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March 2019


What’s Brewing?
Transformation In Sports Tactics
With Big Data

Ai In Action
4 Ways Autonomous Vehicles
Are Driving Innovation With
Articial Intelligence

Jan van Eck

CEO & Co-founder

Data Optimization And Flexible Competition
Formats Increase Sports Participation

Greetings to our cherished readers!

The sports industry, like every other industry, has been disrupted by the cutting-edge technologies. Our
baseball enthusiasts and Hollywood fanatics must have watched the 2011, Brat Pitt starrer movie Moneyball
where the hero leveraged the power of data-driven statistical analysis to understand the mindsets of players
and outsmarted the richer clubs to win the ball game. This movie, adapted from the book by Michael Lewis,
garnered amazing reviews from the audiences and became a must watch movie.

What I truly want to convey from this example is that modern technology gave us smarter, data-based, and
predictive insights to look at things differently. Old school tactics were based on years of experience but data
driven decision-making is based on definitive facts. Without a doubt, this is the need of the hour.

In our latest magazine issue of ‘The Top 10 Cutting-Edge Sports Technology Solution Providers, 2019’, we
take a closer look at the path-breaking and revolutionary companies and their service offerings who have
successfully given a new spin to the sports industry.

Featured on the Cover is Sports Engineers, an outstanding sports software provider that makes efforts to
bring data to life. Its Co-founders (Jan van Eck & Leander Philippo) who strongly believe in the potential of
well-analysed data are therefore assisting sports organizations to match the changing landscape of technology
with their data based offerings. Based on vast years of industry expertise, Jan van Eck (CEO & Co-founder)
also shares his predictions for the sports industry with us.

On the inside pages, we put the spotlight on some pioneering companies who have remarkably created a mark
for themselves in this highly competitive industry. These include 776BC, MySail Pty Ltd, Supacore
Compression, Fusion Sport, and PMY Group. Whether it is the new-age clothing line or modern sailing
equipments or advanced softwares or engineered garments to reduce injury, the above pioneering companies
have truly infused technology in their company’s offerings.

Moving ahead, having a rich background of working in the travel industry, Tomas López Fernebrand (Senior
Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary, Amadeus) talks about the significance of technology
in achieving a sustainable travel industry and more.

Also, while leafing through our magazine, do not forget to read some thought-provoking and cleverly crafted
articles in the What’s brewing? & AI in Action sections.

Enjoy Reading!

Anuja Mulmule
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R Data Optimization And Flexible
Competition Formats Increase
Y Sports Participation

22 40
What’s Brewing? Ai In Action
Transformation In Sports Tactics 4 Ways Autonomous Vehicles
With Big Data Are Driving Innovation With
Articial Intelligence



Tomas López Fernebrand | Amadeus

Modernizing Sports
Why Technology Is Crucial To Achieving Biomechanics With Motion
A Sustainable Travel Industry And True Athlete Insights

26 32
Fusion Sport: MySail Pty Ltd:
Empowering The Sports Industry Eliminating The Hassle
With Innovative And Intelligent Of Organizing A Race Crew For
Platforms Yacht Racing

34 38
PMY Group: Compression:
Empowering The Sports Industry Reducing The Cost Of Injury In
With Innovative Tech-based Sports Through Innovation
Jan van Eck
CEO & Co-founder
Data Optimization And Flexible Competition
Formats Increase Sports Participation

We add value to bridge the gap

between IT and Sports.
I n the sports industry, a well-analyzed data
is a great resource that can be used to
increase revenue and enhance audience
engagement. Moreover, data has capabilities to
enhance the experience of professional sports
Elevating the Game with Collaboration

Sports Engineers’ recent success in creating a

competition (league and tournament) management
application strongly complements the fact that it is on
for all parties involved. Rather than relying on the right pathway and has a long way to go. In
past scenarios and intuition, sports collaboration with Tennis Australia, it created a
professionals can scrutinize the data that tells flexible web-based platform, which does not only
the real story to help with every aspect of the assists in setting-up and managing competitions but
game—from player recruitment to fan also provides real-time insights in frequency of play,
engagement. retention, and growth of players. Furthermore, it
enables data-driven engagement and participation
Headquartered in the Netherlands, Sports opportunities for the sport while reducing time-
Engineers is an outstanding sports software consuming tasks. League Manager is shortlisted for
provider that makes efforts to bring data to Yahoo Sports Technology Awards 2019 in the
life. Its Co-founders Jan van Eck and category of Best Technology for Participation.
Leander Philippo endeavor backing-up sports
sector through data. These days, data being Advancing its Offerings with Problem-Solving
available in larger amounts, if processed Approach
properly, can benefit all stakeholders, from
team owners to players, and audiences. At one pole, the leagues and tournaments are a major
Besides, simply from ticket booking to sports part of the sports industry, on another clubs usually
equipment, and the way sports are managed is lack in funding. As a remedy to confront this
remarkably transformed by data based challenge, Sports Engineers presented SportsAds, an
offerings. Moreover, the advancements in this intelligent software solution that empowers sports
sector have made the processes easier & industry to optimize their advertising potential at all
quicker and reshaped the way sports are levels of stakeholdership, eliminating pain points. As a
experienced. result, SportsAds was nominated as finalist “Best
Technology for Sports Commerce 2018”.
Sports Engineers’ team believes that data
should be the driver of every digital solution Outstanding Solutions Transforming Sports
they build and by the means of their ready- Industry
made or custom-built solutions, they strive to
improve sports management Incepted through a rearrangement of its existing data
throughout—associations, clubs, players, and distribution and commercialization solutions and by
sponsors alike. Subsequently, the IT solution putting in place the new products, Sports Engineers
provider develops component-based solutions has introduced its sports software solutions. Its present
tailored to meet both—team or individual, range of solutions is the combined result of 18 years’
structured or social, and competition or experience in sports and the capability to create tailor-
tournament sports requirements. Further, to made software. The seasoned team aims to provide
help sports organizations to match the more and more federations and sports organizations
changing landscape of technology, Sports with fully data-driven solutions to take their amateur
Engineers offers solutions that facilitate a sports management to the next level. Its sports
seamless shift from outdated to new software solutions are as below.
Ÿ League Management: This platform allows
federations, league, and club managers to
manage their sport. It enables to run leagues
with flexible formats, data-driven dashboards,
and intelligent result entry. Further, the
solution displays the most important statistics
in charts, tables and circle diagrams at the We provide
dashboard in real-time.

