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General instruction: Read the following problems carefully, Formulate them as Linear
Programming Model and then solve them by using Graphical and simplex Method.
1. Kombolcha Garment Company manufactures men's shirts and women's dresses for
Dessie Discount Stores. Dessie will accept all the production supplied by Kombolcha
Garment Company .The production process includes cutting, sewing, and packaging.
Kombolcha Garment Company employs 25 workers in the cutting department, 35 in the
sewing department, and 5 in the packaging department. The factory works one 8-hour
shift, 5 days a week. Determine the optimal weekly production schedule for Kombolcha
Garment Company .The following table gives the time requirements and profits per unit
for the two garments:

Minutes per unit

Garment cutting sewing packaging Unit profit(Birr)

Shirts 20 70 12 8

Dresses 60 60 4 12

2. A furniture company manufactures desks and chairs. The sawing department cuts the
lumber for both products, which is then sent to separate assembly departments.
Assembled items are sent for finishing to the painting department. The daily capacity of
the sawing department is 200 chairs or 80 desks. The chair assembly department can
produce 120 chairs daily and the desk assembly department 60 desks daily. The paint
department has a daily capacity of either 150 chairs or 110 desks. Given that the profit
per chair is birr 50 and that of a desk is birr 100, determine the optimal production mix
for the company.
3. A patient consults a doctor to check up his ill health. Doctor examines him and advises
him that he is having deficiency of two vitamins, vitamin A and vitamin D. Doctor
advises him to consume vitamin A and D regularly for a period of time so that he can
regain his health. Doctor prescribes tonic X and tonic Y, which are having vitamin A and
D in certain proportion. Also advises the patient to consume at least 40 units of vitamin A
and 50 units of vitamin daily. The cost of tonics X and Y and the proportion of vitamin A
and D that present in X and Y are given in the table below. Formulate the linear
programming model to minimize the cost of tonics.

Vitamins Tonics Daily requirement in units

A 2 4 40
D 3 2 50
Cost in Birr per unit 5 3

4. A company manufactures two products X1 and X2 on three machines A, B, and C. X1

require 1 hour on machine A and 1 hour on machine B and yields a revenue of Birr 3 ,
Product X2 requires 2 hours on machine A and 1 hour on machine B and 1 hour on
machine C and yields revenue of Birr 5. In the coming planning period the available time
of three machines A, B, and C are 2000 hours, 1500 hours and 600 hours respectively.
Find the optimal product mix.

5. Old hens can be bought for Birr 2 each but young ones costs Birr 5 each. The old hens lay
3 eggs per week and the young ones lay 5 eggs per week. Each egg costs Birr 0.30. A hen
costs Birr 1 per week to feed. If the financial constraint is to spend Birr 80 per week for
hens and the capacity constraint is that total number of hens cannot exceed 20 hens and
the objective is to earn a profit more than Birr 6 per week, find the optimal combination
of hens.

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