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Threads Dance Project d. Karen Charles Cowles Center 2017

Almost Equal To d. Noël Raymond Pillsbury House and Theatre 2017
Immigrant Journey Project d. Randy Reyes Mu Performing Arts 2017
Flint Hills International Children’s Festival s. Janet Huyck Ordway 2017
Corazón Eterno (Always in My Heart) d. José Zayas Mixed Blood Theatre 16 & 17
The Two Kids That Blow Shit Up d. Randy Reyes Mu Performing Arts 2016
Minnecanos d. Raúl Ramos Mixed Blood Theatre 2015
Nature d. Markell Kiefer TigerLion Arts 2015
A Part d. Jamil Jude CLIMB Theatre Co. 2015
Actors’ Union Club d. Peter Moore CLIMB Theatre Co. 2015
Jays Away d. Barbara Kingsley CLIMB Theatre Co. 2015
Project Earth d. Peter Moore CLIMB Theatre Co. 2015
Space Baby d. Peter Moore CLIMB Theatre Co. 2015
Snapshots: BFA Senior Showcase d. Randy Reyes Guthrie Theater 2015
American Midget d. Tim Uren Shadow Horse Theatre 2015
Pulse d. Marcela Lorca Guthrie Theater 2014


Youth d. Ed Sobel Villanova Theatre 2019

Girl Shakes Loose d. May Adrales Penumbra Theatre 2017
Sunset Baby d. Lou Bellamy Penumbra Theatre 2016
The Wizard of Oz d. Peter C. Brosius Children’s Theater Co. 2016
A Tribute Gala Celebrating Joe Dowling d. Peter Flynn Guthrie Theater 2015
Fuddy Meers d. Natalie Novacek Loudmouth Collective 2014


Crimes of the Heart d. Marcela Lorca Guthrie Theater 2014

The Music Man d. Lear DeBessonet Ten Thousand Things 2014
WICKED The Musical - Broadway Tour s. Molly Braverman Orpheum Theater 2013
Summer Programming s. Joey Babay Youth Performance Co 2013


Disney’s The Lion King SM Matthew Shiner Orpheum Theater 2016

The Book of Mormon SM Steve Henry Orpheum Theater 2016
Disney’s The Little Mermaid SM Michael McEowen Orpheum Theater 2015