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DAILY School Tandag Pilot ES Grade Level V

LESSON LOG Teacher Rosemarieliza L. Ramirez Learning Area Science

Teaching Date January 29, 2019 @ 8:00 am Quarter 4th Quarter / Week 3
and Time


A. Content Standards The learners demonstrate understanding of the weather disturbances and their effects
in the environment
B. Performance The learners should be able to prepares individual emergency kit.
C. Learning Identify the different types of weather disturbances.
Competencies/Objectives S5FE-IVe-5
II.CONTENT Weather Disturbances
2.1 Types of weather disturbances:
2.2 Effects of weather disturbances on living things and the environment.
A. References
1.Teacher’s Guide pages
2.Learners’s Materials BEAM 5. Unit 6. 16 Blowing in the Wind. Distance Learning Modules. DLP 48.
3.Textbook pages Cyber Science 5 – Nicetas G. Valencia, et al. pp. 321-328
The New Science Links 5 – Evelyn Toribio Larisama, et al., pp. 344-349
4.Additional materials,/images
from learning resource
(LR) portal
B. Other Learning Strips, chart, pictures, LCD, speaker, video clips
A. Motivation and Riddle : Collaboration
Review 1. What comes down but never goes up? RAIN
2. I have an eye but I can’t see
I rotate but I’m not the earth
I have a spout but I’m not a teapot
I’m not dynamite but I can destroy buildings . What am I?? TORNADO
3. You can hear me rumble
After a flash of lightning
I am named after Thor
Who’s the Norse God of this thing. What am I? THUNDER

B. Establishing a purpose Approach: Collaboration

for the lesson Strategy: Jigsaw Puzzle (of weather disturbances)

1. Group activity. Give them 2-3 minutes to do their activity.

2. Presentation of their output
C. Presenting Examples/ 1. Prepare pupils for a video presentation.
instances of the new 2. Reaction
D. Discussing new concepts 1. Give the group 2-3 minutes to perform the activity. (result/output of the activity 1
and Practicing new skill and illustration of different types of weather disturbances)
2. Presentation of output.
3. Answer the following questions.
a. What is weather disturbances?
b. What are the types of weather disturbances?
E. Practicing skills #2 1. Teacher will use a slides/power point presentation to further discuss the lesson.
( Independent Practice) 2. Teacher may entertain questions from pupils.
F. Developing Mastery Supply the missing letters.
(Lead to Formative

G. Finding practical 1. What you are going to do when there is a weather disturbance in your place?
applications of concepts 2. How do typhoon and other weather disturbances affect the environment and people
and skills in daily livingin the community particularly in Tandag City.
H. Making generalizations 1. What are the different types of weather disturbances?
and abstractions about 2. What is a tornado?
the lesson 3. What is a thunderstorm? Hurricane? Storm? Tropical Cycle?
4. How do weather disturbances affect living things and the environment?
I. Evaluating learning

J. Additional activities for 1. List down 5 typhoons that hit Tandag City, Mindanao or in the Philippines and
application or make a collage of these weather disturbances affect the people and the environment.
A. No. of learners who
earned 80% in the
B. No. of learners who
require additional
activities for
remediation who
scored below 80%
C. Did the remedial
lessons work? No. of
learners who have
caught up with the
D. No. of learners who
continue to require
E. Which of my teaching
strategies worked
well? Why did these
F. What difficulties did I
encounter which my
principal or supervisor
can help me solve?
G. What innovation or
localized materials
did I use/discover
which I wish to share
with other teachers?

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