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Nature of Business……………………………………………. 2

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Executive Summary

For those who are in business today, there is a need for openness and not just guided in one
direction. In fact they must be more creative and more competitive and have the equipment that
is expanded in time and time. They also need to have expertise in the areas of business they
want to venture into.

Financial constraints are also a big issue in the business world. This is because without enough
money, it is impossible to do business. Therefore, they must ensure that financial resources are
always strong to ensure the continuity of their business. Likewise, we offer business through
the production of fruits and roselle make it a sausage of juice and food for the universal human.
This is because the roselle fruit and leaves are proven to be beneficial to humans.

With our existing knowledge and support and encouragement from various parties, we have
taken steps to advance our business and want to expand further within the period we have set.

SAZA Food Entreprise Sdn Bhd is the leading Roselle based fruit-based manufacturer in
Malaysia and is known for its special flavor and aroma under the brand name "House of
Roselle". This product is produced from selected quality fresh fruit from the field. This
delicious and nutritious taste is produced through a combination of traditional recipes and latest
technology from the Malaysian Agricultural Research and Development Institute (MARDI).

Product “House of Roselle” has received Halal Certificate from the Department of Islamic
Development Malaysia (JAKIM), Certificate of Authenticity from the Ministry of Health
Malaysia (KKM) and the "1 Malaysia Best" Certificate from Federal Agricultural Marketing
Authority of Malaysia (FAMA). In conjunction with MAHA 2014, our company was awarded
as the winner of the National Tani Jaya Basic Industry by the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-
Based Industry. The award was presented by the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

House Of Roselle is now popular in Penang. It is a must for tourists visiting Penang to get
house of Roselle products as a souvenir to family and friends. Cordial House Roselle is also
popular with all walks of life. The House Roselle products are produced in a clean, safe and
secure environment, plus delicious and tasty flavor, making them the preferred product of many
Malaysian societies

This plan includes chapters on the company, products and services, market focus, action plans
and forecasts, management team, and financial plan.
Our Bussiness will operate six days a week. Sales Projections avaranges 250 customer per
month and RM40.00 per person resulting in month’s sales of just over RM42,000.00 or
RM500,000.00 annually. Total start-up costs will be RM 54,371.00, RM5,437.10 of which will
be contributed by the partnership and the remainder RM48,933.90. Our pricing strategy will
be based on the objectives to get reasonable profit and ensure customers continue doing
business with us in the future.


Name of Bussiness

SAZA Food Entreprise. Trademark “House Of Roselle”.

Nature of Business

SAZA Food Entreprise is a manufacturing of Roselle product. We provide a variety of product

offering with assorted product based on Roselle fruit. Reasonably priced to establish
credibility,but no so high as to limit product.

Industry profile

The main idea to producer this business is due to government’s desire to produce more
bumiputra entrepreneur in expanding Halal Food product. This would give opportunity for our
company to take a part of in government project as tiles are a subcomponent of Halal food

History Of Company

SAZA Food Enterprise is a fully owned and operated company by Bumiputera. It was set up
on September 23, 2017 to work on the production of health drinks and other food products.
The establishment of this company is in line with the government's efforts to enhance Small
and Medium Industry (SMI) entrepreneurs in Malaysia globally.

It is the intention of SAZA Food Enterprise to provide services and provide the best products
with the help of trained and experienced staff. We are also 'committed' to 'Islamic
Manufacturing Practice' with the concept of Toyyiban Halal to ensure the quality of the
products produced is really good quality.

The company also has trained and experienced workers in food and beverage and marketing
industries. Hence, it is not easy to provide quality products and to compete in local and
international markets as well as services that satisfy every customer. As such, we at SAZA
Food Enterprise are ready to receive strong suggestions and ideas so we can improve and
improve the quality of our services and the quality of our products.
Why House Of Roselle (Hibiscus Sabdariffa)?

The high demand for roselle and the roselle benefits is a driving factor in producing projects.

