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20th and 21st century American history topics:

• The Boxer Rebellion • The assassination of Dr, Martin

• The assassination of William Luther King, Jr.
McKinley • The space race and the moon landing
• The Panama Canal • The Kent State shootings
• The San Francisco Earthquake • The Women's Liberation Movement
• The Ford Model T • Richard Nixon's trip to China
• Women's suffrage • Watergate
• World War I • Gerald Ford's pardon of Richard
• Woodrow Wilson and the signing of Nixon
the Fourteen Points • The OPEC gas crisis of the 1970s
• The Red Scare • The Iranian hostage crisis
• Sacco and Vanzetti • The assassination attempt on Ronald
• Prohibition Reagan's life
• The Great Depression • Ronald Reagan's invasion of
• FDR and the New Deal Grenada
• The War of the Worlds broadcast • Ronald Reagan's "War on Drugs"
• World War II • Ronald Reagan's "Tear Down this
• The Japanese internment camps Wall" speech
• The founding of the United Nations • The Challenger explosion
• The nuclear attacks on Hiroshima • Oliver North and the Iran-Contra
and Nagasaki scandal
• The Cold War • Mikhail Gorbachev, glasnost, and
• The Korean War peace treaties with the Soviet Union
• Richard Nixon's Checkers speech • The invasion of Panama
• McCarthyism • The 1991 Gulf War (Operation
• The assassination of Julius and Ethel Desert Storm)
Rosenberg • Rodney King and the Los Angeles
• The quiz show scandal Riots
• The Berlin Wall • The O.J. Simpson trial
• The Kennedy-Nixon debate • The Oklahoma City bombing
• The Cuban Missile Crisis • Bill Clinton and the Monica
• The Montgomery bus boycott Lewinsky scandal
• The Woolworth sit-ins • The controversy over the 2000
• The Civil Rights Movement presidential election results
• The assassination of JFK • The attacks of September 11th
• Lyndon Johnson's War on Poverty • The War on Terror
• The Vietnam War • The wars in Afghanistan and Iraq
• Vietnam War protests and the • Hurricane Katrina
student movements of the 1960s • The Virginia Tech massacre
1. Pick out a topic from the list that you
would like to research.
2. Research your topic on the internet…
• If you have chosen a broad topic like
WWII narrow your topic down to a
specific event during the war and so
• If you have a person, research that
person and their contribution to history
i.e. : what were they involved in, who
did they work with, what was the
• What is the importance of this event or
• When did this event take place?
• Why did this event take place?
• Where did this event take place?
• Who was involved in this event?
• What was the outcome?
3. Once you have gathered your information
you may then type an essay about your
4. Essay needs to be in the standard
Essay format.