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Islander Company Plan of the Week

April 15 – April 21, 2019

Date: Monday – Apr 15 Tuesday – Apr 16 Wednesday – Apr 17 Thursday – Apr 18 Friday – Apr 19 Saturday
Apr 20
In Not a Uniform Day
Uniform Day – C2 Periods E/2/3: Swim PT Period 5/6: PT/Drill 0720 Depart from CHS
Classroom (Swimsuits & Towels) (Blue & Gold Gear)
NS-1: Health Enjoy Easter Weekend
for Paint-Ball
Training NS-2/3: Sea Perch

0705-0825 Academic Team

1145-1645 Comm Svc
1215 Meeting for all who are
Daily signed-up and paid-up for No school
Events Paint-Ball
1445 Marksmanship
Apr 21
Lunch Duty Viola Spicer Schnappauf Ritz none

Study Hall Q. Perez Q. Perez Q. Perez Q. Perez none Easter Sunday

Flag R/L 1st Plt 1st Plt 1st Plt 1st Plt

Supply 1435-1545 1430-1545 1430-1545 Closed Closed

Morgan Ayan (Sun)
Birthdays Taxes are Due Anastasia Dauntain (Sun)
1. Remember there is no school on Monday, APR 22nd. We’ll see you next week on Tuesday, APR 23rd. Enjoy your extra-long weekend!
2. Platoon Comp events: PFA on Tuesday/Wednesday, APR 23rd/24th. Exams on Monday, APR 29th. PI on Thursday, MAY 2nd. Drill on Friday, MAY 17th.
3. Community Service is fun! Each cadet is required to complete at least 6 hours each semester. Community service looks good on college/job applications.


NS1: How do you spell PADRES using the phonetic alphabet? A: Papa, Alfa, Delta, Romeo, Echo, Sierra
NS2/3/4: Why should you wash your hands after soldering? A: Solder alloys can be harmful if ingested
Current Events: What’s the name of the 8 telescopes/arrays linked together to take a picture of a Black Hole? A: Event Horizon Telescope (the EHT)
Health: What government agency sets standards for sunscreens’ Sun Protection Factor (SPF) ratings? A: Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
Islander Co. Chain of Command: Who is Islander Company’s Recruiting Officer? A: Cadet Lieutenant Jake Nault
Chain of Command: What billet is currently being filled by Admiral Richardson? A: Chief of Naval Operations (CNO)
Ranks/Rates: What is an O-1 in the United States Marine Corps? A: Second Lieutenant
Drill: On what foot should a Platoon Commander execute “TO THE REAR, MARCH”? A: Execute (say MARCH) on the Right foot
History: U.S. military aircraft struck targets in what north African country on April 15, 1986? A: Libya [Operation Eldorado Canyon]
9th General Order: Call the Officer of the Deck in any case not covered by instructions, Sir/Ma’am.
Weekly Goal: Plan ahead to get some exercise over the extra-long weekend. Remember that we’ll take our PFA on the days we return (APR 23rd/24th).
SAT/ACT Math Question: This is the 3rd year that Mateo has sold cowboy hats. He received $5200 this year in his growing business. In fact, he received twice
as much money this year compared to last year. And he received $600 more in his 2nd year than in his 1st year. How much money did he receive in his 1st year?