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Category 4 3 2 1

The map shows some The map was sloppily

The map shows
The map shows attention to attention to construction. made. Items appear to
considerable attention to
construction. It is outlined. A Outlining has been be just "slapped on".
construction. It is outlined
Quality of Work few barely noticeable stray attempted. A few barely Smudges, stains, rips,
neatly. There are no stray
marks, smudges or glue stains noticeable stray marks, uneven edges, and/or
marks, smudges or glue
are present. smudges or glue stains are stray marks are
present. evident.

Several of the
objects/designs used in
One or two of the One or two objects/designs
the map reflect an The student did not
objects/designs used in the were made or customized by
exceptional degree of make or customize any
Creativity map reflect student creativity the student, but the ideas
student creativity in their of the items on the
in their creation and/or were typical rather than
creation and/or display. It map.
display. It is coloured neatly creative
is coloured neatly and
Map is of an
Map is an appropriate size Map is an appropriate size
Map is an appropriate size inappropriate size
and interesting shape and and shape, but the
and interesting shape and and/or shape. It
locations are arranged arrangement of locations is
Design locations are arranged well. appears little attention
well. Care has been taken unbalanced. Many items
Some areas may appear was given to designing
to ensure everything fits don't fit and are difficult to
crammed and difficult to read. the map/the placement
and is easy to read read.
of the locations
The student's chosen Some of the student's
Most of the student's locations Few of the students
locations and explanations locations and explanations
and explanations make sense locations and
make sense and are make sense and are
and are accurate to the story. explanations make
Accuracy of Content accurate to the story. The accurate to the story. Some
Some additional explanations sense. Many of them
map requires little parts may be missing or
may be required from the are inaccurate or are
explanation from the incorrect. A lot of
student. missing altogether
student. explanation is required.