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Pre- commissioning & commissioning activities of Electrical equipment such as HV/MV/LV Switchgears,

Protection Relays, Power Transformers, Motor Control centers, MV/LV Motors, Variable Speed Drives, UPS &
Battery Chargers, MOVs, Capacitor Banks, Electrical Heat tracing Systems, Fire Alarm & Fire Fighting Systems.
• B.S. Graduate or Diploma in Electrical Engineering discipline from a recognized institute
• Age: 35 - 55 years
• Minimum Industrial Experience: 8 years for Degree Holders / 12 years for diploma holders
• Experience in similar positions: 6 years
• At least 4 years in a key commissioning role in large refinery or petrochemical industry

Receives Project documentation and understands Scope of Work related to his discipline.
Report to Commissioning Team Leader as per project Organisation chart.
Lead a team to undertake commissioning activities in small projects.
Interfaces with other disciplines to ensure integration of activities.
Implement & test the subsystems as per project commissioning test sheets.
Preparation of method statements, procedures and routines where required.
Interface towards Precommissioning and Company personnel.
Reports on work progress, bringing to notice potential problems or delays and recommends solutions.
Assist during the database preparation for precommissioning status index and commissioning technical database.
Plan, Monitor and assist in Vendor activities as required.
Ensure temporary supplies and commissioning spares are adequate for the subsystem testing.
Perform inter-discipline checks.
Compliance in accordance with HSE Standard.

Knowledge Skills and Experience:

Bachelor degree in Engineering.

15 years commissioning experience within the oil and gas industry with at least 4 years in a Lead role in
Leadership and Supervisory potentials.
Good understanding of specific Engineering discipline and interdisciplinary activities.
Knowledge of Commissioning software.
Good command of written and spoken English.
Good technical knowledge and skills.
Good Communication skills.

Develops division's/ department's work plan; assigning work activities, monitoring work flow, reviewing &
evaluating work methods & procedures, and directing such activities to serve division's/ department's goals and
Reviews and approved electrical designs, specifications and data sheets as part of overall engineering project scope
of works as per Request of Engineering Services (RES) in line with the new project or plant
modification/optimization.Review, comments and approve or reject requests for deviations from external contractors
discipline technical standards and procedures and ensure these are assessed for risk, documented for action and
recorded on a deviations register.Ensure an appropriate technical standards and procedures for the electrical
discipline is in-place and is kept up to-date with the latest best practice / industry standards.

Electrical Calculations ( LV/MV cable sizing, switch gear/MCC sizing)

Power System Studies (short circuit calculation, load flow study and etc.)
Hazardous Area Classification
Electrical Heat Tracing & Cathodic Protection
Power, Lighting & Grounding Design
FEED/EPC contractors.
Experience in plant troubleshooting, process optimization & problem solving
Understanding of Process (P&IDs / PFDs) & Engineering drawings and OEM manuals.

Carries out the department strategy as implemented by the Team Leader or the Department Manager.
Assist Engineering Services Team in developing, implementing & maintaining short / long term plan in compliance
with engineering best practice, department strategy, applicable standards and regulatory requirements.

About you

Minimum Qualifications for this position is a University Degree in Electrical Engineering or equivalent.
Minimum 4 years of relevant experience / Lead Engineer in a similar role along with a
minimum total experience of 15 years in Engineering Services (Oil & Gas / Petrochemical or Refinery Plant
experience preferred).
Well versed in design concept & engineering drawings, contracts and shutdown/modification jobs.
Experience in project proposal, preparation of technical specifications and code & standards.
Demonstrated ability to provide engineering solutions/ recommendations.
Knowledge & experience in P& ID, PEFS / HAZOPs reviews, Safety Studies and Risk Analysis
Electrical Calculations ( LV/MV cable sizing, switch gear/MCC sizing)
Power System Studies (short circuit calculation, load flow study and etc.)
Hazardous Area Classification
Electrical Heat Tracing & Cathodic Protection
Power, Lighting & Grounding Design
FEED/EPC contractors.
Solidworks and Auto CAD 3DNavisworksElectrical Transient & Analysis Program / Smart Plant (ETAP/SP).Plant
Design Management System (PDMS)Dialux and other related lighting & electrical design software’s.Project
Management Tools & PDF writer.

Company Industry
Oil & Gas / Petroleum
Department/Functional Area
Desired Candidate Profile
Knowledge & experience in P& ID, PEFS / HAZOPs reviews, Safety Studies and Risk Analysis
Electrical Calculations ( LV/MV cable sizing, switch gear/MCC sizing)
Power System Studies (short circuit calculation, load flow study and etc.)
Hazardous Area Classification
Electrical Heat Tracing & Cathodic Protection
Power, Lighting & Grounding Design
FEED/EPC contractors.
Solidworks and Auto CAD 3DNavisworksElectrical Transient & Analysis Program / Smart Plant (ETAP/SP).Plant
Design Management System (PDMS)Dialux and other related lighting & electrical design software’s.Project
Management Tools & PDF writer.

