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The Story Behind The Trojan War

Reporter: Olivia Peng Place: Troad

Hello guys, I am Olivia, and I am also the new reporter form ISNS News Report, and

today I will be your new reporter.

n April 24, 1184 BC, in today's Turkey, Troy became an invading Greek army, ending a

decade-long Trojan war. That's how the Trojan War happened. Three thousand years ago, agents

fought with the Kingdom of Troy. Before visiting Sparta, the son of King Troy, Paris, fell in love

with Helen, the most beautiful woman in Greece. Paris, the wife of King Paris, secretly adopted

Helen and took her to Troy. Under the pressure of the other rulers and the threat of losing the

competency, Agamemnon agrees to kill his daughter. He brought if it's Anaya from my ceiling

revealing her his purpose if it's Anaya initially refused but in the end, she decides to lose her life

for her country. At this while at Troy, a king called Bryan and his oldest son and also the warrior

of Troy, Hector. Were waiting for the reaction of the Akins. Barisan, which who want to marry

Helen, were staying palace of Troy. Helen knew that her husband would come and wouldn't be

alone, she think that he will be followed by a huge amount of army from Aulis. And when Helen

was thinking about this, the Aegean fleet reaches the source of Troy. Hector take his troops and

he's headed to the coast, the London of the seeps wouldn't be easy but the agents have a mighty

weapon with them. Achilles is the best warrior of all the agents. Achilles went down the ship

first. Achilles attacks the Trojan and lead them to death, the Trojan saw that they can’t stop from

Achilles attacking them, so they retreated back to their place. That was the first win of the

agents. The next day after the war, Agamemnon makes the last war to fight back and asked the
Trojans to give it back her daughter. For nine years, the Akins and Trojans fight without any

result, the Akins can be able to occupy some of the Troy. The 10th year after a successful

campaign at Thebes the agents got many lutes. The next day agents and trojans lined up in font

of the city Troy. Paris wanted to end the war and he said if the agents win this time, he will give

back her daughter. But the Trojans break the rule and fight back and win, before the Trojans

attacks. The agents retreated their ships because they lost the war. Hector decides to attack the

agents right away because he think that the agents must be tired and unprepared, the Trojans are

right when they get to the agents’ tent. The agents are unprepared, scared by the Trojans and

want to do their best to attack the Trojans. The Trojans are very close to winning, the one mans

who still defend the sips is Odysseus, Diomedes, and Ages. While the Achaeans are close to

losing the war, a man called Patroclus who is the dear and closest friend of Achilles. Patroclus

want to attack Troy, but Achilles said don’t go far be careful. But Patroclus didn’t listen to

Achilles, he went on the battle. He want to have a fight with Hector but he lost. The death of

Patroclus came into Achilles, he was so sad and angry that he lost another dear friend and he

want to kill Hector and fight back for Patroclus. Achilles leading the troops the Akins to attack

the Trojans who had stayed in the valley of Troy. The Trojan retreated to their city, the only one

who had been left out is Hector, who is determined to face Achilles. Achilles takes his turret and

arrives outside the walls of Troy where he founds Hector. Achilles said: “I am coming for you

Patroclus”. Achilles finds the dead body of Hector and brings the body back. The next night

Bryan the king of Troy, arrives secretly at the tent of Achilles and want him to give him the dead

body of his son. Achilles agree to give the death body of Hector to Bryan. Because of Hector’s

death, Bryan brought new war to stop Achilles, they are the queen of the Amazon Pentesilea, and

the king of Ethiopians, but both were killed by Achilles. Meanwhile, Paris wanted to revenge the
death of his brother Hector, he pointed Achilles with his bow and his arrow hit Achilles' feet, and

Achilles the best warrior of the agents was dead. he hope of the Achaeans to win the war. After

Achilles’ death, the agents lost another brave warrior, Ajax having lost his mind he committed

suicide by falling on his own sword. Agamemnon brought the young son of Achilles,

Autonomous and Philoctetes, and enter them into the battle. Philoctetes use an arrow to Paris and

kill him, the news of Paris death came to Ellen, who couldn't believe the loss of Paris. Prior

married Helen with another of his son. Time passed and the agents couldn't pass the wall of

Troy, the prophecies were saying but Troy he wouldn't fall as long as the Palladium.

The small statue of the goddess Athena reminded in the city. Agamemnon sent Odysseus

and Diomedes to sneak into the city, so a secret path to steal it they managed to take it and bring

it to Agamemnon. However, the days passed without resolve. Despite the desperation of the

leaders, the end of the war was closed, the solution would come from the king of Ithaca. A few

days later the Trojans came across a side that has never been expected, the Akins are gone. All

that was left was a huge wooden horse dedicated to the goddess Athena for they returned to their

homelands. Then two snakes approach Laocoon and draw him. The Trojans trucked the horse

into the city celebrated the end of the war, they were drinking and having fun all day, but they

didn't know that they have fallen into the trap of agents. As the horse was full of soldiers. The

sieves didn't have gone but were hidden behind the island. At night, all the soldiers that were

hiding in the horse came out and open the gate for their army to come in. The Trojans woke up

and just realized what had happened, the hole city was already on fire. They found Bryan and kill

him. The agents were burning everything, and the Trojans were killed by the Akins. As

Menelaus found Helen, and he was about to kill her, he saw her beautiful face and he wants to

bring her back.

The war as over and now the return journey was about to begin. That was the Trojan

War, that lasted ten years and ended with a victory of the Achaeans.

Thank you guys for listening to ISNS News Repot Station. Bye!!!!