Ÿ Tournament Management: This competition

software that
management offering enables to set up
tournaments with smart participant seeding and empowers complex
brackets generation. With this solution, one can
link qualifier tournaments to main
tournaments, where players automatically flow
fixtures creation,
through to the next stage reducing the tedious
manual administrative workload.
increase of user bases,
Ÿ Match Centre: Match Centre is a separate
platform for players and teams that allows
player engagement,
users to view matches, get insights in statistics,
enter results, manage or nominate teams, and
rights management,
follow favorites. Using this solution, players,
team managers, and fans can enjoy with their and new commerce
personalized dashboard with matches,
statistics, and timeline updates. Notably, Match
Centre is the first app that provides on-court
result entry for multiple grassroots sports
including multi rubber combinations.
Moreover, its availability on multiple devices
makes it the best option.

Ÿ Club Solutions: Club solutions by Sports

Engineers include apps and website services,
which help increase website traffic with real-
time data, mobile friendly, and with social
media integrations. Besides, with the ClubApp,
clubs can have their own custom-made iPhone
and Android app, which is completely free for
club members, players and fans and can be
found in app stores under the client’s club

Ÿ Ads Management: SportsAds is an intelligent

software solution intends empowering the
sports industry to optimize their advertising
potential. Creating new business models with
serving banners and running an own campaign
is made easy with Sports Engineers’ ads
management solution. Moreover, with the
help of SportsAds, the team of Sports
Engineers brought together 800 clubs into an
At Sports Engineers, intertwined profit-bearing network in just
two years.

we do not just preach Ÿ Data Distribution: Data Centre, the data-

driven business solution acts as the client’s
a belief, we are business partner for official sports data.
Deploying this solution, users can enrich

backed up by two their sports coverage with (live) scores,

results, and statistics delivered via API, XML
data feed or attractive PDF solutions.
of the most prestige Ÿ Registration & Payment: Sports Engineers’

and digital-minded registration software is a full membership

and financial system for sports federations.
The membership management software
sports federationsin automates the management of memberships
within associations, communities, and sports
the world in clubs. Moreover, the software helps them
communicate with their stakeholders, share
resources, promote events, collect fees, and
Tennis and Football. more.

The Unassailable Leaders of Sports Engineers

Jan van Eck and Leander Philippo, both the Co-

founders of Sports Engineers always seek ways to
transform their offerings through innovative
technologies. Moreover, in order to elevate the
productivity of the work environment, they make
sure that every team member of Sports Engineers
has the feeling and comfort of being part of a team.

While speaking about what he likes the most about

his role, Jan says, “The favorite part of my role is
that I have the comfort of undergoing the feeling of
success with a group of great people. Our team is
willing to take that one step further to achieve the
best, regardless of an outcome.” Another part of his
role that Jan enjoys is that he has to travel around the
globe, which leads the collection of great
experiences, which he treasures.
Plans to Expand with the Power of Cutting-Edge Solutions

Currently operating in Europe, Australia, Japan, and Korea, Sports Engineers aims to expand its presence
in other geographies too. Looking ahead at the future, the excellent solution provider has some new and
interesting projects in the pipeline. The main denominator of these, consists of allowing a high level
integration for existing sports software through a fully featured Competitions API. The API opens all
management, registration, informational and result entry options, any sport organizers would need for its
stakeholders, even if implementing and benefitting from a full platform might be a step too far.

With its highly appreciated solutions, Sports Engineers sees numerous opportunities coming its way.
Tapping these opportunities, the company has various set goals amongst which, on the forefront is the
plan to build a new player center where tennis players can find the type of play they desire.

Future of Sports Industry

In future, leading competition and payment solutions will dene actual participation
and growth, the role of national operating federations will fade as international
platforms will take over. Apart from that, people will obtain ownership of 'personal’
data while social preferences and extreme data proling will determine sports
participation and scouting.
- Jan van Eck
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Company Name Company Info

776BC 776BC is a sports technology company focused on performance innovation.

Cameron McKenzie-McHarg Since 2013 they have been supplying performance products to leading teams,
Co-founder & CEO clubs and athletes worldwide.

DMC Licensing Pty Ltd works with sporting brands game development,
DMC Sport participation and membership programs – providing innovative solutions for
Louise Gale merchandise and equipment concept development, manufacturing and
CEO technology based fulfilment solutions.
Fusion Sport is a universal leader in human performance software and has
Fusion Sport developed a highly respected suite of sports software analytics products to assist
Markus Deutsch organisations to manage and enhance the performance of their athletes.
CEO & Co-founder

Genius Tech Group

Nathan Rothschild Genius Tech Group offers products that generate large-scale consumer
Jared Hopping & engagement through data analytics and gamification.
Brett Cosgriff

Mysail MySail Pty Ltd develops a management platform that manages crew members
Deborah Dalziel and help them build a sailing team.
Founder & CEO

PMY Group PMY Group provides digital and technology solutions to deliver enhanced
Paul Yeomans connectivity, content, and mobile experiences on event days.
Managing Director

PRIVIT provides online solutions for the collection, distribution, and analysis of
PRIVIT medical information. It Serves K-12 schools, universities, and youth sports
Brett Douglas organizations.

ShotTracker improves the performance of basketball players and teams with
Bruce Ianni &
affordable technology that captures stats and analytics in real-time.
Davyeon Ross

Sportsengineers Sports Engineers provides complete data driven digital solution for federations
Jan van Eck and sports organisations to advance their sports management.
Co-founder & CEO

Supacore Compression Supacore manufacture compression wears widely used the World over by
Lesley Abeysekera professional athletes to help with injury prevention and recovery.
Founder & CEO
Modernizing Sports Biomechanics
With Motion And True Athlete Insights

ports biomechanics plays a vital role in minimizing the
risk of injury and improve sports performance. It is the
area of science concerned with the analysis of mechanics
of human movements. Sports biomechanics has long been used
to unlock the smallest improvements in athletes’ movements and
form to enhance their performance.

