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Kind Attn: Managing Director

Dear Sir,

SUB: Proposal for a Business Collaboration in Mozambique.

Objective: Proposal for providing complete GPS based Vehicle Tracking and
Logistics Management Solution to companies in Mozambique.

I, Upender Bhati, Director – Business Development of ITG Telematics, India

through this email, formally wish to introduce ourselves as one of the biggest
known names in providing end to end GPS based vehicle tracking and logistics
management solution.

We as an organization are keen to explore business opportunities in

Mozambique and request you to enable connect us to suitable companies in
your country, through your official resources.

We are presently working with about 125+ Major organizations and have about
100,000+ plus unit installations. Here attached is our company profile and
product brochures for your consideration.

I look forward for our meeting.

My Regards,
Upender Bhati,
Director – Business Development
Mob: 08527597709
Email: upender@gtrac.in