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Notes from around the Parishes, April 2019

Harpley & the Massinghams

“You never know what’s round the corner”!

Not a quote from the bible just a statement which we know is true. It
certainly came true for me recently when suddenly and unexpectedly
my ‘irritating back pain’ was diagnosed as a serious health condition
that I had never heard of! I have always been fit and healthy and then,
suddenly, I’m told I’m going to need months off work and medical
interventions in order to ‘come through this’.
“You never know what’s round the corner”! As we approach
Easter it struck me that was the experience of everyone who lived
through the first Easter – from the Pharisees, who hoped their troubles
were over as Jesus’ body was buried, to the Roman soldiers guarding the tomb, never
expecting they would still be talked about 2,000 years after their own deaths, – to the
disciples who moved from devastation to confusion then to delight in the space of a few
But Jesus’ resurrection was not the end of the disciples’ problems. Not everything
became straight forward and easy for them. Life remained as unpredictable and at times
risky, perhaps even more dangerous than it had been before.
What changes at the resurrection for the disciples is their confidence in Jesus – not the
miracle working parts – but the sense of realising that they had been in the presence of
someone so special. And therefore that what he had been teaching was not just a good
idea but THE way to live – the life of love and forgiveness - for them and for everyone.
And so they followed in Jesus’ footsteps – trusting when things were difficult –; getting
things wrong (read the Book of Acts to see how) and somehow coping when life was
What would Jesus say to us now from the cross?
Perhaps it would be something like : –
“I went through all of that because you are worth it. You are loved that much. You
matter that much. ‘Greater love no one has than to lay down his life for his friends.’ I
went through all of that pain and degradation – the beating, the spitting, the taunting,
the nailing, the stabbing, the ridicule and the rejection – to model to you how to handle
the misfortunes and tragedies of life. There will be people who will hurt you in life.
There will be people in your life who will betray you as Judas betrayed me. Yet, while
some people will let you down there will be angels on your path as well and I will be
with you always. When you feel that no one understands you, or cares about you,
remember me. My spirit will be with you, I will lead you to my arms, I will hold you.
Let go of your anger and bitterness, hold on to me and I will take you off your cross. I
will call you out of your grave. I will share my life with you forever.”
I can’t know what lies around the corner now for me, or for you, or for the world. But I
do know I would rather face whatever it is in the company of the risen Christ and follow
in his footsteps. This is, of course, Jesus’ invitation is to us all.
With much love & Easter Blessings Rev’d Jane
Lent Study Group ~ ‘Walking to Glory’ Tues April 2nd 7pm to 8:30pm
Rev’d Judith will lead the final Lent study at ‘Cobwebs’, Gt Massingham.

Weds, 3rd April Holy Communion 9am at St Lawrence’s, Harpley

School Service 1:45pm St Mary’s, GM
Thurs, 4th April School Service 1:45pm St Lawrence’s, Harpley
Sunday, April 7th ~ The fifth Sunday of Lent (Passion Sunday)
0930 Family Service St Lawrence’s, Harpley
1100 Holy Communion St Mary’s, Great Mass
0830 Holy Communion All Saint s’, Ashwicken
1030 Holy Communion St Botolph’s, Grimston
1030 Morning Praise St Nicholas’, Gayton
3pm Prayer Meeting St Andrew’s, Congham

Palm Sunday, April 14th

1030 Group Holy Communion

All Saints’, Roydon
4pm The Gap Pott Row Methodist Chapel

Weds, April 17th ~ 9am Holy Communion at St Botolph’s, Grimston
~ Pilgrims walking to Walsingham will stay the night in Massingham Village Hall
on Thursday, April 18th
Maundy Thursday, April 18th
6pm Holy Communion St Mary’s, Gt Mass
7pm ‘Passover Supper’ St Nicholas’, Gayton