However, the maximum potential of this practice is hindered by

various factors. For instance, to implement biomechanics for an
athlete, there is a need for a bunch of computers and instruments
for accurate measurements. Conventional methods further
require controlled environment to measure biomechanics. In
such systems, the athletes’ movements are constrained by the
technology surrounding them. Therefore, it restricts and confines
an athlete’s capacity to execute realistic movements and the
chance to relate this data to their surroundings gets severely
limited. To overcome this situation, an Australian sports
company, 776BC brings a completely new range of sports
products called Motion sportswear. This range of innovative
sportswear use visual feedback via biomarkers to improve an
Cameron McKenzie-McHarg athlete’s movements.
Co-founder & CEO
Founders’ Journey from Establishing 776BC to Introducing
Innovative “Motion”

The two-time Olympic Rower and Beijing Silver Medalist,

Cameron McKenzie-McHarg and his wife, Kate McKenzie-
We bring next-level McHarg are the Founders of 776BC. The interesting fact
behind their company’s name is that it is named after the

sports apparel founding year of the Olympic Games. Prior to the foundation of
776BC, Cameron’s wife, who has a marketing background,

for the best

started conceptualizing about establishing a company in 2012
when Cameron approached his final Olympic Games with the
Australian team. Later in 2013, they founded 776BC as a
level athlete performance innovation company and since then, the company
has grown from a small start-up to the leading supplier of sports
performance. garments.

776BC’s innovative biomechanics technology Motion took

almost two and a half years of development and brought
neatness in the idea of the product to bring biomechanics into the
real world. Moreover, Motion garments combined with the
support of its Companion app, offer an incredibly simple but

highly effective translation of complex biometric data into identified ‘biomarkers’ — a set of visual points and lines
coherent real-time feedback. This feedback is so useful for that identifies key biometric and anatomical markers on
athletes and coaches that it can unlock the most efficient the body to show how an athlete performs activities.
skills, exercises, and movements which improve their These markers are currently used in the Motion. Similarly,
performance and prevent them from injuries. Through to enhance the capabilities of Motion Range, they have
776BC, Cameron and Kate have built a revolutionary way created the Motion Companion — a free-to-download
of discovering the marginal gains essential for successful digital application for iOS, tablet, and desktop devices.
athlete performance. This app comes with a range of in-built features and
benefits which are useful to inform and support users.
Bringing Inexpensive and Non-Invasive Solution to Therefore, according to the specific exercise or activity,
Measure Biomechanics user gets instructional content stating which markers need
to be focused on. In addition to this, the app has in-built
To formulate their latest innovation, Cameron and his team performance analysis features such as live video capture,
took advice from Dr. Ed Wittich — a leading expert on side-by-side comparison, and precision video analysis.
athlete analysis and product innovation at BAT Logic. They These features include advanced review functionality,
also consulted Dr. Harry Brennan — Head of Sports supporting both slow motion and frame-by-frame review.
Science and Physical Preparation at the Victorian Institute
of Sport. They have developed a capability in Motion to To annotate their video files, athletes and coaches can use
accurately apply biomechanics in the real sports “Motion Draw and Notes” feature which offers a series
atmosphere. As the intrinsic natural pressures like the of interactive tools to measure angles, make notes, draw
psychological effect of competition and its impact on lines, and select points. Additionally, the naked-eye and
athletes’ movement and motion can’t be reproduced within real-time visual analysis achieved with the Motion
a laboratory, the products offered by 776BC enables the garments’ biomarkers, enables coaches to reinforce
performer to practice anywhere in the field. These garments development points through visual feedback and
are very effective for getting accurate readings as they use a demonstration.
set of visual anatomical markers (pivot points) which are
designed to focus attention on specific body points and key Uplifting Motion Capabilities with New Partnerships
lines. The data obtained from the wearers’ actions allows and Developments
the athlete to harness real-time biomechanical feedback
which can be used to achieve best practice form and Today, 776BC offers a range of products and services
function in an exercise or activity. designed to level-up athletic performance. Each item
combines technical performance solutions with true
Furthermore, its Motion range seamlessly makes use of athlete insights. In addition, using the integrated sharing
biometric data with simple and immediate visual analysis of functionality compatible with Facebook, YouTube,
body movements in an exercise or activity. Unlike standard Twitter, messaging, and email, every activity can be
training kit which makes judgments on movement, the analyzed remotely. Such sharing features further make it
Motion design focuses on the key joints and body segments easier to build custom training assessment programs.
for quick and easy analysis. This enables the Motion range Presently, to link innovative technologies with true
to clearly highlight the key movement of the athletes even performance outcomes and solutions, 776BC has
from a distance and therefore provides real-time analysis. partnered with elite athletes, teams, colleges, institutes,
With an extensive research and development program, the and technology companies.
motion is designed according to the opinions of highly
experienced coaches, performance staff, consultants, and

Augmenting the Motion Range with Motion Companion


With his team of highly experienced personalities, Cameron

brought qualitative data from their insight work and

AI in Action

A I is transforming the automotive industry in every

way imaginable. From enabling material
procurement and predictive maintenance in the
manufacturing process to powering autonomous cars, AI is
at the heart of it all. The automotive business is among the
approved”. Last year, Waymo, the company which
emerged from Google’s self-driving-car project, officially
started its commercial self-driving-car service in the
suburbs of Phoenix. Likewise, According to the 2018
KPMG Autonomous Vehicle Readiness Index (AVRI),
industries at the vanguard of using AI to mimic, augment, countries like The Netherlands, Singapore, United States,
and support the actions of humans as well as leveraging Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, etc. are some of the
the advanced reaction times and pinpoint precision of top prepared countries globally for self-driving vehicles.
machine-based systems. Indeed, today’s semi-autonomous Out of which, Netherlands has taken the top spot and is
vehicles and the fully autonomous vehicles of the future thus the most prepared country for the introduction of self-
will rely heavily on AI systems. driving vehicles.

