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1. Draw a neat layout of thermal power plant and make a list of site selection
criteria for the same.
2. Draw a general layout of steam power plant with neat diagram and explain
the working of different circuits.
3. Draw a general layout of s steam power plant showing the different circuits
and system and explain them.
4. Draw the line diagram and explain the different components used in steam
power plant
5. Discuss in detail the environmental hazards in respect of thermal power
6. Explain the methods to control pollution in thermal power plants.
7. Explain with a neat sketch the working of a thermal electric power plant
station and discuss the function of major components in it.
8. Why majority of coal based thermal power plants are located near
9. Reason out why Cogeneration is quite viable in Sugar industries compared
to that in other industries.
10.What are binary cycles? Give examples.
11.Explain in detail the integrated coal gasification combined cycle (IGCC)
power plant.
12.Differentiate Fire and water tube boilers.
13.Give examples of Fire tube boilers
14.Give examples of water tube boilers
**High_Pressure, Supercritical_boilers, positive_circulation, fBC, Waste heat
15.What is a super critical boiler?
16.With a neat diagram explain the function of Super Critical Boilers.
17.Explain the following with neat diagram:
(i) Benson boiler.
(ii) Anyone type of cogeneration power plant.
18.Sketch and explain La Mont steam generator.
19.Draw a line diagram of a Benson boiler. State the main difficulties
experienced in the LaMont boiler and how it is prevented?
20.Draw a neat diagram of Velox boiler and explain its working and
21.Explain with neat sketch (i) Benson boiler (ii) Loeffler boiler (iii) Velox
22.Explain the basic FBC system with line diagram.
23.Explain the working and advantages of a fluidized bed combustion system.
24.With a neat diagram explain the function of FBC Boilers.
********Feedwater, superheater, economizer, reheater, condensor***********
25.The following data refer to a simple Steam Power Plant.
No. Location Pressure (Bar) Quality/Temp (°C) Velocity
1 Turbine Inlet 60 380 --
2 Condenser Inlet 0.1 0.90 200
Calculate :
• Power Output of the Turbine
• Heat Transfer Rate in Boiler and Condenser
• Quantity of Cooling Water circulated.
26. Define steam rate and heat rate.
27. Explain with sketch:
(i) Air preheater
(ii) Superheater.
(iii) Desuperheater.
28. Define compounding of steam turbines
29. State and explain losses in steam turbine.
30. Derive the condition and then equation of maximum discharge through the
nozzle, also write maximum discharge for different condition of steam.
31. Steam is expanded in nozzle from 15bar and 350°C to 1bar. Find the throat
and exit area if flow rate is 1kg/sec. What should be coefficient of velocity
if exit velocity is 1150 m/sec?
32. The following data refer to a simple steam power plant. Turbine inlet
pressure and temperature are 60 bar and 380 ° C, respectively. Condenser
inlet pressure and steam quality are 0.1 bar and 0.9, respectively. Velocity
of the fluid flowing through the condenser is 200 m/sec. Calculate power
output of the turbine, Heat transfer rate in Boiler and condenser, Quantity
of cooling water circulated.
Refer Arora and Domkundwar, PK nag for problems on condensor
and evaporator design and also the class notes
32.What are the different types of cooling towers? Explain with a neat sketch.
33.Classify cooling towers used in power plants.
34.Draw line diagram and explain the working of hydraulic cooling tower
35.Describe with a neat sketch working of induced draught cooling tower.
36.Explain any one type of cooling tower with neat sketch
37.What is the function of cooling tower?
38.How does a cooling tower operate? Mention its merits and demerits.
39.Explain working principle of natural draught cooling tower with a sketch
40.Define Fill, Drift and cooling efficiency of cooling tower. Explain the
methods for obtaining maximum vacuum in condenser
41.Explain the importance of cooling tower in a steam power plant.