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    1771093 - MB5B - Error M7 284 Storage Location will be reset  

Version   2     Validity: 05.06.2014 - active   Language   English

l It is not possible to enter a storage location and select the stock type "Valuated Stock" in transaction MB5B due to error.
l Error M7284 'Storage Location will be reset' is issued in transaction MB5B. 

l Materials Management (MM)
l SAP R/3
l SAP R/3 Enterprise 4.7
l SAP ERP Core Component
l SAP enhancement package for SAP ERP
l SAP enhancement package for SAP ERP, version for SAP HANA

Reproducing the Issue

1. Goto transaction MB5B. 
2. Enter material, plant, storage location.
3. Under stock yype select 'Valuated Stock'.
4. Execute / press F8.
5. Storage location field is cleared and the system raises message M7284: "Storage Location will be reset".

l Transaction MB5B does not allow this and sends the message M7284, as the report may result / deliver incorrect results. 
l To understand the behaviour of the report MB5B please review the structure and definition of the material master data.
l MB5B in mode "Valuated Stock" reads the entries from material valuation table MBEW for a material and valuation area (plant) to get the 
current valuated stock and value.
l Then it reads the related material documents and accounting documents to calculate the stock and values for the 'Selection From - To Dates'. 
l A valuation area could be assigned too many storage locations. 
l The related MM documents can belong to many storage locations. In the case where there are stock transfer postings from plant to plant the
MM documents would not contain a storage location. 
l It does not make sense to calculate and display the valuated stocks and values on level 'Valuation Area' when a number of selected 
material documents maybe missing the storage location.  

System is working as designed.


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