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What are bunded tanks? Regulations and guidelines

A bund is a structure which surrounds a tank. It is The following regulations and guidelines are applicable
designed to contain any accidental leakage or spillage of to installation of fuel oil tanks and should be available
the contents, thus preventing pollution of the from the relevant authorities.
environment. A traditional bund (sometimes known as a • British Standards : BS 5410
catchpit) is usually constructed of rendered brick or • Environment Agency (EA-England and Wales)
blockwork and is separate from the tank. Guidelines (PPG 2)
A Balmoral Bunded Tank is an integral combination of a • Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA -
fuel oil tank and a bund (tank within a tank). Both the Scotland) Guidelines (PCG 6)
inner and outer tanks are manufactured from rotationally • Local Building Regulations may also cover the site
moulded polyethylene. The product avoids the need to preparation and installation of integrally bunded fuel
construct a traditional brick built bund, provides a oil tanks.
compact installation and, being enclosed, eliminates the Agricultural fuel oil applications MUST comply with:
need to dispose of accumulated rainwater and debris and • The Control of Pollution (Silage, Slurry and
minimises the risk of a ‘jetting’ type of leakage from a Agricultural Fuel Oil) Regulations 1991. (similar
punctured tank raised above the walls of a traditional regulations exist in Scotland)
style of bund. Reference should also be made, where applicable,
All bunds must fulfil the following requirements: to the following Balmoral Leaflet and additional
• must not have a drain outlet. information guidelines:
• must be completely impermeable to liquids. • Fuel Oil Tank Outlet Accessories Assembly
• must contain all fuel supply/filling accessories within Instructions (2-009-DOC)
the catchment area. • BSRIA/CIRA report
• must contain at least 110% of the capacity of a • DETR report
single tank installation.
Balmoral bunded tank details
Before installation Balmoral bunded tanks are suitable for the static storage
Do you need third party approval? (not for transport purposes) of the following fuel oils:
There may be a need to check the legal or regulation • Diesel (depending on application of regulations and
requirements of the bunded fuel oil tank to suit your outlet accessories)
application, particularly agricultural fuel oil installations. • Kerosene
Owners may be liable to prosecution if a tank has been • Paraffin (burning oil)
identified as causing environmental pollution. Any alternative use should be assessed for suitability with
Most authorities now consider the ‘tank within a tank’ the tank and it’s standard fittings (contact the Balmoral
concept as an enhanced form of bunding. If in doubt we sales office for advice).
recommend obtaining advice and information from a The tanks are designed for static applications (not for
local representative of either the Environment Agency, transport purposes) and are heavy when full. They should
Scottish Environment Protection Agency or the Building only be moved, with care, when completely empty.
Control department of a Local Authority. We advise all Balmoral bund installations to be inspected
If for any reason a Balmoral bunded tank is not thought regularly (eg. once a year or before filling). Any liquid
to be suitable, a standard Balmoral fuel oil tank can be overspill contained within the outer bund (‘catchpit’ area)
installed surrounded by a conventional brick must be removed to prevent reaching the overflow level
bund or catchpit to suit the regulations (refer to and to minimise the buoyancy of the inner tank.
Balmoral Fuel Oil Tank Installation Instructions • Balmoral bunded fuel oil tanks MUST NOT be
2-008-DOC). installed underground.
• DO NOT CLIMB OR STAND ON THE TANK the inner and outer tanks.
(for example during filling). The outer surface of the • A valve with extension handle is fitted between the
tank can be a slip hazard. inner and outer skins.
Parts supplied as standard: • 2” BSP (male) fill point with cap.
• A factory fitted 1”BSP (male) offtake connection. • 105mm diameter (4”) aperture with flush fitting
• This fitting provides an offtake suitable for gravity cover for desludging.
feed situations whilst maintaining an essential seal of • Lockable hinged manhole cover on outer tank.

