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4/5/2019 https://ums.lpu.in/lpuums/frmMyASCCertificates.


Electronic Certificate No : LPU/ASC/15161/00005287




( This certificate is not a part of any academic programme )

This is to certify that Mr. Ketan Jawney, S/o Sh. Laxmikant Jawney, Assistant Professor, Lovely

Professional University participated in Training Program(s) during the period Jun 01, 2015 to Dec 31,

2015 and secured a TGPA of 7.3 with grade(s) as mentioned below:

Training Program Duration Credits Grade

FDP on Latest Automotive Technologies 3.0 hrs. 0.5 B

Workshop on Design of MCQs 4.0 hrs. 1.0 A

Head-Division of HR Principal - HRDC

Dated : Jul 02, 2016

Note: This is an electronic certificate and its authenticity must be verified from www.lpu.in/jobs/certificates or Scan QR

https://ums.lpu.in/lpuums/frmMyASCCertificates.aspx 1/2
4/5/2019 https://ums.lpu.in/lpuums/frmMyASCCertificates.aspx

1. The Grades reflected are based on the performance of the participant at the time of training and
performance is subject to change subsequently.
2. University uses Broadband Letter Grades to report a participant’s performance in Post Training Test(s).
Each letter grade indicates the level of performance in a course and has an associated grade point value
as per the following table:

Letter Grade Description Grade Points

O 90% and above 10

A 75% to less than 90% 8

B 60% to less than 75% 6

C 50% to less than 60 % 4

D Below 50% 0

3. A Participant's overall academic performance within a given term is represented by Term Grade Point
Average (TGPA). TGPA is calculated as the weighted average of the grades: TGPA = ΣCi Gi / ΣCi , where
C represents the credits associated with a course and G represents the grade points of the letter grade in
that course.
4. If a conversion to marks is required, the nominal percentage of marks may be calculated by multiplying
the TGPA with 10.0

https://ums.lpu.in/lpuums/frmMyASCCertificates.aspx 2/2