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Noah Rusen-Steele
Mr. Bishop
April 2019


An Annotated Bibliography

Oyler, Lauren. “A Short Story About Identity.” ​Wales Arts Review​, 26 Feb. 2019,


“A Short Story About Identity”, written by Lauren Oyler, is a fictional short

story about a girl named Hanna and her experience at a supermarket.

She assumes she's receiving judgement from multiple people throughout

the story because of the way she looks. When an older man approached

her, she was preparing for him to comment on her skin, clothing, and

tattoos… instead, he made a joke about the salmon prices. It develops

the notion that when you’re different than society’s normal, you

manufacture doubts about yourself.

Adames, Kalhil KJ. “Identity SHORT FILM (Award Winning Inspirational Short).” ​YouTube​,

YouTube, 24 May 2012, www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikGVWEvUzNM.

The short film “Identity” is a 5 minute screening displaying a highschool

full of students wearing masks. One girl, the protagonist, takes her mask

off after it chipped and broke in the bathroom. The shock on the faces of

fellow students is demonstrative of how unusual it is for people to be true

to themselves. In other occasions it shows students changing their masks

to be matching with friends and popular trends.

Rusen-Steele 2
Noah Rusen-Steele
Mr. Bishop
April 2019

Kristof, Kathy. “Identity Theft Has Never Been More Rampant.” ​CBS News​, CBS Interactive, 6

Feb. 2018, ​www.cbsnews.com/news/identity-theft-hits-record-high/​.

This CBS article talks about the rising trend of identity theft. As technology

develops and plays a bigger part in our lives, it becomes easier to become

vulnerable to identity theft and fraud. Without taking precautions like encrypting

passwords and having double factor authentication, your identity can be taken

and exploited.

Mike Williams. “The Why Factor.” ​BBC,​ 4 Apr. 2016, ​www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p03nzsw2

The podcast “The Why Factor” covers the broad topic of what identity really is. A

range of different people were interviewed and talked about identity meant to

them. Some felt that their heritage made them who they were (even if they came

from a large range of different cultures), others felt that identity was related to

how they appear to other people. One person person stated that identity was the

things about them that matter--what matters more, your hair colour or what

gender you believe you are?

“Identity Politics.” ​Philosophy Talk​, www.philosophytalk.org/blog/identity-politics

The paper “Identity Politics” explains generally what identity politics is and why it

can be harmful. Identity politics is a result of members of society filing into groups

and trying to fight for what they believe in. However in more cases than one, this

only ends up creating a greater divide between us as a society. In other cases,

identity politics can be more so about wanting to fit in with a group, rather than

what that group actually stands for.