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Application 2: Design Thinking Phase 3: Implementation

Identification and description of the solution:

After discussion in the Class-café, we got some suggestion from our friends and course mate
regarding our issues with the particular problems. Reading out all the suggested ideas and
suggestions for improving the workplace and implementing the idea for reducing the problem,
the only idea I would like to select is “Rescheduling my rest plan so that I feel less worn
out when I work & don't consider my work as some debilitating & time wasting task
that I'm being compelled to do i.e. TIME MANAGEMENT.” This idea contains
rescheduling of my daily routine timetable, and changing it with the suitable rest plan. Suitable
rest planning means I have to take desired rest time interval, not less or not too much, but it
should be in a balance quantity so that when I go for studies I don’t feel any kind of tiredness.
A daily college schedule seems to be exhausting for everyone but after college maintaining the
time slots and scheduling other activity is what I have to go for. But just because lack of time
availability I can’t reduce the rest-time, it will only cause the lack of interest while working for
the work i.e. time for rest is important as well.

Reason for selecting the idea:

During each week compilation of this course, I’ve to suffer with the lack of time availability due
to my research for minor project and market visits. Hence I’ve to learn the time management
for good performance in the course. Time management can only be done by rescheduling my
time table and utilising each and every minute. Rescheduling of the timetable doesn’t mean
lack of rest, but it is directly towards maintaining a healthy and packed schedule, restricting rest
hour for an optimum value.

Steps should be taken for implementation:

Creating an effective schedule is always found a slight difficult, but can be possible with the help
of great dedication and punctuality.

 I need to create an un-excusable attitude toward my works and timetable.

 I have to complete every work on its right time, I can’t leave anything for the last
 I have to be bold enough to talk with my friends about the problems I’m facing due to
their sudden interference with no reasons.
 Asking my friends for corporation with my schedule timetable, and help for maintain it.
 Speaking directly to the friends in a polite manner can be helpful.