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ALS Division DIGOS CITY DIVISION Program A and E

DAILY LESSON Learning Facilitator MANUEL A. CANIBAN JR. Level Advance Elementary, Lower and Advance Secondary
LOG Date Learning Strand Career and Life Skills
a. Identify their own learning style
OBJECTIVES b. Link their learning style with strategies on how to learn new skills and information
c. Expresses personal learning style or strategy
A. Content Standard
Intrapersonal Relationship (Positive Sense of Self) and Development of One’s Potential
B. Performance Standard Develop a positive sense of self and discovering one’s potential

C. Learning Competency/Objectives  Demonstrate greater understanding of oneself (LS5DS-ID-PSA-BL/LE/AE/LS/AS-1.2)

Write the LC code for each.
 Preferred learning style(s) (audio-visual, manipulative) (LS5DS-ID-PSA-BL/LE/AE/LS/AS-1.2.1)


LEARNING RESOURCES Mv Life Skills Modules, Google.

A. References
1. Teacher’s Guide Mydev Module 1pg. 29-30
2. Learner’s Materials pages
Learning My Way pg. 16-19

3. Textbook pages
4. Additional Materials from Learning manila paper, laptop and LCD projector, white board, white board marker
Resource (LR) portal

B. Other Learning Resource

A. Springboard/Motivation (Establishing a Reading a scenario and have learners to think about the approach to learning they might take if they were the new construction worker.
purpose for the lesson.) Changing the scenario that best suit the learners’ backgrounds
B. Activity (Review of previous lesson’s or Asking learners to go to their handout Learning My Way. Reading it together and have them review and add strategies that they think were not
presenting the new lesson) on the list

C. Analysis (Presenting example’s instance Can you distinguish your own learning style?
of the new lesson) How is your learning style similar to the learning strategies found on the Learning My Way list

D. Discussing new Pairing learners from different learning styles and have them practice similar statements to those found at the end of Learning My way handout
concepts and practicing new so they begin to get comfortable with expressing how they learn.
skills #1

E. Discussing new concepts and Giving learners the tips on how to improve their own learning
practicing new skills #2

F. Abstraction (making generalization about Some of the learners are not aware of their learning preference is so by identifying it also distinguishes their weakness and strength in learning
the lesson) for a place of improvement.

G. Application (developing Mastery)

Learners construct their own best personal learning strategies and how they do it on their own field of work or experiences.

H. Valuing (finding practical applications of Learners learns to respect the others’ learning strategy while upholding their own personal learning strategy during partner and class
concepts and skills in discussion.

I. Evaluating learning Letting the students to feel free express their own way of learning while facilitator also expresses him/her own way of learning.
Posing questions on the last part of the Learning My Way activity.
J. Additional activities for application or


A. No. of learners who earned 80% in the ___ of Learners who earned 80% above
BNo. of learners ___ of Learners who require additional activities for remediation
who require additional activities for
remediation who scored below 80%
C. Did the remedial lessons work? ___Yes ___No
No. of learners who have caught up with the ____ of Learners who caught up the lesson
D. No. of learners who continue to require ___ of Learners who continue to require remediation
E. Which of my teaching strategies worked Strategies used that work well:
well? Why did these work? ___ Group collaboration
___ Games
___ Solving Puzzles/Jigsaw
___ Answering preliminaryactivities/exercises
___ Carousel
___ Diads
___ Think-Pair-Share (TPS)
___ Rereading of Paragraphs/Poems/Stories
___ Differentiated Instruction
___ Role Playing/Drama
___ Discovery Method
___ Lecture MethodWhy?
___ Complete IMs
___ Availability of Materials
___ Pupils’ eagerness to learn
___ Group member’s Cooperation indoing their tasks
F. What difficulties did I encounter which my __ Bullying among pupils
principal or supervisor can help me solve? __ Pupils’ behavior/attitude
__ Colorful IMs
__ Unavailable TechnologyEquipment (AVR/LCD)
__ Science/ Computer/Internet Lab
__ Additional Clerical works

G. What innovation or localized Planned Innovations:

materials did I use/discover which I wish to __ Localized Videos
share with other teachers? __ Making big books fromviews of the locality
__ Recycling of plastics to be used as Instructional Materials
__ local poetical composition