Figure 1
Top fill/bottom offtake bunded tank features


(cover not shown)
20mm diameter
capped hole for Lockable access
gauge probe cover

1” internal valve
and extension

2” BSP (male)
filler with cap

4” desludging access 1” BSP (male)

with hinged lockable sealed outlet from
cover inner tank

Option one: Top fill/bottom offtake Tanks Specialist Fuel Oil Containment brochure (2-072-
Agricultural applications DOC) for the full range of available fittings, gauges and
A Balmoral bottom offtake bunded tank with an external accessories or contact your local distributor. Accessories
(outside the bund) flexible fuel supply hose and fittings include a range of electronic gauges
may not be approved by the EA or SEPA. A possible **VB1300 does not require 9” extension
exception to this may be a permanently attached rigid
pipe outlet to an appliance like a grain dryer. We Option two: Top fill/top offtake
recommend customers obtain advice from a This option has been primarily designed for domestic
representative of the relevant authorities heating applications where bottom offtake bunded
before installation. tanks, in some cases, may not be permitted.
Recommended combination of outlet accessories on Supplied as standard with the following:
bottom offtake bunded tank. • A factory fitted 10mm brass compression fitting with
Tankmaster, sight gauge and support bracket sold internal copper extractor tube.
separately (see figure 2). Please refer to the Balmoral This fitting provides an offtake suitable for most

Figure 2
Outlet accessories on a bottom offtake bunded tank
Figure 3
Top fill/top offtake bunded tank features


20mm diameter (cover not shown)
Lockable access
capped hole for
gauge probe

10mm outlet
Area to be
with internal
drilled for fuel
extraction tube
offtake pipe
2” BSP (male)
filler with cap

4” desludging
access with hinged
lockable cover

domestic fuel oil installations and provides enhanced of the tank on a firm, flat, level surface ensuring that
environmental protection by being contained within the area is free from any sharp stones or other
the bund. A suitable pump to extract the tank debris. (See figure 4)
contents and a non return valve on the pipeline may • The tank must be adequately separated from any
be required (not included but can be supplied by surrounding structures (HSE guidelines suggest 4m).
Balmoral. Please contact the sales office for advice). The separation between other tanks should be the
A hole should be drilled in the top of the tank (see minimum needed for safe construction and
figure 3) for the fuel supply pipe. Check that there are operation. We recommend a minimum of
no air leaks in the pipeline once assembled. 300mm (12”) all round. Also allow space above the
• 2” BSP (male) fill point with cap. tank for the hinged access cover to fully open.
• 105mm diameter (4”) aperture with flush fitting cover. • Position the tank ensuring best access for filling,
• Lockable hinged manhole cover on outer tank. maintenance and safety.
• Ensure the tank is protected from strong wind
Agricultural applications (especially when empty). If necessary strap it down.
A Balmoral top offtake bunded tank may be approved • Connect all pipework, fittings, accessories and
providing all fittings and accessories are contained within support structures.
the bund. We cannot advise if this is practical to • The tank and the integrity of seals could be affected
individual site installations - however the standard 10mm if pipework and fittings are not suitably supported.
compression fitting and internal extraction tube provided • Use PTFE tape or Stag compound for jointing.
for top empty will be unsuitable for connecting to a • Do not allow factory fitted outlets to become loose or
standard type of flexible fuel delivery hose and nozzle for turn during fitting of accessories or fuel supply pipes.
dispensing diesel (the tank components are removable The 1” BSP bottom outlet fitting (where applicable) is
for conversion purposes). A suitable pump will be set at an optimum torque (45 lb/ft, 61Nm) for O’ ring
required to extract the tank contents as this tank option seals on the outer tank wall.
does not provide the assistance of gravity feed supply. • If gravity feed is not suitable for your application see
Contact the Balmoral Tanks sales office for information your authorised distributor for information on pumps.
on the range and suitability of pumps. • Clearly label the tank to identify the contents and any
relevant safety information.
Ground level installation Alternative Bunded Tank applications
It is recommended that a full risk assessment be For different applications, Balmoral can offer advice on
completed on the site, installation process and all parts alternative tanks and suitability of only the polyethylene
prior to installation. (Available from OFTEC) material, in which the tanks are moulded, for containing
• Store in an upright position, support the entire base other liquids.
• It is the end users responsibility to ensure that suitable Free advisory service
pipework and fittings are used and the tank is For technical advice, or if you require a visit by one of
correctly/safely installed for an alternative application. Balmoral’s Technical Representatives for on site
• It is the end users responsibility to ensure the tank information, please contact Balmoral Tanks.
application will meet any legislative requirements For further information on Annual Maintenance Contracts
that may apply to their particular installation. either with Balmoral Tanks or through your nearest
• Failure to follow these installation guidelines will Authorised Installer please contact Balmoral Tanks’
render any warranty null and void. customer services on 01224 859100.

Figure 4
Typical raised installation

Allow clearance for hinged

access cover to open
Retaining strap Lockable access cover

A solid level surface

supporting the
whole base of the
tank and bridging
across the piers

Masonry piers

Flat concrete base

Authorised distributor

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