Although self-driven vehicles might be the most Today, one can imagine a future where carmakers don’t
perceptible beneficiaries of AI and there’s more to this. AI sell cars, but maintain convoys of self-driving vehicles,
change is taking place on all fronts, such as consumer allowing consumers to use ride-on-demand services. The
interfaces that identify the preferences of individual customer hail a cab controlled by an AI through an AI-
drivers, self-learning analytical systems that warn of driven fleet management system and once inside, other AI
imminent failures, navigation systems that use real-time systems will personalize the route and infotainment
data and traffic modeling to shorten travel and ride-hailing according to customers past preferences. As a customer
applications that maximize the use of the fleet of a cab begin his ride, the cab will communicate with other
aggregator. Plus, it is bestowing entirely new ways for vehicles around to keep the customer safe. Following are
people to get around as well as keep them connected, stay some futuristic developments in autonomous vehicles that
on schedule, and secure the driver while driving. are revolutionizing empowering the utilization of self-
drive vehicles.
The Competition is Hard Yet Healthy
1. Response to Gesture Commands
Five years ago, autonomous driving has gone from
“maybe possible”—“surely possible”—to “commercially The case of a broken traffic light could pose a major

Ways Autonomous Vehicles
Are Driving Innovation With

problem for autonomous vehicles that rely on smooth 3. 360-degree Camera System
roads and clear signals. To overcome the problem of a
missing traffic light, the self-driving car will be utilizing Replacing human sensory input—eyes and image
movement detection system to detect and respond to the processing which is done by brain is a mammoth taks to be
traffic cop’s arm movements as they wave traffic through a accomplished in an autonomous vehicle. Therefore, to
crossroads. The AI in the particular car will be so trained develop a vision sensor as good as the human eye,
that it will differentiate between a cop and normal human artificial intelligence is the prime driver. With a
beings for precise response to gesture commands. conventional HD camera system, autonomous vehicles
Moreover, the software of the car will detect a traffic may not realize how large the vehicle is during parking. So
officer then processes it and waits for the traffic to in this case—if a 360-degree camera setup is combined
continue. with clever computing power on each side of the car, it
will greatly help the computer to access a virtual top-down
2. Adaptive Cruise Control Technology view of the driver’s environment.

To avoid any collision with other vehicles, new technology 4. Natural Voice Recognition to Perform Tasks
is implemented for autonomous vehicles called adaptive
cruise control technology. It is a cruise control system with The AI-based infotainment system installed in an
automatic distance control (ACC) which uses long-range autonomous vehicle can allow drivers to send and receive
radar and laser systems to measure the distance and speed emails, to carry out any internet searches as well as
of other cars in their environment. Besides that, it matches interrelate with their smartphone apps—by using voice
the speed of the car in front of the driver by using a range commands. Along with a powerful natural voice
of sensors built into the car which implies that driver recognition engine, AI can perform many sophisticated
doesn’t need to constantly hit the gas and brake on the tasks in seconds. For instance, the passenger can command
road. Some systems even allow the car to be completely the car to change the location without giving manual
stopped and then automatically resumed, making a stop inputs on the smartphone. It is just like asking a real
and go traffic significantly less frustrating. human driver and importantly—the AI won’t argue with
you like human drivers.

AI in Action

The Actual Autonomous Car on the Road—Waymo that it is constantly learning, and adjusting the rules it uses
to navigate the road. Each vehicle makes the information it
As mentioned earlier, Waymo is the commercially learns available to the rest of the fleet. The result is a
approved vehicle utilizing Google’s self-driving vehicle virtual neural network of self-driving vehicles that learn as
exploration. These driverless vehicles have the capability they go.
to deliver people from points A to B safely. The 360-
degree perception technology from Waymo detects Conclusion
pedestrians, other vehicles, cyclists, road work and other
obstacles up to a distance of 300 yards. Similarly, the in- The autonomous vehicle industry is currently drastically
house production system allows Waymo to efficiently revolutionized by AI and supplementary intelligent
integrate its technology to the hardware. Plus, Waymo technologies. Therefore, many tech-giants and major
engineers have also formed a program called Carcraft, a automotive companies have invested heavily in this area.
virtual world where Waymo can simulate driving It’s not only an opportunity for big companies but start-ups
conditions. also playing a big role in it. Likewise, these developments
are not just restricted to enabling autonomous vehicles, but
Waymo’s AI software crunches data from the vehicle’s creating optimized development processes for the entire
Lidar, Radar, and high-resolution cameras, GPS, and cloud supply chain. The tight integration between the sensor and
services to generate the vehicle’s control signals for AI systems also has the potential to offer significant value
operating it. The Waymo project comprises various types for the public and enable car manufacturers to gain a
of cars with the self-driving tools that include the Toyota competitive advantage in a quickly evolving market place.
Prius, Audi TT, Fiat Chrysler Pacifica, and Lexus RX450h. In addition, there will be new opportunities, job vacancies
Moreover, Waymo has partnered with Intel to use Intel and academic courses that the autonomous vehicles will
technologies, such as processors, inside the vehicles. The offer to be perfect, errorless, and most
most valuable aspect of AI in automotive applications is importantly—driverless vehicles.

Fusion Sport:
Empowering The Sports Industry With
Innovative And Intelligent Platforms

T he sports industry has always been adapting and

progressing new technologies and innovations and as a
result is one of the most forward thinking industries today.
Already using Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Big
Data, the industry’s tools and techniques are now being shared
across a number of other sectors including the military. As sport is
a highly competitive environment where teams develop strategies
with the aim of being on the winning side; technologies play an
important part in game planning, training, performance,
rehabilitation and decision making to help both players and
coaches gain an edge.

In addition, technologies also support teams by providing statistics

around the strengths and weaknesses of the opposition which
greatly assists in forming winning strategies. Moreover, human
performance software and analytics provide sporting organisations
with the ability to develop an in-depth understanding of their
teams’ fitness and capabilities enabling them to manage all aspects
of their health, fitness and performance. Analytics also assist in the
management and minimisation of injury which is crucial
Markus Deutsch | CEO & Co-founder
particularly during periods of intense performance and
rehabilitation and recovery. To help sporting organisations enhance
human performance both on and off the field in a more structured,
customised, insightful and analytical way, Fusion Sport was
established to deliver cutting edge tools to the market. A leader in
At Fusion Sport, we its field, Fusion Sport provides the market with the most advanced
sports analytics products capable of unrivalled levels of detailed
constantly strive to customisation.
create the best
A Solution that Changed the Face of the Sports Industry
technology products in
Founded in 2003, Fusion Sport is a universal leader in human
the sport industry to performance software. The firm is passionate about elevating
optimize athletes’ human performance and has developed a highly respected suite of
sports software analytics products supported by comprehensive
performance and services to assist organisations to manage and enhance the
performance of their athletes. They have offices in the United
health. States, Australia, the UK, and Europe.