Good Friday, April 19th

10am Meditation with the Cross Grimston
11am Liturgy of the Cross, Gt Massingham

Holy Saturday, April 20th

3pm St Mary’s, Gayton Thorpe Family Service
~ followed by Easter Egg Hunt (and refreshments in Church)
EasterSunday, April 21st
( also 93rd Birthday of HM Queen Elizabeth II)
0930 Holy Communion St Andrew’s, Little Massingham
1100 Family Holy Communion St Mary’s, Great Massingham
1100 Sung Holy Communion St Lawrence’s, Harpley
0545 Dawn Service All Saints’, Ashwicken
0830 Holy Communion St Andrew’s, Congham
1030 Holy Communion St Nicholas’, Gayton
1030 Holy Communion St Botolph’s, Grimston
Sunday, April 28th ~ Easter 2
1100 Holy Communion St Mary’s, Great Massingham
0830 Holy Communion St Andrew’s, Congham
1030 Family Service St Nicholas’, Gayton
3pm Celtic Service St Mary’s, Gayton Thorpe
Weds, May 1st ~ 9am Holy Communion at St Lawrence’s, Harpley

Sunday, May 5th ~ The third Sunday of Easter

0930 Family Service St Lawrence’s, Harpley
1100 Holy Communion St Mary’s, Great Mass
0830 Holy Communion All Saints’, Ashwicken
1030 Holy Communion St Botolph’s, Grimston
1030 Morning Praise St Nicholas’, Gayton
3pm Prayer Meeting St Botolph’s, Grimston
6pm Sung Evensong St Andrew’s, Congham

Lent Lunches: ~ In Harpley, from 12noon until 2pm on Mondays.

Date Venue Host
1st April 22, Back Street Gina & Roger Wagg

8th April Hillside, Short Lane Jane & Philip O

15th April Flint Cottage, 3 Back Street Clem C & David M

All welcome to share a light lunch and some convivial company. Donations in
aid of the Purfleet Trust – supporting the homeless in King’s Lynn..
Easter Lilies This year Easter falls on Sunday April 21st
– if you wish to sponsor flowers in memory of someone:
Gt Mass ~ please contact Anna Burpitt (01485 520196).
Harpley ~ Donations to David & Clem. (01485 520381)
Annual Parochial Church Meetings are held in church:
St Mary’s, Great Massingham, at 7pm Thursday, 4th April
St Andrew’s, Little Massingham, at 7pm Monday, 8th April
St Lawrence’s, Harpley at 7pm Wednesday, 10th April
@ St Lawrence’s Spring Cleaning Weds 17th April from 9am Can you spare
an hour or so to help make the church shine for Easter? Refreshments will be
Children’s Workshop ~ Friday 19th April 9:30am Help build an Easter garden.
From the Registers of St Mary’s Great Massingham:
4th March Funeral & Burial Enid Gooch, age 97
26th March Marriage Pamela Hales & Ronald Lawson

Congham Coffee & Cake

Saturdays 6th April & 4th May,
in St Andrew’s; 1030 to 12 noon; £3 (free refills)
Great Massingham Afternoon Teas are moving back to the
church for the summer! Every Wednesday from 3pm
St Mary’s will also be holding an easter bonnets &craft morning.
Saturday 13th April 10:30am in Gt Massingham Village Hall.
Easter Monday, 22nd April ~ St Mary’s will be open with refreshments.
Come & Sing with Julian Thomson: Meets fortnightly at 10am on
Friday mornings in St Mary’s, Gt Massingham. This is a good time to
get together for a vocal warm-up with a variety of songs (We sometimes prepare
a piece for a Sunday service). All welcome: contact Julian on 01485 520721.

As you will see from her letter on the front page, the Reverend Jane is taking
some time off work for medical treatment; please direct all enquiries on church
matters (Baptisms, Marriages, Funerals or requests for pastoral visits) to our
Team Vicar, the Rev’d Judith Pollard, The Rectory, Grimston 01485 601251
For more information see our website: www.ggmbenefice.uk

A message from the Rev’d Jane: Thank you!

My grateful thanks to all who have sent kind words and expressions of
encouragement, love and support over the past few weeks during my illness.
I have a wonderful caring team of medics around me now and although there is
still a way to go on the journey to recovery, I am on the road and I so look
forward to returning to you just as soon as I am able. Much Love, Revd Jane

Please send items for inclusion in the May issue of the ‘Parish Notes’ to the editor
by 20th April ~ Rosemary Mehers rosemarymehers@hotmail.com or Tel: 01485 521866