Roselle is a robust many-branched shrub-like annual that gets 4-7 ft (1.2-2.1 m) tall and almost
as broad. The dark green leaves are about 6 in (15 cm) across and deeply dissected into 5
narrow lobes. The stems, branches, leaf veins, and petioles (leaf stems) are reddish purple. The
hibiscus-like flowers, appearing in October, are yellow and about 3 in (7.6 cm) across. At the
bottom of each flower, enclosing the bases of the five petals, is a fleshy bright red cup-like
structure called a calyx, The calyx is about 1 in (2.5 cm) in diameter. The calyces of roselle are
used to make juices, sauces, jellies, wines and pies.


SAZA Food Entreprise No. 3649, Kamlon Becah, Kepala Batas, Seberang Perai Utara, 13200,
Penang, Malaysia. We choose this because near with our farm. Convenience for does want to
visit our farm,factory and shop. We also provide does want to see how House of Roselle
prosesing product. Also known as tourists and customers can see the Roselle House
manufacturing industry more closely besides buying “House Of Roselle”.
Budget Funding Calculation

We is seeking to raise RM54,371.00 which RM5,437.10 will be contributed by shareholder.

This business plan assumes that the business will received back the capital within 3 years.

Company Shareholder

Saza Food Enterprise is a privately held limited liability corporation wholly owned by Miss
A’ashah Binti Ismail and partners (80%) and the Historic District Development Corporation

Personal Particular 1

Name Of Partner : Siti Suzliana Binti Zakaria

Address: No. 3649, Kamlon Becah, Kepala Batas, Seberang Perai Utara, 13200, Penang,

No. New IC : 880512-35-****

Date of birth :05-12-1988

Gender: Female

Marital Status: Married

Educational status : Diploma in Bussiness Management

Work experience : Marketing Manager

Courses Attended: Entrepreneurial Basic Course - MARA

Skills / Abilities: Operations Management and Marketing

Personal Paticular 2

Owner's name :Zaiton Binti Shamsuddin

Address: No. 3649, Kamlon Becah, Kepala Batas, Seberang Perai Utara, 13200, Penang,

No. New IC : 860427-14-***

Date of birth :27-04-1986

Gender: Female

Marital Status: Married

Educational status : Diploma Secretary in Oxford University

Work experience : Secretary in H’ng Capital

Courses Attended: Entrepreneurial Basic Course - MARA

Skills / Abilities: Operations Management and Marketing

Personal Paticular 3

Owner's name : A’ashah Binti Ismail

No. New IC : 760321-01-****

Date of birth :21-03-1976

Gender: Female

Educational status : Master In Bussiness Administration

Work experience : CEO in Agro Product

Courses Attended: Bussiness and Marketing Entreperenuer in United States

Skills / Abilities: Operations Management and Marketing

Personal Paticular 4

Owner's name : Ali Munawwar

No. New IC :740101-03-****

Date of birth :01-01-1974

Gender: Male

Marital Status: Married

Educational status : Master In Financial

Work experience : Accountant

Courses Attended: Entrepreneurial Course – Boston University United States

Skills / Abilities: Operations Management and Marketing

Shareholder (%)


10 Suzi
40 Ashah
20 zaiton

Remuneration Plan

For our company, we chose EPF scheme to be given to all employees. Table below illustrates
the remuneration plan of each employee in Roselle House listed as follow :


General 1 RM 4500 RM 495 RM112.5 RM3,892.50
Administration/ 1 RM 3500 RM385 RM87.5 RM3,027.5

Marketing 1 RM 3500 RM385 RM87.5 RM3,027.5

Financial 1 RM3500 RM385 RM87.5 RM3,027.5

Staff 6 RM1500X6 RM165X6 RM37.5X6 RM1,297.5X6

Administration Budget

Administration budget include rent,water,electricity cost and clerical and promotion cost.
Operating Boarding listed as follows:


Promotion RM 300.00 RM250.00
Rent RM1000.00 RM1000.00
Utiliti RM1200.00 RM1300.00
Transport RM300.00 RM300.00
EPF&SOCSO RM6280.00 RM6280.00
Miscellaneous RM500.00 RM550.00
Total RM9,580.00 RM9680.00

Currently, we get raw material from a farm in Perak and Selangor. They have enough supply
for the processing of this rozel juice and food. Of these requirement from in Perak, produce
about 1000 tones and 2000 tones in Selangor. To cater to the current local needs, we are trying
to get in contact with the rozel planters in Terengganu. We are confident that if rozel producers
in Terengganu can supply a total of 2000 tons a month, we are confident we will be able to
penetrate the overseas market.

