left hand turns palm down onto the double (rather than tuining the double over onto
the deck).
Now your right thumb pulls the face card of the double out to the right as your right fingers
squeeze the back card of the double off to the left. Your left hand, still palm-down, moves away
to the left and your right hand is left holding the selection. Your left hand remains palm-down, still
hiding the stickman.
Flick the indifferent card with your right fingers, then tum it over, showing the stickman to have
vanished. Follow the invisible flight path of the stickman through the air and onto the deck. As
your gaze hits the deck, tum the pack over, revealing the stickman on the back of the top card.
Slip the card in your right hand into the deck, then do a Double Lift with the top two cards of
the deck, showing the stickman to be on the back of an indifferent card. Cruise is still searching.
Tum the double face down, then tell Cindy you will speed up the process and have her hold out
her hand. You will now seem to pull the stickman off the deck with your fingers. In reality, as
Cindy holds out her hand, you side steal the bottom card of the deck into your right hand.
Now, when the attention is focused back on the stickman, place you right hand on top of the
deck, leaving the palmed card, and come away as if you grabbed the stickman at your finger tips.
Place the imaginary stickman onto Cindy's palm.
"Now you've got Tom Cruise right where you want him."
Have her throw the imaginary stickman towards the deck as you dribble the cards,
pretending to catch it. Execute a Pass or cut the cards, then run through the deck, revealing the
stickman at the centre. Remove the stickman card. Tum it over, showing it to be her selection!
Effect: A borrowed cigarette passes through a borrowed quarter.

Preparation: To perform this effect you will need the Paul Belanger Cigarette Through Quarter
which is released through Camirand Academy.

Method I: Start with the gimmicked quarter classic palmed in the right hand. Borrow a quarter.
Take the quarter with the right fingers and execute a Bobo Switch into the left hand. In other
words, the regular quarter goes into right hand finger palm as the gimmicked coin travels from
right hand classic palm into the left

Hold the quarter in the palm up left hand, in between the left first finger and thumb, such that these
fingers cover the hole in the quarter. Rub the coin on the right sleeve. Have the spectator do the
same thing with the cigarette.

"Do you know what this does? Actually it does nothing, but I enjoy it quite a bit. No, I'm only
kidding, this heats up the quarter and the cigarette enough so that I can push the cigarette through
the quarter."

Now proceed to push the cigarette through the gimmicked quarter in the left hand. Once it is half
way through the quarter, stop and display it in the left hand french drop position. Note: the filter
end of the cigarette is pointing towards the spectator (fig. I).
Grab the filter end of the cigarette and push it in and out of the quarter to further accentuate the

Now with the right first finger and thumb, grab the filter half of the cigarette about an inch above
the quarter. The other fingers curl around, hiding the rest of the cigarette from view (fig.2).

The next set of moves will look like you are transferring the cigarette and the impaled quarter
from French Drop position to the position in FigA. In reality, continuing from fig.2, the right hand
pulls the cigarette from the left hand. Meanwhile the left thumb applies pressure on the quarter
keeping it from moving. When the cigarette is completely removed from the quarter, the left
thumb pushes the coin flat onto the left fingers, placing it into finger palm (fig.3 )(performers
view). Now both hands turn palm down and the filter end of the cig. is transfered into the left hand
at the fingertips The right hand remains where it is, holding the cig. The spectator assumes that
the right hand is holding the cig. and the impaled quarter.In reality, the coin with the hole in it is
secretly held in the left hand in finger palm position. The regular coin is held consealed in the right
hand flat against the cig.

To finish, slide the right fingers down the cigarette as if they were pulling the penetrated quarter
off of the cigarette. Once the right hand reaches the end of the cigarette, it turns over to reveal the
Illustrations for Cigarette Through Quarter:

1 2

3 4

5 6
real coin. The end.

Method 2: Borrow a cigarette and a quarter. The gimmicked quarter is classic palmed in the right
hand. Explain to the spectators that you will hypnotise them. Wave the quarter in front of them.
Act as if it is not working and throw the quarter into the left hand, real1y Bobo switching it for the
gimmicked coin. Hold the coin in the palm up left hand, with the left hand blocking the hole in the
gimmicked coin from view.

With the right hand, wave the cigarette in front of the spectator. Act triumphant, as if the
spectator is now hypnotised.

Push the unfiltered end of the cigarette through the quarter. Once it is half way through, display
it to everyone.

Now take hold of the cigarette at the centre with the palm up left and right hands. Special note:
the right fingers grab the edge of the quarter as in fig.5.(performers view).

