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Operation Manual of TF2030A Electronic Encoder

Functional Features
1. It is used for code-writing and code-reading of TF2000 series electronic encoder;
2. Power with lithium polymer battery, which is safe and reliable, and it can be charged directly by
USB port;
3. Liquid crystal display, with visual and convenient coding;
4. Low power consumption sleeping, with the keys which can be awaken at any time;
5. Battery undervoltage detection.
Main Technical Indexes
Ambient temperature: 0°C to +50°C
Relative humidity: ≤ 95% (40°C±2°C)
Weight: 300 g
Battery voltage: 4.2 V
Fittings Description:
1. One 5V, 1A charger;
2. One T-port USB line;
3. One coding line;
4. One manual;
Liquid Crystal Description

Figure 1 Liquid Crystal Display Description

1 Indicate the icon during code-receiving and code-writing. When the code-writing or code-
receiving is correct, the icon will be normally on. Otherwise, it will flash 6 times for reminding;
2 Add an indication icon automatically for the address. When it adds one automatically during
opening, the icon will be normally on. Otherwise, it will be normally off;
3 Battery undervoltage indication icon, when the battery is in undervoltage state, the icon will be
normally on. Otherwise, it will be normally off;
4 Writing/reading state indication icon, when the instrument is in code-writing state, the icon will
be normally on. When it is in code-reading state, the icon will be normally off;
5 Address display zone, the highest address can be displayed to 199;

Operation Description
1. Wiring description
Connect the coding line to the reading/writing port of the encoder, connect the red clamp on the wiring
terminal to the module or the positive polarity (L+) of the loop bus of the detector, and connect the
black clamp to the negative polarity (L-) of the loop bus.
2. Starting up:
Set the toggle switch to “open” position, after starting up and 1 S after initialization interface of the
liquid crystal display, it will enter into writing state automatically, and the default starting address will
add a function automatically.
3. Reading and writing status switching
Except when the encoder is in writing and reading address process, press the “reading/writing” key on
the keyboard to switch reading and writing state at any time. After pressing the “reading/writing” key,
when the ④ icon in figure 1 is on, the encoder is in address writing state at that time. After pressing the
“reading/writing” key again, when the ④ icon in figure 1 is off, the encoder is in address reading state.
4. Writing operation
The address writing operation can be done when the liquid crystal displays figure 2. After inputting the
address with the digital keys directly, press the “OK” key to write the address into the module or the
detector, and the ① icon in figure 1 will be normally on when the writing address is correct. In case that
there is error in writing, the ① icon in figure 1 will flash to prompt that there is error in address writing.

Figure 2 Writing State Page Figure 3 Reading State Page
5. Reading operation
The address reading operation will be entered when the liquid crystal displays the figure 3 interface, at
this time, press the “OK” key to read the module address. After reading successfully, the ⑤ zone in
figure 1 will display the reading address, meanwhile, the ① icon will be normally on. After reading the
address unsuccessfully, there is no address display in the ⑤ zone in figure 1, meanwhile, the ① icon
will flash for 6 times for reminding.
6. Add on automatically for the address
Press the “7” key for a long time to open or close the function. Press the “7” key for a long time to start
the automatic adding one state, with the ② icon in figure 1 normally on. At this time, the address can
add one automatically after writing the address successfully. Press the “7” key for a long time again to
close the automatic adding one function, and the ② icon is normally off.
Note: 1. When the address is 199, it will not add one any longer; 2. For the address prohibiting writing
100, the address will add to 101 automatically.
7. Low power consumption sleeping
The encoder display will close and enter into dormant state if there is no operation for the keys within 1
minute. At this time, press the “0” key to awaken the encoder and quit the dormant state.
8. Low voltage warning function
When the battery is under voltage, the ③ icon in figure 1 will be normally on to prompt that the battery
capacity is insufficient. At this time, the charging line can be connected to the charging port of the
encoder for charging. When the instrument is in charging state, LED will become red and normally on.
When the battery is charged fully, LED will become green and normally on state. After charged the
battery fully, the “LO BAT” icon will be off automatically.
Wiring Description:

Charging description:
Polymer lithium battery is used in the product, to prevent overcharging and over discharging. Therefore,
the charging time shall not exceed 8 hours. When the electronic encoder displays “LO BAT”, please
charge the instrument timely.
Thank you for using the products of our company, and our company will guarantee warranty of one year
for the electronic encoder produced by our company. For the products used normally according to the
requirements of the provisions within one year after the production date of the products, if they are
invalid due to defects of materials or manufacturing process, the company will be responsible for free
maintenance or replacement. The products, which are invalid due to human damage, improper use or
self-adjustment and change of the products, are beyond the warranty scope, while, the company will not
be responsible for the consequences caused thereby. If there is any confusion or doubt during mounting
and use of the products, please call the customer service phone of our company.
Remind the majority of the users to pay special attention during wiring, and do not operate when the
power is on. Wire in strict accordance with the requirements of the manual, to avoid causing
unnecessary losses.