We are also in the process of opening our own roz farm to meet our production requirements
for domestic and overseas markets in the future.


The company’s logo is protected by federal trademark laws. All of our production creation will
not necessarily have the same protections, however when possible, popular “trade names” will
be protected. The business of the ro is not dependent upon process technology or patentable

Marketing Plan

We intends to maintain an extensive marketing campaign that will ensure maximum produce
product and variety product based on Roselle fruit and bring this brand true out of state and
country. Below is an overview of the marketing strategic and objectives we challenge
government Halal Hub.

Keys to Success

The keys to success in this business are:

• Product quality: Food and juices are our products. They must be of the high quality and
• Service: Our clients are paying to have a good product. Our customer service is well-
trained and ensures after sales services for the loyalty of customers. Their experience will suffer
if service is not of the highest caliber. Each member of the staff will be courteous, efficient,
and attentive.
• Marketing: We target our markets locally. But for the next 3 years we plan to market
our products out of the country. We have a more competitive marketing plan for the future. To
cater to our customers' needs, we offer our products pricing according to the local customer's
ability and frequently conduct research for future prices in order to be more competitive
• Management: We will ensure that every employee of the administration, sales or
production division has the competitiveness to develop ourselves as well as the company and
also in labor cost savings

Vision Be a leader in halal food and beverage production in Malaysia

based on roselle products.

Mission We are giving priority to diversifying roselle products

•Provide research to ensure that the products are more high
quality and meet the needs of customers
•Ensure that our products are always a consumer choice
whenever they shop at any supermarket or shop that sells our

Objectif  Expand products throughout Malaysia through

intensive market research and partnership programs
with customers.
 Conducting continuous research on products and
manufacturing processes through R & D and cost
savings projects to ensure consumers get the product
at the minimum cost.
 Develop a dedicated team of customer service to see
customer needs and problems and provide solutions.
 Collaborate with all government agencies to ensure
that the latest and potential products are developed in
line with the continued needs of customers.
Organization Chart

Manpower Planning


Admin&Opera Marketing Financial

ting Manager Manager
Manager (Suzliana) (Ali
(Zaiton) Munawwar)

Our has four partners and they manage, contract and execute the operations of the business as
shown in the table. The manpower planning listed as follewed :
Start-up Summary
The start-up costs for The Roselle industry can be found in the chart and table below.

Since the business property is located in an enterprise zone, property taxes on the property are
abated for the initial years covered by the business plan. The owner/general manager will be
responsible for maintaining insurance that will cover the loss of the building and all of its
contents, as well as insurance covering business interruption and death or injury to himself.

Table: Start-up



Start-up Expenses
Legal RM2,000
Stationery etc. RM500
Brochures RM500
Consultants RM1,500
Insurance RM1,745
Debt Service RM5,000
Licenses/Tax/Deposits RM12,000
Expensed Equipment RM36,600
Employee/Payroll RM26,834
Accounting RM1,000
Soft Opening Expense RM4,000
Grand Opening Advertising RM3,000
Misc. Expenses RM2,000
Total Start-up Expenses RM96,679

Start-up Assets
Cash Required RM100,000
Start-up Inventory RM61,157
Other Current Assets RM0
Long-term Assets RM595,040
Total Assets RM756,197

Total Requirements RM852,876

Table: Start-up Funding

Start-up Funding
Start-up Expenses to Fund RM96,679
Start-up Assets to Fund RM756,197
Total Funding Required RM852,876

Non-cash Assets from Start-up RM656,197
Cash Requirements from Start-up RM100,000
Additional Cash Raised RM0
Cash Balance on Starting Date RM100,000
Total Assets RM756,197

