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Caitlin Aitchison


Current/Permanent Address: 1411 Baldwin St., Detroit, MI 48214

Professional Goals
I intend to teach secondary social studies for an international school. I thrive amongst multiculturalism
both inside and outside the classroom. I think building relationships with students and teachers are the
foundation of a welcoming school, productive classroom, and supportive community.
2017 | Michigan State University
Major: Comparative Cultures & Politics
Minor: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
Teaching Focuses: Social Studies (RX) and TESOL
2012 | Muskegon Community College, Muskegon, MI (High School Dual Enrollment Program)
2012 | Newaygo High School, Newaygo, MI
Peace Corps
Jun 2019-Sept 2021 | Comoros (full time)
Student Teaching Internship
Aug 2018-May 2019 (full time)
Pre-Internship Field Experiences
Oct 2015-Apr 2016 | Field Placement at Eastern High School, Lansing, MI, (4 hours/week)
 Worked with 8th grade urban students in small groups and one-on-one, and graded social
studies classwork
 Observed mentor teacher’s strategies for instruction and sought advice for improving
own practice
 Practiced strategies for managing classroom behavior and motivating individual students
 Designed and implemented a 20-minute lesson about geohistograms with college
classmates and a 1-hour lesson about Mesopotamian society independently
Oct 2015-Dec 2016 | Field Placement at Chippewa Middle School, Okemos, MI (2 hours/week)
 Worked with 6th-8th grade English Language Learners in small groups and one-on-one
 Interviewed mentor teacher about professional history and teaching practice, and
communicated with colleagues to meet students’ interdisciplinary needs
 Practiced strategies promoting interpersonal and academic language development with
 Administered a WIDA pre-assessment to measure a new student’s English language
 Designed and implemented a one-on-one lesson about home life to assess an individual
student’s literacy progress
 Designed and implemented a 1-hour lesson about the culture of American Thanksgiving
Oct 2014-Dec 2014 | Field Placement at Sexton High School, Lansing, MI (2 hours/week)
 Observed teaching intern’s instruction of various high school social studies classes
 Interviewed students in small groups to gather data on learning needs
Oct 2012-Dec 2012 | Service Learning at the HEP Program, East Lansing, MI (2 hours/week)
 Tutored language and math for Hispanic migrant students in small groups and one-on-one
to assist in their pursuit of a GED and English proficiency
 Maintained a weekly observational log of student progress and self-reflection of practice
Other Teaching-Related Work Experience
May 2017-Aug 2017 | University of Nevada, Reno Kids University Counselor (Reno, NV)
 Provided a fun learning environment for students grades 2-8 on a university campus
 Assisted lead teachers with weekly themed classes incorporating STEAM components
and utilizing UNR resources
 Encouraged students’ college attendance by familiarizing them with campus and
exposing them to university life
 Modeled problem-solving skills and addressed conflict-resolution with empathy and
Sep 2013-Dec 2017 | City of East Lansing Before & After School Club Site Leader (East Lansing, MI)
 Managed a safe, equitable learning environment for elementary and middle school age
 Assisted students with homework; plan games, crafts, and other gross/fine motor
activities; purchase healthy snacks
 Promoted fun and fitness through the Michigan Parks & Recreations Department’s
“Come Out and Play” grant
 Invited special guests from the community to lead educational workshops
 Built relationships with students through compassion and open-mindedness, and
communicate with their families about their day-to-day happenings in the program
May 2015-Aug 2015 | Spartan Village Community Center Day Camp Site Leader (East Lansing, MI)
 Created an active, educational environment for English Language Learning campers
grades K-5
 Designed a curriculum incorporating thematic educational art, science, fitness, and
literacy activities
 Developed campers’ English language skills by upholding a TESOL pedagogy that
values linguistic/cultural diversity
 Facilitated cross-cultural communication through team building activities
 Collaborated with community organizations to develop service-learning experiences
 Led field trips to parks, museums, and other sites of interest across the city and state
May 2013-Aug 2013 | YMCA of the Rockies Arts & Crafts Instructor/Camp Counselor (Estes Park, CO)
 Provided a fun learning environment for campers age preschool-high school
 Built a curriculum incorporating thematic educational activities that encourage active
participation and creativity
 Taught the basic elements of art and inspired campers through the creation of projects
with a variety of materials, upcycling to promote environmentalism whenever possible
 Addressed conflict-resolution and modeled problem-solving skills with patience and
 Child Care Administration
 CPR and First Aid
 Sexual Abuse Prevention
Personal Interests
Besides education, my ultimate passion is travel. I also love backpacking, and have dabbled in other
outdoor sports like rock climbing and SCUBA diving. My favorite moment when traveling or learning
new skills is when my preconceived notions about the world are challenged and I learn something new
about myself and others. I cherish these moments with my students, too!