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Bank Management System is based on a concept of recording customer’s account details.

Here the
user can perform all the tasks like creating an account, deposit amount, withdraw amount, check
balance, view all account holders detail, close an account and modify an account. There’s no login
system for this project. All the main features for banking system are set in this project.

Talking about the features of the Bank Management System, a user can create an account by
providing the name of the account holder, account number, select amount type whether its Saving
account or Current account and providing an initial amount. Then the user can also deposit and
withdraw money just by providing his/her account, then the system displays his/her profile and entering
an amount. For certain purpose, he/she can also check for the balance inquiry which displays the
account holder’s name with account number type and amount. He/she can also check for all the account
holder’s list. Another feature is that the user can also close their account by providing their account
number and he/she can modify their account detail and type if they want to.

A bank is a commercial or state institution that provides financial services,including issuing money
in form of coins, banknotes or debit cards,receiving deposits of money, lending money and processing
transactions. A commercial bank accepts deposits from customers and in turn makes loans based on
those deposits. Some banks (called Banks of issue) issue bank notes as legal tender. Many banks offer
ancillary financial services to make additional profit; for example: selling insurance products,
investment products or stockbroking.

This project uses classes and file handling features of C++. In order to store all the user’s data, an
external file (DAT file) is created by the system, so every time we get into the system we can operate
with the existing accounts. Bank Management System is developed using C++ Programming Language
and different variables, strings have been used for the development of it. Bank Management System in
C++ Programming with source code is free to download. Use for educational purposes only! This
project provides the simplest system for managing banking system.

Currently in most jurisdictions commercial banks are regulated and require permission to operate.
Operational authority is granted by bank regulatory authorities and provides right to conduct the most
fundamental banking services such as accepting deposits and making loans. A commercial bank is
usually defined as an institution that provides selected banking services without meeting the legal
definition of bank.

The topic of our project is banking system. It basically gives an idea to users about the various
functions performed in the bank. We have a team focused on gaining more knowledge in C++
programming language so that we could gather relevant information about our project. If your can
understand the motivations and objectives of a banking management system, it helps you in the
transactions or the various functions performed in the bank.


The banking system of India should not only be hassle free but it should be able to meet new
challenges posed by the technology and any other external and internal factors.
The information system is paramount concern to the banks in today's business environment. The
business of cooperative bank has increased phenomenally in recent years due to the sharp increase in
numbers of urban co-operative banks.
With reference to above relevant information the main objective are:
1. To study the information technology in view of research study.
2.To study the existing transaction system.
3.To study the Software Engineering in view of research work.
4. To study on various functions performed by the bank.


In the present scenario major economical and technical changes are under going in industrial and
financial revolution through the new information processing technology especially in finance sector it
has a significant role for overall development. After identifying the subject and referring the relevant
literatures, it has been found that in most of the literatures, the information technologies have a wide
application area. However, in finance sector major changes have been made. Due to this drastic
changes we have chosen to do the study on banking system. After completing step by step procedure
for automation process, now it is required to take the review of the system.
The scope of the bank management system extends to all the users who wish for easy banking
facilities this software product will be used for storing users account information and the transaction
made by them. It has a wide scope to study the existing modern transaction system in the financial
sector mainly in co-operative bank system.