Liabilities and Capital

Current Borrowing RM29,850

Long-term Liabilities RM695,399

Accounts Payable (Outstanding Bills) RM29,627
Other Current Liabilities (interest-free) RM0
Total Liabilities RM754,876


Planned Investment
Investor 1(Home Equity/Pre-develop. Invest) RM64,000
Investor 2(Pre-development Investment) RM34,000
Other RM0
Additional Investment Requirement RM0
Total Planned Investment RM98,000

Loss at Start-up (Start-up Expenses) (RM96,679)

Total Capital RM1,321

Total Capital and Liabilities RM756,197

Total Funding RM852,876

Forecast and financial data

The financial data and forecast will reflect SAZA Food Enterprise future life goals, future
wealth transfer plans and future expense levels. Extrapolated asset values will determine
whether the client has sufficient funds to meet future needs. Financial plans shall be made to
ensure a smooth transition through SAZA Food Enterprise financial phases, such as decreasing
spending or chasing asset allocations. The forecasted statement of comprehensive income of
SAZA Food Enterprise for the three years
Fig 1: Forecasted statement of comprehensive income of SAZA Food Enterprise for the
three years

The financial plan consists of a 12 month profit and loss projection, a four year profit and
loss projection (optional), a cash flow projection, a projected balance sheet, and a break
even calculation. Together they constitute a reasonable estimate of the company financial
future. More important, the process of thinking through the financial plan will improve
your insight into the inner financial workings of the company

Table 1: Summary of the costs/expenses



Salaries 15,000,000 18,000,000 20,000,000
Blending 10,000,000 10,000,000 10,000,000
Maintenance costs 3,000,000 3,000,000 3,000,000
Production Costs 7,000,000 12,000,000 15,000,000
Rent and rates 3,000,000 3,000,000 4,000,000
Communication 1,000,000 1,000,000 1,000,000
Transport Costs 3,000,000 3,000,000 3,000,000
Administration 3,000,000 3,000,000 3,000,000
Depreciation 3,000,000 3,000,000 3,000,000
Total Expenses 47,000,000 56,000,000 62,000,000

Table 3: Summary of the Balance Sheet of SAZA Food Enterprise

Non-Current Assets 90,000,000 75,000,000 61,000,000
Current Assets 14,000,000 12,000,000 11,000,000
Current Liabilities 70,000,000 61,000,000 64,000,000
Net Current Assets 36,000,000 84,000,000 18,000,000

Company Products (Goods /Services)

SAZA Food Enterprise is to produce assorted products based on Roselle. To target all age
brackets within Kepala Batas and Seberang Perai at large for the first three years.
The product contains a branded name entitled “House of Roselle” with a maroon attractive
color to seek customer attention. Our product based on Roselle Fruit. Cordial,juice,Jem and
dries fruit roselle.
The “House of Roselle” product is to be packaged in both small designed plastic bottles for
cordial and packages polythene bags for juice and glass bottle for jem. On the packaging, the
product also contains branding of the address, contacts, ingredients and date of manufacture,
the expiry date, the lot number and the product philosophy tag which states “House of Roselle.”

SAZA Food Enterprise also plans to produce large sums of product brochures to supply to
customers as a form of promotion and increase of sales in the first production period. The
brochure contains details of the products, types, category of the product, location of the
business, address and the contact details. This product brochure is attractively designed to
capture a big customer market.

Competitive advantage: SAZA Food Enterprise is to design many types of package based on
product. Other companies have produced Roselle product with one or two type only not variety
product. In addition, the pricing of the products has been branded or scanned on to each
produced finished. The quantity of the product is relatively enough to quench ones thirst and
provide satisfaction for the customers based on the quality control measures.

