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OSM and Re Testing Surnrnary

This document provides a summary of factory testing carried out on lhe OSM Auto Recloser

1. Product Identification

Product Certified by lhis testing document is defined in this section

OSM Part Number: OSM27-12-800-31O OSM Serial Number: 0260113030966
RC Part Number: RC-10ES RC Serial Number: 0100113031231
CC Part Number: CC07-11 CC Serial Number: 3WS130131

The RC Cubicle contains several electronics modules and may be configured for various auxiliary supply options. RC modules are lhe Relay
Module (RLM), Power Supply Module (PSM), SIM Module (SI M) and Panel Module (PAN). Module types and serial numbers are identified below
togelher wilh lhe RLM software version and configured auxiliary supply.

Relay Part Number: REL-01 Relay Serial Number: 61A1111110011

Relay s/w Version: Relay h/w Version: 2.1
Relay DB Version:

SIM Part Number: SIM-01 SIM Serial Number: 0120113030260

SIM s/w Version: 1.5.1 SIM h/w Version: 3.5

Panel Part Number: PAN-01 Panel Serial Number: 0110113030908

Panel s/w Version: 1.23.0 Panel h/w Version: 1.0

PSM Part Number: PSM-02 PSM Serial Number: 0140113031102

Aux. Supply Configuration: 220V

2. OSM Measurement Coefficients

The OSM AutoCircuit Recloser fealures a capacitively coupled voltaqe sensors and CT current sensors. The voltaqe sensors provide phase to
ground IA:lltagemeasurement, and a measurement coefficient is required for each terminal. The current sensors are on lhe A, B and C terminals
and are used to monitor phase currents and lhe residual curren!.

During factory testing, the Measurement coefficients recorded in tnis section are programmed into lhe REL whose serial number appears above. If
anolher RLM is installed at any time lhe coefficients below must be programmed into its memory.

Voltage Se nsor Coefficie nts Current Coefficients

Phase A: 0.0242 Phase A: 0.4000

Phase B: 0.0242 Phase B: 0.4000

Phase C: 0.0245 Phase C: 0.4000

Phase R 0.0245 Phase N: 0.4000

Phase S: 0.0245
Phase T: 0.0245

3. Routine Testin

Conduct 200 Close Open Operations Pass Conduct 2kV Insulation Test Pass

Confirm Mechanical Trip Indication Pass

Conduct Power Frequency Test vol1age applied for 1 Pass Conduct Partial Discharge Test: < 10pC Pass
minute: OSM38-70kV, OSM27-60kV, OSM15-50kV OSM38-24kV, OSM27-17.2kV, OSM15-13.2kV
Confirm Contact Resistance: OSM38 < 130~n, OSM27 Pass
< 132~n, OSM15 < 125 ~n
A 79 uo
B 74

e 78

Confirm RC10 correctly indicates presence of auxiliary supply Pass

Confirm GPO active, neutral and earth are correct Pass

Install battery, confirm RC10 correctly indicates terminal voltage and charging current Pass

Conduct RC10 push button and LED test Pass

Enter Measurement co-efficients and OSM serial number into RC10 memory using CMS Ves

Confirm a trip operation initiated from Ihe operator panel is successful Pass

Confirm a close operation initiated from the operator panel is successful Pass

Confirm a operation of Ihe Mechanical Trip Ring is successful Pass

Operate OSM Ihrough 4 x instantaneous operations to Lockout wilh min dead times. Wait 60 seconds and repeat Pass

Inject 4.0A into each phase individually. Confirm each phase current reading is wilhin range OA to 8A and residual current Pass
reading is 4A
Connect each phase in series and inject 100A. Confirm each phase current reading is wilhin range 96A to 104A and residual
current is wilhin Ihe range 285A to 315A
Inject 6kV individually into each phase, confirm phase vol1age reading is wilhin range 5.6kV to 6.4kV for each phase Pass

Set 10M into test mode, confirm Ihat energising any input causes all outputs to change state. Repeat for second 10 Module if N/A
fitted or use test 10M to confirm operation
Use CMS to load default settings file. Set all fast keys to Ihe OFF state and set Active Group 1. Erase all RC10 data logs Pass

4.A roval


Tested by:
Shaik Saruq
W?#.....-, _
Chin Keong
Yoong h~