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Chemistry Reflection


This semester was my very first semester at Salt Lake Community College. It was also

my first semester of college in 3 years. I can’t lie I was very nervous about starting school up

again and I did not feel ready at all. I had a full-time job and had been married for a year. I didn’t

know if I would be able to handle the stress of 3 classes in my first semester. I felt so

overwhelmed with all the stresses of life. I remember once classes started I was most anxious

about this Chemistry class. I looked at the schedule and my thought was oh my gosh, There are

so many assignments every week. With all that said I was determined to do my best and to be

optimistic throughout the semester.

Now that I have completed my first semester I feel very accomplished. It may not seem

like I’ve done a lot to some people, but it means so much to me and I am very proud. I was able

to hover around 90% in each of my classes. I worked so hard and it paid off in such a big way. I

now feel very motivated to graduate with an Associates degree and then pursue a Bachelors

degree, which I really didn’t have much motivation towards. Although I am proud of myself for

doing good in both of my other classes, but I am most proud of myself for my performance in

this class.

Science has never been one of my favorite subjects. I do love Math and feel like I can

excel at those parts of chemistry, but I’m not so confident in all the terminology and

experimentation that goes into Chemistry. I loved how organized the class was. Although there

were a lot of assignments I felt I could get them all done and pace myself. I had a really good

start to the year with my assignments. I put so much effort into preparing for the first unit test. I

was so happy yet surprised when I got a 90% on the test. After that point I knew that if I put all

my effort into the class, I would be able to get a grade I felt good with.

Chemistry Reflection

There were a lot of different lessons within Chemistry that I enjoyed and exceled at. I

loved Chapter 5 and being able to learn more about the elements in the periodic tables and how

to put them into compounds. I really enjoyed Chapter 6 for its teachings about Chemical

equations and how to write and balance them. By far my favorite chapters were 8 and 9.

Learning about moles was very interesting to me and I loved all the different calculations that

were involved in those chapters and in chapter 13.

In the end, I’m very appreciative of what this class did for me. It showed me that I can do

hard things. It showed me that I can do anything if I put my mind to it. I feel that I have gained

quite a bit of knowledge from this class that can transition into the real world for me. I’m glad I

took this class and learned so much about Chemistry but more importantly about myself.