The product pricing and guarantee: “House of Roselle” for any product that producer which is
relatively affordable by a big population and not on a far range from other competitive products.
The product does not contain any warrantees since it is a consumable item.
In terms of future prospects and product development, the product will be able to cab a wider
range of the market and customer base hence increasing sales. In the next three years the
product will have been enhanced in terms of packaging and branding. The quantity and price
will relatively be changed within the planned time frame based on competitors and economic
The suppliers of the raw materials will be local farmers who will be in position to supply the
company with all Roselle fruit.
List product price


Cordial Roselle 1 RM12

Juice Roselle 1 RM2.50
Dried Roselle 1 RM6.00


Benefit and Future Products

For now, the products we produce are juice and food. Since it is a highly nutritious type

1. Have the best nutrient list - This is a list of vitamins found in rozel flowers: Vitamin A,
B2, B3 and C, Protein, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium and
Natural Fats.
2. Can protect heart health - rosselle drinks lower your blood pressure and a healthier
cardiovascular system.

3. Cool the body and reduce thirst

4. Make your bones and teeth healthy.

5. Increased immune system.

6. Help you stay fit.

7. Helps treat cancer.

For future products, we plan to introduce new product foods from these roselle into capsule
form to make it easy to eat and take anywhere

Market Analysis summary.

Based on the market research carried out by the marketing team of the company, the
justification obtained shows that the projections of the company made in this business plan are
worthwhile; this stands to be a better idea, better product, and better business to out compete
the market.

The market research carried out about the product, customers, competitors, the market and
pricing shows that the business is a viable market and can beat all the competition in the market
for the sales.
The company plans to perform a better market segmentation to cab a wider customer base. The
most important aspect in the segmentation is the target market, the emphasis will be placed
around Kepala Batas and the outcasts as plans to widen the market are being drafted.
Segmenting by age brackets, the polythene, plastic, glass packaged product will be highly
distributed in the out casts of the city because of the large number of demand. Based on status
and class, the segmentation is carried out to attract the working class personals, family, function
and other customers capable of buying the product.
The product also subjugates a big market size of 40% under the cordial and assorted production
and distributing companies and contains a 90% chance of growing the market space to 80% in
the next three years.

In addition, SAZA Food Enterprise plans to accomplish the following marketing objectives
 To promote the products around Kepala Batas in different approaches
 To employ sales personnel to promote the product
 To analyze the competitors by benchmarking and observations.
 To distribute brochures around companies and universities
 To partner with promotion companies like TV stations, radio stations, telecom
companies and social media.
 To form marketing co-operations

Market trends
There have been a number of changes in the beverage markets in the past years; some of the
trends include production at different prices. The pricing of Roselle around Kepala Batas has
been altering in the previous trends due to change in the economy such as Ringgit Malaysian
changes, inflation and impacts of political environment.

In order for SAZA Food Enterprise to meet the future demands, the company plans to produce
at a relatively high price for the customers and provide relatively high quality and quantity.
The price and quantity will be adjustable to meet any future changes and diversions in
technology, Government regulations, economy and the industry.

Profile of Competitors
SAZA Food Enterprise take opposition from other type of product companies on small and
large scale companies. Competing products in this industry include locally manufactured
passion fruit manufactures; pineapples, dates and etc.
The competitors are advantages in this industry because they have delayed in the business for
a long time. This in return has enabled the competitors to obtain a large customers base in the
region and are adoptive to any economic change in the industry. Besides the longer they have
served in the industry the more the customers fade away due to limited changes made, hence

Competitive Advantage
In this section, I describe the assessment of why potential customers will choose to buy and
consume my product in place of those profiled above. The advantages may include:
 The two different formats of packaging.
 The relatively low price from the competitors selling high price and above.
 The distribution, selling, advertising, promoting will be done through digital systems
such as information systems, web sites, mobile applications and digital media
 The product provides better value to the customer in terms of efficiency and ROI based
on the cost/ benefit ratio compared to other competitors.
 The product is much compatible with the existing systems of distribution, packaging
and pricing hence ability to adjust

Marketing Plan

We intends to maintain an extensive marketing campaign that will ensure maximum produce
product and variety product based on Roselle fruit and bring this brand true out of state and
country. Below is an overview of the marketing strategic and objectives we challenge
government Halal Hub.

