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All I Ever Needed to Know, I Learned Through 4H

By: Jillian Egbert

Everything and everyone we position ourselves around, impact our life somehow,
whether it be a positive or negative effect. That’s why throughout our life we need to
find ourselves in the right environment. For myself, the place has been fair or 4h
As we grow older, our need for more knowledge grows and that’s where 4h comes into
play. 4h has a flexibility to it that helps members of all ages. This program helps you to
grow and become more equipped with important lessons that will last a lifetime. Not
only does it teach simple lessons but as you grow and mature the lessons grow more
and more complex so that you become better prepared for the rest of your life.
I deem myself very lucky because my parents got me involved in the 4h program at a
young age and for that I am grateful. Being a shy young girl, 4h has helped me to
blossom into a more outgoing and more confident individual. Through 4h the true
values of friendships are taught. While school friends come and go, your 4h friends will
be there with you until the end. The individuals you meet through the program are
more loyal and you seem to connect with on a deeper level.
4h has also taught me the importance of responsibility and how you should take it
seriously. The projects I take have really made me step up my game, making sure I
assume full responsibility over them. It has also made me realize I need to understand
the consequences of my actions before I perform a task. As I grow older, I see that there
is more responsibility in the tasks that people do and I see how much importance the
value of responsibility has in our society.
One more lesson I wish to share is one I see that has so much importance to it. That
lesson would be, “don’t dread your past mistakes. Use them to brighten your future.”
This is so important because everyone needs to know that failing is okay and is not
something to be embarrassed about. Failure is a part of life, there is no way around it,
so embrace it and let it help you. Nowadays, in society, failure is looked at as “not
enough effort” but this is not the case. No matter how hard you try at something there
is always that chance that you might fail, don’t let it frustrate you, you will get past it.
The world is a tough place containing many obstacles but with some practice, guiding
from others and these lessons you will learn to thrive and be successful in this world.