Now, break the cigarette in halfby giving the hands a 1/4 tum towards each other. Ending up as
in fig. 6. As this happens, two things occur simultaneously. First, the right fingers keep a firm grip
on the gimmicked coin, keeping it from fa1ling. Secondly, the regular coin which is finger palmed
in the right hand is let go onto the table. The spectators believe that the penetrated quarter has
fallen off of the cigarette and immediately healed. ReaI1y it was switched for the real one.

The left and right hand deposit their halves onto the table next to the quarter. However, as this
happens, the right index finger and thumb pull on the right hand half of the cigarette, dislodging it
from the quarter. The gimmicked quarter is now safely in finger palm as the half cigarette is
deposited onto the table next to the other half. Over.
King Thing

EFFECT: The magical perrormer cuts the deck to the rour kings.
The errect is repeated, however, this time the kings vanish ~rom
the deck and reappear in the wildest places. One king turns ~ace
up in the deck, another appears in your pocket, the third in the
card box and the last one appears right under the spectators own
ringer. This trick requires no dirricult sleights or palming.

PREPARATION: Berore the errect, place the king Or diamonds into

the card bo>(. Place the king Or clubs into your pocket. Place the
remaining kings second and rorth rrom the top Or the race down
METHOD: Shurrle the deck, retaining the order Or the kings on the
top. Perrorm a double lirt revealing the king Or hearts(KH). Turn
the double race down. Deal the top race down indirrerent card
onto the table. The spectator believes this to be a king.

Double cut the top card to the bottom Or the deck. Double lirt
the top two cards, revealing the king Or spades(KS). Turn the
two cards race down. Deal the top card race down onto the table,
next to the other card.

Double cut two cards rrom the bottom Or the deck to the top.
Perrot-m another double lirt, revealing the race up KH. Note: this
is the second time that you will be showing the KH so do so
rather quickly. In addition, don,t rerer to the kings by their
suits, instead rerer to them as king no.l,2,3,etc. lr these
actions are carried out smoothly the spectator will be convinced
that YOLl are cutting to rour completely dirrerent kings. Turn the
double race down. Deal the top race down card onto the table next
to the other two.

Finally, double cut the bottom card to the top and perrorm a
triple lirt revealing the KS. Allow a quick rlash Or this card
rerering to it as king no.4. Turn the triple race down onto the
deck. Deal the top card race down onto the table with the others.

You will now perrorm a Braue reversal Or the top card, KH, into
the middle Or the deck. For those Or you who are unramiliar with
the Braue Reversal this will be explained at the end Or the
tr ick.

The patter which coincides with the Braue Reversal is as rollows:

"That's rour kings rrom a shurrled deck Or cards." Arter the
reversal is accomplished casually spread some Or the race up
cards being carerul not to reveal the race down king in the
middle o~ the pack. Turn the deck ~ace down.
At this point the situation is as Follows; The ~S is Face down on
the top o~ the deck. The KH is Face up in the m1ddle of the deck.
There are also Four Face down indiF~erent cards on the table. The
spectator believes these to be the ~our kings.

Explain to Mr. Spectator, "I will .repeat the trick, in other

words, 1 will lose the ~our kings into the deck and then ~ind
them again, however this time I will do it within a time limit."
Suiting action to words, per~orm a double liFt revealing an
indiFFerent card. You will use this card to indicate how many
seconds you have to complete the task. For example, suppose the
card is the eight of clubs. This means you will have eight
seconds to lose the kings into the deck and then Find them again.
Turn the double card Face down onto the deck and deal it Face
down onto the table. Have the spectator place his dirty, grimy
Finger on the card. "You will act as the time keeper, place your
Finger on the card."

As the spectator is counting out loud to eight, push the Four

~ace down kings? (really indiFFerent cards) into diFFerent parts
of the deck. When Monsieur Spectator reaches eight tell him you
have done it. Dramatically spread the deck revealing the KH Face
up in the Face down deck. Pull the KC ~rom your pocket. Remove
the KD From the card case. To end, have Senio." Spectator turn
over the card under his Finger revealing the KS. You have
completed an impossible looking t."ick. Congratulate yoursel~ by
eating a very large chocolate cake'

Braue Reversal: The deck is held in right hand biddle grip

position with a break held under the top card with the right
thumb. The leFt hand grabs the bottom halF of the deck and Flips
it Face up onto the Face down deck in the right hand. The right
thumb retains it's break, now in the middle of the deck. In a
contiuous action, the leFt hand grabs the remaining cards under
the right thumb break, turns them Face up and deposits them under
the cards in the right hand. This will leave the original top
card revet"sed in the middle of the deck. The action of the Braue
reversal should look as iF you are merely turning the deck Face
up, one halF at a time.

Credit goes to man, magiCian, myth, Jay Sankey. King Thing is a

va."i".tion of "Breakout" which can be Found in Jay's very sensual
book, 100% Sankey.

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