Marketing strategy
 The marketing strategy will be based on generating awareness and a visibility of SAZA
Food Enterprise and their ability to produce the highest percentage of products for the
regional market.
 The second form of numerous trade shows for the industry in various parts of the
 The second form of communication will be the use of advertisements. The main
avenues for advertisements will be in newspapers and industry trade magazines. These
are a well-read source of information that buyers and sellers refer to for many different
 Stickers will be printed and distributed at supermarkets, cars and authorized public
 The Company will also carry out door to door promotion in which we shall supply small
 Quantities of each product to retail shops and supermarkets to test our product with a
view that they will subsequently place the orders
Promoting and advertising strategy

Word of Mouth – We already have a database of existing customer and will rely heavily on
method to attract and grow new bussiness.
Multimedia – Will invite “ Majalah tiga” program TV3 to generate positive publicity about
the product.
Event Marketing- Our plan on joining our local chamber of commerce and utilizing their
networking services.
Flyer and bussiness card- We will give flyers and bussiness cards to promote our product to
our customer.

 We will stay current with industry trends and have a webpage,Facebook page and
Twitter site. Our product and benefit.Location factory and shop. In the future we may
consider fax or email orders as well a phone application.

Marketing programs
 Our initial marketing campaign will consist of contacting our database clients and
notifying them of our grand opening. We will seek the use of a local mailing service
program to assist us is in the implementation of the campaign.

Sales strategy

SAZA Food Enterprise plans to sell its products to the different segmented market in the
following ways:
Sales strategy efforts will focus on identifying qualified leads and turning them into paying
customers. The main sales the company will undertake are the reinforcement of the fact that
the company’s products will have high quality inherent in them. In addition to having one time
buyers, SAZA Food Enterprise intends to attain loyal customers and longtime contracts.
Another method will be direct selling- where the company sales directly selling to the
customers without using any agents or distributors. This will help the company to cut costs of
production and increasing the sales.

Sales forecast
The sales forecast indicates that growth will be slow but steady. Growth will be slow because
of the time and effort needed to develop the customers. There are few risks that could have a
negative impact on sales. The first is customer awareness.
The sales team plans to divide itself into a number of groups to sell and distribute products.
This will be advantageous mostly in terms of market segmentation and promotional strategies.

The company also proposes to use a digital format to distribute the products; this will be based
on a website. The advantage of using this method is to condense labor and the related costs
hence increasing sales and returns of revenue.

SWOT Analysis
SAZA Food Enterprise vision of being the leading producer of quality product and services is
central to its business strategy. The business will use the SWOT analysis to reach its stated
objectives. This is a strategic planning tool which will help the business to focus on the key
issues. SWOT is the first stage of planning and looks at the Strength, Weaknesses,
Opportunities and Threats which will be involved in the business venture.
The Strength and Weaknesses are internal aspects. This means they will be with the business
control while the Opportunities and Threats are external factors which the organization may
not have control over them.
SAZA Food Enterprise will acknowledge its weaknesses in order improvement. This will help
in setting objectives and developing strategies. The organization will use its strength to take
advantage of the opportunities which will arise.

 A growing demand for its products
 The business will be executing regular audits and investigations to identify
opportunities for improvement in efficiency and effectiveness
 The organization will ensure regular training and workshops for the staff that will
empower them and sustain their knowledge
 The ability to implement service delivery agreements with its clients
 High quality offering which will exceed our competitors offerings of price, quality and
 A limited marketing budget to develop its product awareness.
 Insufficient funds to run the organization
 Market forces-More competitors entering the virgin market of the firm.
 Economic forces-Economic recessions which shows down customer spending and
disposable incomes
 Poor and unpredictable weather which will lower field yields.
 There with competition with other brand in market.Example Agro Mas.
 Limited production due to Raw material.

Through our idea for our business plan her looking for the better investment in future.
Expanding our business is our ambition. We are not just in the local market but expanding our
market to the world. Therefore, support from new investor is very much appreciate and looking
forward for new fund to purchase all the tools and machinery that need for the expansion.