During his PhD, the CEO and Co-founder of Fusion

Sport—Markus Deutsch invented his first sports technology

device—the ‘GRUNT 3000’. It was a powerful On the Pathway to Become a Global Standard
measurement device for impact sports that was heavily Platform
dependent on ‘timing gate’ technology. It required
analysts to collect data on a large scale in order to achieve With over 200 leading sports organisations using the
precise results. Continuing to make improvements and SMARTABASE platform across the world, Fusion
progress advancements in analytics, Dr Deutsch then Sport is continuing to focus on innovation, product
launched the very first Fusion Sport product— development and continuous enhancements to provide
SMARTSPEED. This product was the first of its kind and sporting and other organisations with the ability to be
considered best of breed in its ability to enable sporting their best. Expanding its footprint across the US, Fusion
organisations to capture, manage and improve athlete Sport has now opened a new head office in Boulder,
movement. Today, SMARTSPEED in conjunction with Colorado and has further plans to continue its growth
wireless technology and mobile computing is widely used across other continents.
by hundreds of organisations and thousands of athletes
around the globe. SMARTSPEED is the Official Timing Flexible and Performance Focused Workforce
System of the CFL combine, and has been the trusted Generating Value for Clients
technology utilized at NFL Regional Combines, NBA
Draft Combine, and other athlete evaluation events Fusion Sport has tripled its staff count in the last 18
globally. months, expanding its capabilities to service clients
across all parts of the globe. The company’s human
The Smart Platform Delivering Smart Outputs resources consist of a team of dedicated, experienced,
and highly qualified sports scientists, data analysts,
Fusion Sport expanded its product range with the launch engineers, and business people. Moreover, with a strong
of the SMARTABASE human performance platform in belief in building a culture that leads through
2011. SMARTABASE is designed to provide elite innovation, team members are encouraged to suggest
sporting organisations with a one stop shop solution for and run with new ideas and use their experience and
the holistic performance management of their teams. passion to deliver excellent outcomes and value to the
Highly customisable and capable of allowing the company’s clients.
integration of other systems and legacy products into its
operations, SMARTABASE enables sporting bodies to A Leader and Motivator behind Fusion Sport
capture, manage, analyse, report and share data across the
whole organisation. It is capable of capturing and The Co-Founder and CEO of Fusion Sport, Dr Markus
managing data around all elements of a human’s activities Deutsch is passionate about innovation and believes in
including health, diet, nutrition, exercise, fitness, leading by example. He is intimately involved in all
performance, motion, recovery, rehabilitation, rest, even aspects of the business and actively engages with all
sleep – and then combining this into athlete, group, team staff to ensure they are supported, capable of escalating
and organisation level information which can be dissected ideas and issues and focused on innovation. While
and analysed from every angle or requirement. The speaking about how he works on innovations—Markus
product is used by organisations including top states—“I love hanging out with the product
professional sporting teams such as the San Antonio development team, working on our next round of
Spurs, Dallas Cowboys, Buffalo Sabres, the AFL, NRL, innovations.” He also plays an active role in the market
Rugby Australia and Rugby New Zealand. It is also used working with clients and technology partners. He likes
by Olympic sporting organisations such as the Australian to be out in the market meeting interesting people, and
Institute of Sport, US Ski and Snowboard and prominent working towards identifying and creating opportunities
performing arts companies including the Royal Ballet – as for his company.
well as the military.

Expert’s Opinion

Crucial to Achieving a Sustainable
D o you believe in the importance of a As a technology provider for the travel and tourism
sustainable travel industry? The travel and sector, Amadeus develops technology solutions that
tourism sector is expected to grow at an help our customers improve their environmental and
annual rate of 3.9% over the next decade. That is economic efficiency. One of our technology solutions,
positive, but it also reminds us that we need to put in Amadeus Altéa Departure Control-Flight
place measures to guarantee the sustainability of the Management, allows airlines to accurately calculate
sector in the long term. Amadeus takes this very the fuel they need for a given flight, allowing them
seriously. Let me tell you why. significant savings in CO2 emissions, fuel and
economic costs.
We consider that a company’s responsibility goes
beyond securing the growth of its results. At Amadeus To achieve greater long-term results, we collaborate
we have a record for many years of limiting the with other interest groups in the travel industry and
environmental impact and optimizing the social reach participate in projects to improve environmental
of our commercial operations. We believe that sustainability. For example, in order to help achieve
environmental efficiency has to start with our internal the 2-degree objective set by the Paris Agreement and
operations. That is why we measure our reach the carbon neutral level, Amadeus joined the
environmental impact in order to identify United Nations’ Climate Neutral Now commitment.
improvements and implement solutions. Since 2009,
we have been using the Amadeus Environmental We have also established a long-term agreement with
Management System (EMS) as a solid methodology to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)
analyze all our environmental data and help us to contribute to a greater awareness of carbon
identify and take measures to improve environmental emissions in aviation. Amadeus uses the ICAO carbon
performance. emissions calculator on its distribution platforms to
provide travelers with information on the greenhouse
gas emissions produced during their trips.

Tomas López Fernebrand
Senior Vice President, General
Counsel & Corporate Secretary,

Amadeus’ environmental commitment is reflected in their trips online. So far, travelers have donated almost
our inclusion in several global sustainability indices. 3 million dollars on the websites of Iberia, Finnair,
Among others, Amadeus has been chosen as one of Norwegian, Almundo and Avianca for programs to
the most sustainable companies in the world, ranking educate and vaccinate of children, and other
16 in the 100 global companies chosen by Corporate development projects run by the United Nations Fund
Knights in 2018. In addition, our efforts in this regard for Children (UNICEF).
have been recognized by the Dow Jones Sustainability
Index for seven consecutive years. We also contribute our knowledge in travel
intelligence for initiatives that benefit society. In this
Looking at the social level, we believe that travel can sense, Amadeus is part of a UNICEF global
play a key role in global economic development and innovation program that collects and analyzes
can be a determining force for positive change. complex data sources from different sectors. In part,
thanks to the data provided by Amadeus, they can
We seek to actively contribute to the communities in better understand the patterns of the spread of
which we work, through investment, participation in epidemics, which helps them to control possible
local projects and partnerships with non-profit outbreaks in other areas.
organizations around the world. To do so, during 2017
we developed 138 community support and social Our purpose to shape the future of travel and tourism
assistance projects and 69 training projects, providing is based on internal, external and collaborative actions
young people with the qualifications required by the with other entities in the sector. We are committed and
digitized sector of travel and tourism. proud to be able to use Amadeus’ technology,
experience and global network to ensure the
In 2013, Amadeus launched Click for Change, a sustainability of the travel industry in the long-term
program that, thanks to the donation engine developed and build a better future for all.
by Amadeus, allows donations from people who buy

MySail Pty Ltd:
Eliminating The Hassle Of Organizing
A Race Crew For Yacht Racing

R anging from improved technical clothing, to tracking &

measurement devices, to new ways for media to cover
events, the sports industry has witnessed numerous
breakthroughs over the last decade. In sailing, the technical gear
available has also come a long way, improving comfort, warmth
and weatherproofing. Leading sailing events such as the Volvo
Ocean Race and America’s Cup have driven technical
developments to reach new speeds and improve safety of the
yachts. These days, tracking devices and analytics are also being
used at every level of sailing, to better understand and improve
the performance of both the boats as well as the sailors.

