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The existing houses had either a concrete floor, or
suspended wooden floors. For these houses, we
could not use the traditional approach of installing
water pipes in the floors. Radiator heaters were
recommended for the houses and rooms with
concrete floors. Water pipes were fixed to the
bottom of the suspended wooden floors, and
covered with polystyrene for insulation.

Home Comfort supplied a variety of heating
scenarios to the Serene Satyagraha House:
• State-of-the-art radiators in the rondawels.
• Water underfloor heating with pipes in
the sleeping quarters of the main house.
• Polystyrene insulation beneath the
water underfloor heating pipes.
• Hot water produced by a solar powered heat pump. CASE STUD
& Guesth
• The Serene Satyagraha House, in the
residential neighbourhood of Orchards in
Johannesburg, was the home of Mohandas
Gandhi from 1908 to 1909 and is open to
the public as a museum and guest house.

• Home Comfort supplied various integrated

forms of environmentally friendly heating
to the refurbished house, extensions
and to the newly added free standing
rondawels on the property.
comercial solar water heating


As stipulated by The hot water heating Home Comfort
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Underfloor heating complete heat emitting assemblies
Water underfloor heating is healthy and can be tailored to meet a room’s
and environmentally friendly way specific requirements from both a
to heat a home and maintain a heating and aesthetic point of view.
comfortable temperature. Tough, Radiators are made to operate as part
durable pipes are built into the of a closed-loop, pumped hot water
makeup of a floor during the heating system. The radiators heat
construction phase. A manifold control by circulating hot water from a boiler
the temperature from room to room through the hollow, flat tubes. The
by opening and closing a series of water may be heated by different heat
valves. A thermostat controls the sources, such as solar, gas or electricity.
temperature in every area by opening Radiators are ideal for placement under
and closing the water circuit and windows or on walls where floor space
allowing hot water to circulate through is at a premium. When placed under
the pipes. A dedicated pump circulates windows, wall panels help eliminate
the hot water through the pipe cold spots and drafts, while allowing
system. Several heat sources can be curtains to hang naturally to the floor.
used to heat up the circulating water:
solar, gas, electricity or a heat pump. Heat pumps
A proven, highly efficient and cost
Radiator heaters effective method of heating water,
Home Comfort radiators are among heat pumps utilise the sun’s free
the world’s finest hot water heat energy by extracting heat from the
emitters in the world. Made from sun-warmed air and transferring it to
high grade aluminium and finished water. Because the heat pump moves MAKING THE TRANSITION
in an array of designer colours, they the free heat from the outside air to Home Comfort ensured that making the
require only half the wall space of a the water, rather than creating heat transition from electric to solar power was
traditional steel panel unit to deliver in the way an electric element would seamless and that Pick ‘n Pay’s services
the same amount of heat. Home work, this technology is able to heat to customers were uninterrupted. We
Comfort radiators consist of individual up geyser water for up to 75% less advised on pre-installation requirements
sections joined together to form costs than other, less efficient methods. and managed the solar power installation
from custom design to commissioning.
Post-commissioning technical support
BENEFITS Heat pumps
and back-up is part of our service.

Radiator heaters • Economical

• Economical: Short warm • Aesthetically discrete
up and quick cool down • Quiet operation
time, ensures heating • Ease of installation
is not wasted. • Solar heater compatible
• Comfortable warmth: • Environmentally responsible
(no greenhouse gas Established in 1993, Home Comfort is a
Radiators respond quickly
wholly owned and operated South African
comercial solar water heating

to changes in room emissions)

company. Home Comfort harnesses some
temperature, giving even,
of the most advanced energy saving
and consistent warmth.
products available on the world market,
• Easy Installation: Radiators Underfloor heating specialising in a variety of heating and
are light to handle and • Safe
energy efficiency solutions.
easy to install. • Choice of several
Tel: 086 111 4169
• Less space: Smaller in size different heat sources
International: 011 454-4520
than other heaters that • Healthy
Fax: 086 675 2286
give the same output. • An investment that adds to the
E-mail: info@homecomfort.co.za
• Aesthetically pleasing. value of the property
Website: www.homecomfort.co.za

Technical details
Radiators Area Installed Pipes Qty Rooms Manifold Size Thermostats Heat Source
5 X Radiators 408 m² 1,631 m 29 20 Zones Digital Heat Pumps:
2 X 20 kW