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Carl-Gustaf M4

Smart just got smarter

Saab announces the launch of its Carl-Gustaf M4

Acting to create solutions that respond to both traditional and modern conflict situations, Swedish
defence and security company Saab is unveiling the new version of its multi-role weapon system: the
Carl-Gustaf M4 (CGM4).

The weapon’s combat flexibility comes from its unique range of ammunition, which includes anti-
armour, anti-structure, multi-role, anti-personnel and support rounds.

With a lightweight design, tactical flexibility and compatibility with future innovations such as
intelligent sights, CGM4 ensures that troops can deal with the threats they face.

With over 70 years of heritage and technological development behind it, the CGM4 looks set to be
the next evolutionary step in multi-role, man-portable weapon systems.
Carl-Gustaf M4 - Key Facts
(+ comparison with previous models)

M2: Weight: 14.2kg, Length: 1130mm

M3: Weight: 10kg, Length: 1065mm
M4: Weight: <7kg, Length: <1000mm

LIGHTER: Builds upon the success of its predecessor by offering an even shorter length and a weight
of less than 7 kilos.

INTELLIGENT SIGHT: Compatible with intelligent sight systems, ensuring maximum effect in any
tactical situation.

IMPROVED ERGONOMICS: Overall improved ergonomics enables soldiers to adjust the weapon to
suit them. Includes an adjustable shoulder rest and front grip.

REDUCED ACTION TIME: Can be carried safely loaded to enable the user to act faster.

ROUND COUNTER: Integrated shot counter for improved logistics and maintenance.

FLEXIBLE: A wide range of ammunition types and sight options ensures unique flexibility for the
multi-role Carl-Gustaf M4 user.