In addition, technologies are also being deployed in sailing as an

effort to understand the environmental impacts of modern
society on the ocean. The 2017-18 Volvo Ocean Race used the
round-the-world voyage to collect information on levels of
microplastics in the ocean.
Deborah Dalziel | Founder & CEO
The application of technologies is also extending the reach of
sailing into the broader community. This includes media
coverage and online ways of interacting with mega events that
draw in public interest such as yacht trackers and onboard
coverage. It also includes online communities that help sailors
MySail’s solution resolves and people interested in sailing connect and discover new ways
to get involved in the sport. One of the business entities dealing
the yachting world's with such cutting-edge activities is MySail Pty Ltd, a crew
finding and management platform for yacht racing.
biggest challenge—the
availability and Crafted to Untangle Customer Pain

management of race Incepted by passionate sailor and entrepreneur Deborah Dalziel,

crew. MySail is an excellent tech solution to one of the biggest
challenges in the yachting world—the availability and
management of race crew. Having sailed her whole life and
being involved in the sailing community in Sydney for almost 10
years now, Deborah identified the challenges that yacht owners
or their designated crew managers faced in organizing their

regular race crew, and hence decided to fabricate As MySail’s team is still a small one, Deborah’s role
MySail to grapple those challenges. is pretty broad and includes forming business
strategies, customer engagement, product
The Founder and CEO of MySail is also passionate development, finances, administration, marketing etc.
about growing this sport and bringing new people into While explaining how she manages her
sailing. Leveraging the MySail Connect platform, she responsibilities, Deborah says, “I am working on
does this by providing an easy way for new sailors to handing over jobs and stepping back in some areas
recognize the available opportunities and to connect as much as possible. Areas where I’m not strong such
with other sailors and yacht owners. as technology development and accounting, I have
people whom I trust and are experts in these fields to
Looking at the progress since MySail’s launch in early manage those areas.”
2017, she explains, “Since our early days, we’ve
expanded our thinking from a platform to help ’get your Although managing a start-up can be hectic, she
crew sorted’ to a platform that connects people across really enjoys the variety and creativity of what she
the sailing industry.” The team of the leading sports does, and this helps keep her going every day. One of
management solution provider is currently working on a the most satisfying things for her is to hear from
number of new features to bring this vision to life. MySail’s members about their success stories, “It’s
so rewarding to hear about people who have been
An Ultimate Solution for Each Element of the able to get out sailing or achieve their goals using
Sailing Industry our platform,” Deborah adds.

MySail’s offerings are targeted towards two key user Massive and Undisclosed Plans in Pipeline
groups involved in yacht racing - skippers and crew. For
skippers and managers of racing yachts, MySail Currently focused on the Australian and New
provides an online solution to easily find, manage, and Zealand markets with members across the globe that
communicate with their sailing crews. For sailors, use its crew management service, MySail aims to be
MySail renders an easy way to keep track of their busy a global player. Achieving its aim would provide
sailing schedules and find their next - or first - crewing MySail’s members with opportunities to sail in
position on a race yacht. different locations and help bring the global sailing
community together.
The MySail platform has also proven to be
advantageous for yacht clubs & associations. It Deborah believes there is a huge opportunity in the
provides a simple way to help club members to space MySail is dealing in and its team is taking
organize their race crew and connect with new sailors, quite a broad view of how they can help members in
as well as bring new sailors into the club, helping to this niche space. Instead of creating a solution for
grow the potential member base and freeing yacht club ‘sports,’ with a solution-focused completely on
administrators to focus on managing their club. sailing, MySail is growing steadily and has some big
plans for the next 12-24 months.
Passion turned into Business

Deborah, CEO of MySail, is a life-long sailor,

experienced business & marketing professional and
tech enthusiast; she has amalgamated her passions and
formed a tech start-up for the sailing industry.

PMY Group:
Empowering The Sports Industry With
Innovative Tech-based Services

I n the last decade, there has been a considerable upswing in

the expectations from sporting rights holders to deliver a
dynamic and engaging live event experience. As consumers
have been exposed to more entertainment options than ever
before, sports has had to compete hard to gain attention and
patronage the events. As a result, major sports and venues invest
in digital and technology solutions to deliver enhanced
connectivity, content, and mobile experiences on event day.
Having seen this challenge of keeping up with the technology
faced by the sports venues, PMY Group decided to fill the gap.

Established to Relieve the Pain Points

PMY was incepted with an intention to provide independent

strategy and investment support to venues needing to enhance
their technology environment. Along with the rise of a diverse
and comprehensive set of new products, solutions, ideas, and
opportunities being offered in the market, the team at PMY saw a
niche to act alongside venues to assist them to develop, execute,
Paul Yeomans | Managing Director and fund their digital and technology strategies. Therefore its
team is consistently focused on evaluating new technologies to
assess their appropriateness for each industry sector and to
develop models to maximize return on investment for its clients.

At PMY Group, we combine Through its services, PMY develops, implements, manages, and
commercializes digital, technology, and data projects. Its major
our expertise in technology services are as below.
planning, cost assessment,
Ÿ Technical Consulting: The technical consulting team at PMY
procurement methodology, works with clients to deliver a range of ICT and multimedia
related services and products at an enterprise-grade level. With
commercial and delivery a solution driven approach they support organizations cut
models to deliver best through the complexity of ICT to improve performance, create
efficiencies and drive return on investment.
practice outcomes for
our clients. Ÿ Commercial Advisory: Under this head, PMY’s advisory
team provides specialist commercial strategy support to assist
clients deliver a return on investment into technology. Their
advice combines local industry experience with the latest

international best practice to maximise the benefits of being highly professional, collaborative, and dynamic
a project. with their internal and external dealings. Paul believes
that employees who are free to make their own choices
Ÿ Project Delivery: PMY’s projects team collaborates about how they go about their responsibilities are
and successfully delivers complex technical projects happier, committed, productive, and loyal. Thus, he
using an integrated project delivery approach. strived to build a caring and autonomous culture since
the beginning of PMY. Moreover, while expressing the
Ÿ Managed Services: The firm’s managed services trust he has on his workforce, the autonomy believer
team delivers end-to-end support for its clients across persona says, “For me, the key is to trust our people and
all multi-media assets including networks, WIFI, enable them with an opportunity to work in a flexible
IPTV, LED, and other digital platforms. way that will deliver the best outcomes for all.”

