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Bethany K.

3078 Dowden Dr. Franklin, IN 46131  317-702-3321  Bethany.k.bursak@gmail.com  bbursakportfolio.weebly.com

Highly motivated, passionate, competent in both urban and suburban environments, provide quality
instruction and foster a positive learning environment to students at all levels and by applying
differentiation in an inclusive classroom to inspire students.

“I could not have asked for a more dedicated student teacher. Bethany truly has a passion for reaching all students
and providing positive supports for all learners. I would recommend Bethany to any teaching position and feel that
any school is more than lucky to have her. She will continue to nurture every child, and to contribute greatly to her
Leslie Kesler Center for Inquiry #27, Third Grade Teacher

Strengths and Accomplishments

 Established a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating, encouraging, and adaptive to the various
needs of students and their interests
 Generated engaging lessons that allow for students to use multiple modes of learning styles and
differentiate based on the needs of the student
 Implemented both formal and informal assessments to monitor progress and identify areas that need
 Provided accommodations for students with IEPs based on their stated goals as well as their needs
 Implemented successful whole and small group lessons using Engage NY curriculum

Relevant Professional Experiences

Franklin Township School Corporation (Indianapolis, IN) August 2017-June 2018
Substitute Teacher – Provide instruction to children in grades k-5 by following written lesson plans
provided by the teacher, improvise class activities, and display flexibility

Center for Inquiry #27 (Indianapolis, IN) July 2018-December 2018

General Education Student Teacher – Planned and implemented daily lesson plans to meet the 3 rd grade
curriculum and state standards for students with diverse backgrounds and disabilities, managed the behavior
of students that heavily rely on guidance.

Center for Inquiry #70 (Indianapolis, IN) January 2019 – April 2019
Special Education Student Teacher – Provided support for mild intervention services for special needs
students with various needs and abilities, by implementing accommodations, small group lessons, and
participating in case conferences to all create the most equitable education possible for all students.

Greatimes Family Fun Park (Indianapolis, IN) September 2015 – Present

Shift Manager – Responsible for all safety of employees and customers, delegate tasks to fifty plus
employees, and maintain customer satisfaction

Course Related Field Experience

Center for Inquiry #27 (Indianapolis, IN August 2017 – April 2018
Observer and Participate – Created 5th grade interactive science lessons, 1st grade one – on – one reading
lessons, and observed 1st and 5th grade language arts and mathematics lessons.

Bachelor of Science Elementary Education – Indiana University Purdue University (Indianapolis)
Graduation Date: May 11th 2019
License Addition: Dual License in Special Education – Indiana University Purdue University (Indianapolis)
Certification: K-6 State of Indiana (pending) Mild Intervention State of Indiana (pending)
Achievements: Dean’s List Scholar 2017-2019

- Leslie Kesler
Teacher at Center for Inquiry #27

- Melissa Duncan
Inclusion Teacher at Center for Inquiry #70

- Ruby Clayton
Teacher Education Professor

- Lonni Gill
Teacher Education Professor

- Renee Ransdell
General Manager
Greatimes Family Fun Part