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3rd KAUST Library Saudi Seminar – April 17-18, 2019

Seminar’s title: Acquisitions in a Digitally Born Library: Best Practices and Challenges

Target audience: Library acquisitions staff, library directors, deans, and vice deans, senior professionals
from Saudi universities & research institutions.

Seminar’s Goal:

Sharing the acquisition’s best practices as well as the challenges through addressing the various stages
of handling the process and how to meet the patrons’ needs accurately & promptly. In this seminar
we’re going to exchange the experience, achievements and some useful tips with other internal and
international institutions.

Seminar’s language: English only


Time Description Speaker Location

Wednesday 17th Participants arrival & KAUST Inn Hotel
April 2019 check in
6:00 pm Guests pick-up for Al- Ali Al-Qahtani KAUST Inn Hotel
6:30-7:15 pm Acquisition network Ola Kabli Al Marsa
meeting restaurant
7:15 – 8:30 pm Welcome and Library Al Marsa
Director Hosted Dinner restaurant
Thursday 18th April
7:00-8:00 Breakfast and check out KAUST Inn Hotel
8:15-9:00 Registration & KAUST University Library
Library Tour Building 12
9:00-9:30 Opening Dr. Najah Ashry Sea View Room,
(TBC) Vice President, Saudi Affairs University Library
Dr. Yves Gnanou Building 12
Vice President, Academic
Dr. J. K. Vijayakumar
Library Director
9:30-9:45 Introductions to Library Dr. Nada Mursi Sea View Room,
Outreach Programs Senior Librarian & Outreach University Library
Specialist, KAUST Library Building 12

9:45-10:45 Keynote Prof. Rick Anderson Sea View Room,

“Thinking Strategically Assoc. Dean for Collections University Library
about an Unsettled (and & Scholarly Communication Building 12
Unsettling) Future: Marriott Library, University
Implications for Libraries of Utah, USA
of Current Trends in
Acquisitions and Scholarly
10:45-11:00 Tea/Coffee Break Sea View Room,
University Library
Building 12
11:00-11:30 “The liaison's role in the Ms. Lee Yen Han Sea View Room,
acquisition process” Subject Specialist, KAUST University Library
Library Building 12
11:30-12:00 “An overview of e- Ms. Ola Kabli Sea View Room,
resources acquisitions in Acquisitions Specialist, University Library
KAUST library” KAUST Library Building 12
12:00-12:30 “Print Acquisition Mr. Ali al Qahtani Sea View Room,
presentation” Acquisitions Lead, KAUST University Library
Library Building 12
12:30-1:30 Lunch Campus Dinner,
Building 13
1:45- 2:15 “Acquisitions process, Ms. Riyam Al- Saada Sea View Room,
previously & currently Head of Acquisition Unit, University Library
Princess Noura University, Building 12
2:15-2:45 “Collection Analysis and Ms. Gordana Latinovic- Sea View Room,
Assessment in an Rauski University Library
Academic Library” Collections and Information Building 12
Services Manager, KAUST
2:45-3:15 Q&A Sea View Room,
Closing University Library
Building 12
3:15-3:30 Tea/Coffee Break Sea View Room,
University Library
Building 12
4:00- 4:30 KAUST Museum Of Building 19, Level 2
Science & Technology in
Islam (MOSTI) visit

Contact: Dr. Nada Mursi, Senior Librarian and Outreach Specialist, KAUST (