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February 11, 2019

Press Release

BSES ‘green’ Lok Adalats settled over 3000 cases with a value of crore

Lok Adalats not only a great success, but also a great leveller

• ‘Green’ Lok Adalats also managed to save around 30,000 A4 size sheets
• ~ 37000 cases settled in BSES Lok Adalats so far

New Delhi. The district Courts of Saket, Dwarka and Karkardooma, along with the Permanent
Lok Adalat Building at ITO, were buzzing with lot of activity on the weekend. There was a sea
of people from all walks of life who had come to the Lok Adalats to avail on-the-spot
settlement of their power-theft cases. Some came in flashy cars and some in more humble
modes of transportation.

Organised by BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL) and BSES Yamuna Power Limited in
association with Delhi State Legal Services Authority (DSLSA), the Lok Adalats managed to
settle over 3000 cases.

This was the second Lok Adalat organised by BSES discoms in the last couple of months.
Breaking all previous records, the Lok Adalats organised in December 2018 had settled around
4000 power theft cases. The last over 22 Special Lok Adalats, including the latest ones, have
resolved over 37,000 cases.

At the success of Lok Adalats, BSES spokesperson said, “The exercise was a win-win for
everybody. For the customers, it meant an opportunity to amicably settle their cases and an
escape from a prolonged and an expensive legal process. For an over worked judiciary, it
meant some burden off their Courts. For BSES, it meant, more people coming into the billing

On-the-spot settlement

The Lok Adalats provided BSES customers/ litigants residing in South, West, Central and East
Delhi, a one-time opportunity, for an amicable and on-the-spot settlement of their power
theft cases, relating to both Direct Theft (DT) and Meter Tampering (DAE). Cases that were
either pending in any Court of Law or are yet to be filed in any Court of Law were taken up by
the Lok Adalats.

Moreover, keeping with BSES’ pro-environment policies, these Lok Adalats were a “green” and
an environment friendly affair, which saved around 30,000 A 4 size sheets. BSES and DSLSA
took special care to make this Lok Adalats paperless.

Post their ‘settlement orders’, customers were given sufficient time to pay their bills. Further,
cash counters were set-up, enabling the customers to pay their bills on-the-spot. They can also
pay at the designated BRPL/BYPL offices. BSES also facilitated consumers to apply for on-the-
spot re-connection / new-connection, after ‘settling’ the case and paying their dues at the Lok

BRPL & BYPL are premier power distribution companies and Joint Ventures between Reliance
Infrastructure Limited and GoNCT.

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