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Four Secret Teachers of

Engineer Ali Mirza Of
Ahlussunnah Wal Jama:’ah

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There are four secret teachers of ‘:Ali Mirza: of Jhelum.

It can be claimed with sufficient proofs that the Heretic believes of Engineer Of Jhelum are borrowed
from the four Teachers. Although Engineer of Jhelum is not a Direct student of all of them but he is of
some of them. He has borrowed ideas and beliefs from books of some of them .

They are as follow:-

Vah:i:d ‘Azzama:n

He was the first person who purported to be ‘Ahlul H:adi:th: but he was a Ra:fid:I: . Some say that he
was converted to Sunnism yet he publish books which he wrote in his early life in which he wrote from
the perspective of Ra:fid:iah, but committed a great mistake that he did not edited them.

But a number of scholars do not accept this apology of Vah:i:d ‘Azzama:n. But as he died long before the
conception of the man from Jhelum, he is an indirect teacher.

Rid:va:n ‘:Ali: Nadvi:

He is a Scolar of ‘:Arabic but he has tendencies towards Ra:fid:iah. He initially published a monthly and
in one of them a essay was published in which there was a criticism on Saiyiduna: Mu’:a:viah RD: After

Studying this this article it is found that ‘:Ali: Mirza: of Jhelum borrowed many thing from it.

H:usain Najfi:

He is a ‘Ith:na:’Ashrite. But he did shew some differences from other ‘Ishna: ‘Ashrites . He is in the
Mu’:allimi:n subsect of ‘Ith:na: ‘Ashrite sect , which is the subsect of Shiism.

Engineer ‘:Ali: Mirza: has borrowed many things from it.

‘Ish:a:q Jha:lvi: .

This person also purported to be an ‘Ahlul H:adi:th: . But he was a Ra:fid:i: .

Unfortunately ‘Ahlul H:adi:th: in Pa:kista:n did not declare his as Heretic. Even the ‘I’:tis:a:m a weakly did
publish an article on his death as if he was an ‘Ahlul H:adi:th: .

He is the hidden leader of Engineer ‘Ali: Mirza: , and Engineer ‘Ali: Mirza: does follow him.

These persons are the elders and leader of Jhelum.

Shaikh: Zubair ‘:Ali: Zai was an extreme literalist so it might be the case that due to his extreme literalist
he was unable to answer some objections on ‘Ah:a:di:th: . But in such cases his proper and regular
students report that he used to be silenced and never did say a sing le word against any S:ah:a:bi .

One cannot accept any thing from an improper and irregular student ascribed to him .

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He is in no way a teacher of Engineer ‘:Ali: Mirza:

Engineer ‘:Ali: Mirza initially ascribed himself to Zubair ‘:Ali: Zai. .But he began to criticize Zubair ‘:Ali: Zai
as well.

Initially he used to shew the agreement of Shaikh: ‘Al Ba:ni: and Shaikh: Zubair ‘:Ali: Zai as a proof of S:-
h:ah of traditions.

But latter on , he began to make criticism on Shaikh: ‘Alba:ni: and Shaikh: Zubair ‘:Ali: Zai.

This shews that the four mentioned above personalities Vah:i:duzzama:n , Rid:va:n ‘:Ali: Nadvi: ,

, H:usain Najfi: and ‘Ish:a:q Jha:lvi.

He had to do any thing neither with Shaikh: ‘Al Ba:ni: not with Shaikh: Zubair ‘:Ali: Zai.

Similarly these two has nothing to do with Engineer ‘:Ali: Mirza: .

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