Moreover, the firm is also involved in investments, Plans to Strengthen Client Relations
where it provides capital and expertise to assist major
venues to own and manage world-class digital and In the past three years, the independent technology
technology infrastructure. strategy, investment, and management company have
expanded in a notably larger extent. Geographically, the
A Virtuoso Personality Taking PMY Group to the firm has invaded the Asian, European, and American
Next Level markets, and simultaneously has diversified from sport
and entertainment into adjacent sectors including
Paul Yeomans, the Managing Director of PMY transport, public precincts, and cities. Currently, PMY
Group, is an agile, dexterous, and effectual leader, who has its presence in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide,
brings up around 15 years of experience. At PMY, the Christchurch, Hong Kong, London, Dublin, New York
multi-talented personality plays various roles as per the and Salt Lake City, with plans for further aggressive
requirement. As a higher-level executive, he leads and expansion.
executes the strategic direction of the business and by
managing the clients, driving the growth agenda, and As scaled up quite faster in the recent hour, PMY has
setting the culture & standards for his organization. invested extensively into its new markets and major
projects. As a result, its team has developed its expertise
The adept leader believes in sharing the thoughts and and capital to a point where they can accelerate at pace
ideas for mutual growth, and hence he feels lucky being in the market. Nevertheless, when it comes to future
the Managing Director of PMY, as his role allows him to perspective, the PMY team tries not to look too far
interact with all the stakeholders of his business ahead, or get distracted with anything other than
including clients, team, and service delivery partners. He delivering the best possible outcomes they can for each
connects with them to ensure finding the most effective client. The firm also plans to provide cross-regional and
and pragmatic way to deliver on each new and sector advantages to clients by utilizing its global
innovative opportunity. insights. While speaking of his views on focusing and
maintaining status quo, Paul asserts, “We are strongly of
Fostering the Productivity with an Autonomous the view that focusing on this and trusting our strategic
Culture agenda will hold us in good stead as the market
evolves.” Furthermore, PMY strives to continue
A good work culture being an intangible ecosystem helps delivering value to the clients and looks ahead to focus
in bringing out the best from employees, even in the on deepening its relationship with existing client base
adverse circumstances. For any business entity, it is must which will ultimately assist the company to expand its
to have a culture, as it shapes every part of an service area.
organization. In the case of PMY, its team focuses on

Supacore Compression:
Reducing The Cost Of Injury In Sports
Through Innovation

T here has been an exciting increase in Sportstech innovation

during the last two decades. The use of technology in the
sports industry has continued to improve the performance
and recovery of an athlete.

Whether it is athletic clothing, shoes or sporting equipment, athletes

are keen to have the latest and the best.

Notably, the most concerning thing in any sport is the cost of injury
and Supacore Compression is determined to have an impact in this

An Accident Gave Birth to an Amazing Idea

Supacore’s core business was manufacturing seamless leggings.

When one of the designers of the company had injured her back in a
car accident, she was forced to wear a heavy sacroiliac belt to help
stabilize her pelvis and reduce her pain. This was the light bulb
moment for Supacore’s innovation. The idea of making leggings and
shorts with a sacroiliac belt knitted into the waistband was
Lesley Abeysekera | CEO & Founder
When the injured designer met her physiotherapist, she was not
wearing the sacroiliac belt but was wearing a pair of the Supacore
shorts. The physiotherapist was so impressed by the improvement in
her patient that she requested Supacore to provide her with 20 more
We go beyond existing pairs so she could trial them with her injured athletes.

boundaries. We don't just As a result and in collaboration with the physiotherapist, Coretech
technology was registered with an international patent. And so the
want to know what the journey began.
best manufacturing The newly innovated shorts were trialled and tested on elite football
technologies are, we players. The results showed that athletes with Osteitis Pubis and
groin related injuries could return to competition on an average two-
want to go beyond them three months rather than the expected six months.

- we strive for Trialling, testing and re-engineering of the garments over the next 6
innovation. years brought Supacore Coretech to the market.

Supacore focuses on developing and engaging the market by

developing relationships with distributors globally and more vitally,

enhancing the performance of athletes by helping to prevent hamstring injuries by actively encouraging blood flow to
injuries and improve recovery time. key areas. The compression also helps to accelerate the
recovery of recently damaged tissue by massaging the
Today, Supacore is the preferred compression used by elite muscles to increase blood flow.
athletes and the weekend warriors.
A leader focussed on innovation
Working in collaboration with sports physiotherapists,
chiropractors and elite coaches including Queens Park Lesley Abeysekera, the CEO and Founder of Supacore
Rangers, Great Western Sydney FC, Arsenal FC and is a hands-on leader and when needed, she is known to
Southampton FC to name a few. assist customer service and even arrange a courier during
peak periods.
Reducing the cost of injuries
Her biggest satisfaction is when she hears positive
In the English Premier League last year, the cost of injury feedback from medical professionals who use the product
was estimated at £280m. Supacore is determined to reduce and athletes who are back on the park having used
this number substantially. Coretech shorts and leggings. Likewise, she is very
passionate about developing innovative products and is
Supacore has been working with Universities in Australia to very involved in the entire process.
continue to develop innovative Sportstech products.
Teamwork is the Secret behind Supacore’s Market
The Australian Chiropractor Association (ACA) has Leadership
evaluated and tested Supacore products and have approved
and endorsed the product. Supacore products are also Supacore as a team encourages innovation, new ideas,
accredited and listed as a medical device by Therapeutic and finding solutions to problems. All staff members are
Goods Administration (TGA) and C mark in the European encouraged to involve themselves in discussions,
Union (EU). collaborations and to have healthy respect for differences
in opinions. A weekly time slot is allotted for creativity
Supacore assists in post-match recovery, injury prevention, and innovation, and the company’s achievements and
and pre and postnatal pelvic related issues. Most successes are celebrated together.
importantly, it has been improving the performance of
athletes by helping to prevent common hamstring, lower Future Goals of Supacore
back pain, pubic overload, groin and hip injuries, and
stabilizing the essential core muscles while speeding up the With so many opportunities for new and improved
recovery process. developments and a long pipeline of new products,
Supacore is looking for kindred spirits in Asia and the
The Mechanism behind the Cutting-Edge Technology USA to expand its brand. According to research, Coretech
technology can assist over 450 million athletes globally
The Coretech waistband technology is used to integrate the and on that basis, Supacore estimates a whopping $750
compression provided by a sacroiliac belt into leggings and million opportunity as per the projected pipeline of
shorts and has been developed for all levels of sportsmen product. As a part of a growing industry, Supacore wants
and women and can also assist a pregnant woman with to collaborate with interested parties around the globe.
lower back pelvic or abdominal separation. It is estimated
that around 20% of all pregnant women would suffer with Supacore looks ahead to working on 3D printing, working
this at some stage in their pregnancy. with different natural fibres, medical technologies
involving body scanning and resistance training, and
This process has been engineered in such a way that the seamless knitting – customized athletic wear. “It is
integral sacroiliac band mimics the body’s own deep essential to serve a demanding and informed client, one
stability system by providing engineered placement of who knows what attributes their athletic gear will give
external compressive forces over the pelvis and core. them and what cutting-edge technology will help them
The shorts and leggings lessen the risk of groin or gain an edge over their competitors,” says the CEO.

What's brewing?

in Sports Tactics
with Big Data
T he sports industry has always been open to the
innovation and is evidently one of the updated
fields. Indeed, sport is a competition and teams
make different strategies by analysing available important
data to win the game but with the inception of big data,
game. Moreover, big data is providing new perspective to
player recruitment and it can be used for fan-base
management. The data caters the team with the track
performance and helps in prediction making as well as the
decision making abilities. Off field, the demand of statistics
sport field is bringing new innovations and stepping up to is always high commentators and analysts use data
the higher storeys. Large amount of data is produced constantly, there are many stat enthusiasts and fans that
regarding performance of players, audience statistics, as need to use data. Everything can be done, but the question
well as the coaches and other staff related data. Here, big is how analysts can utilize big data? Which technologies
data provides assistance in analysing the huge data can be used as the add-ons to enhance the capabilities of
generated and utilize it in a proper way. analysis?

Further, big data could be used concretely to provide Here are few emerging intelligent technologies which are
various constructive details. Similarly, big data is proved to uplifting the power of big data
be the game changer in many sports where teams have
made massive and effective use of it by analysing data Prediction of Injuries Using Machine Learning
patterns to improve perform and provide decision-making
abilities based on live action. Big data has already proved Machine learning and AI together are changing the field
its value in various functions like game day analysis, fitness setup by providing more comprehension of the situation and
management for players, sports broadcasting, as well as also assists with the objective measures. Here, the computer
player auction. system trains itself by consuming huge amount of data to
make enhanced decisions which can’t be done by a human.
Enhancement in Decision Making Abilities Further, it helps in predicting injuries using provided data
by creating a model, explaining the points of injuries.
The sport industry is a global multi-billion dollar industry
comprising of players, managers, coaches, fans, audiences, Deviations in Sports apps, Websites, and Social Media
then comes clubs, leagues, teams, sponsors, and so many
businesses and all of these factors create massive and never- Big data is a source that provides broad understanding of
ending amount of data. Tremendous of data is produced in the game. The huge amount of data produces huge amount
sports through players, fans, coaches, commentators, etc. of information and statistics based on the information. For
Additionally, it also comes from online ticket services, instance, ‘IBMs Slam Tracker a big data product and is
social media, mobile phones, web sites, and many other used to provide comprehensive analytics of tennis matches
sources. This data can be analysed and utilized to upgrade and that too from every stroke and point. Similarly,
almost every professional sport for player tracking, Sportradar is amongst the big data companies and covers 40
performance analysis, and formulate best strategies for the sports and 800 leagues all around the globe. It provides

both historic and real-time data extensively used for advanced analytics from big data collection and monitoring
numerous sports apps, websites, sport analytics platform technologies, a player’s performance is recorded and
and social media. Stats is also a big data company evaluated by cameras, wearables, and sensors.
providing statistics of 45 sports and 600 leagues and The wireless sensor technology along with RRID tagging
provides data to leading sports entertainment stations. and real-time visualization can provide the elaborated
details of the performance and these reports will help to
GPS and RF Methods to Provide Data select the particular player for the particular match.

The wearable sensors have reduced injury chances by More Spectacles Ahead
observing and examining the intensity and impact of the
action or collision along with the historic data. These With the massive amount of data getting out every day, it is
sensors track every move of the player and with this data, evident that the use of big data in the sport industry will go
player get chance to use different game strategy in higher and higher. It is unmistakable that the sport industry
upcoming matches. Some big data products offer the player is going to be more and more technology-friendly day-by-
tracking solutions in which the data is collected via optical day and it is very important to gain knowledge from it.
GPS and RF methods. The data shows the speed, There are continuous developments in wearable
acceleration and heart rate of the player under examination. technologies, visual developments of statistics and other
This helps the players and coach to check on fatigue and things regarding to big data. Moreover, these technologies
hydration level. This also informs the coach about the are redefining the various aspects in sports like decision
playing players and resting players. making, analysing the team performance, healthcare in
sports, are few of them. Big data have made incredible
Improved Spectators View impact on the sport industry and it is providing lot of
benefits to players, media, fans, coaches, audience, etc.
To improve the decision making, real- time data is shown to Today, the sport industry getting digitalized swiftly and big
the coach, captain, and umpires. Moreover, with real-time data is proved to be the boon to the field. Innovations still
situations, big data with AI offers predictions of the match being made, developments still being added and sport
results. Today, companies have started enhancing traditional industry is getting adapted to it continuously indicate that
graphics of data with powerful and interesting visual we are yet to catch the most stupendous part.
effects, offering real-time data visualization and broadcast
graphics for live television and sports coverage.

Player Training and Recruitment

In player recruitment, training, and performance, the use of

big data is drastically changing things around. Using