Switchgear & Drawers HV and LV
• Enclosures are to be vacuum cleaned of all loose dirt and debris, including the top of enclosure,
• All vents and fan grills are to be cleaned of all dust and/or dirt accumulations,
• Inspect insulators and conductor supports for signs of cracking,
• Repair or replace damaged insulators and supports,
• Ensure that bolts and connecting devices are tight,
• Examine for signs of overheating, cracked or broken connectors, and signs of tracking or arcing and clean all
Circuit Breakers
• Clean all insulating materials,
• Ensure that all contacts are clean, cleaning with electrical contact cleaner,
• Verification of the pole contact resistance (IR),
• Verification of the operating mechanism, properly lubricated,
• Breaker timing test.
Protective Relays
• Inspect relays for physical damage and deterioration,
• Electrical testing (secondary injection test): protection action, input/output action, tripping action.
UPS system (Battery Stations / Chargers / Inverters)
• Record data: voltage, current, temperature, settings,
• Clean all charger / inverter / battery surfaces of dust and/or dirt accumulations,
• Clean and tighten all terminal connections,
• Check electrolyte levels and specific gravity,
• Discharge test,
• Check charger for proper operation: FLOAT charge, BOOST charge, diode dropper card,
• Check fans operation,
• Examine for signs of overheating, cracked or broken capacitors.
• Enclosures are to be vacuum cleaned of all loose dirt and debris, including the top of enclosure,
• All vents and fan grills are to be cleaned of all dust and/or dirt accumulations,
• Check fans operation,
• Clean and tighten all terminal connections,
• Examine for signs of overheating, cracked or broken capacitors,
• Checking IGBT bridges (Method with multimeter in diode mode).
Transformers (oil filled and Dry type)
• Record data: voltage, current, temperature, settings,
• Examine the transformer tank and bushings for evidence of leakage,
• Inspect the bushings, insulators, for broken or damaged parts, signs of overheating or arcing, or tracking,
• Clean all bushings, insulators, of any dirt or dust accumulation.
• Tighten all conductor connections,
• Winding insulation resistance tests,
• Polarization index test
• Check fans operation,
• Insulating oil testing for dielectric breakdown test
• Testing of safety device: protection relay like DGPT2, DMCR, Bucholz
Electric Motors (HV / LV)
• Record running data: voltage, current, temperature, settings,
• Remove dust and dirt,
• Winding insulation resistance tests,
• Polarization index test,
• Tighten all conductor connections,
• Check fans operation,
• Replace bearings,
• Lubrication / greasing.
• Insulation resistance tests,
• Polarization index test,
• Tighten all conductor connections,
• Checking of cable trays

• Cleaning
• Autonomy test based on power loss
• Repair or replace of faulty fixtures
Infrared inspection
• An infrared, or thermographic, inspection to be performed on all switchgear, distribution panels, cable and bus
connections, VSD / SST, and other critical equipment.
• Record running data: voltage, current, temperature, pressure, settings,
• Remove dust and dirt,
• Check belts tension and alignment, adjust if required,
• Check for wear on pulleys and replace if necessary,
• Check fans operation,
• Replace bearings,
• Replace filters,
• Lubrication / greasing,
• Examine dampers,
• Brazing works.

Candidate profile:
Diploma in Electrical Engineering
10+ years Offshore/Onshore experience is must

SPIE Oil & Gas Services is committed to promote diversity. This position is opened to people with disabilities

Electrical Commissioning Supervisor

• Electrical Supervisor for Installation, Testing and Pre-Commissioning
• Electrical Supervisor for Maintenance and Operation
• Electrical/Instrumentation QC Inspections


Working under PENSPEN-PMC – Abu Dhabi, UAE from January 2014 to until now as
Electrical Supervisor (Installation, Testing and Commissioning) Client: ZADCO, Project
Name: Satah Full field Development at Zirku

• Supervision of Testing and commissioning Activities such as Power Transformers Ratio

Test, IR Test, Winding Resistance Test, Temperature Indicators Calibration, Bucholtz Relay
Testing, Breakdown voltage test of Transformer Oil, Vector Group Testing, etc., for 22/0.4
KV 2500 KVA XFRs, 22/6.6 KV, 1250 KVA XFR for VSD and Various rated XFRs for
Lighting Purpose
• Supervision of HV and LV Cable Installation, Testing and Pre-Commissioning to Various
ratings and Sizing of Cables by HIPOT, IR, Continuity and Etc.
• Supervision of Protection relay testing of Bus Differential, Transformer Differential,
Overcurrent and Earth fault relays, Auto Reclosing Relays, Supervision relays, Under/Over
Voltage, Under and Over frequency relays, Synch Check Relays and Etc.,
• Supervision of Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 380 Volts Motors control
Centers, tests conducted were Point to Point Wire Checks, IR and Continuity tests, Function
Checks, MCCB Long time Short time and Instantaneous trip tests, Metering and Protection
CT/PT testing to verify Ratio, Winding resistance, Burden, Knee point Voltage and
Insulation resistance and Etc.,
• Supervision of Installation testing and Commissioning of 22KV GIS Switchgears, Make
Schneider Electric at SS 115 by the coordination of Vendor for Functional and other tests at
• Supervision of Installation, Testing and Commissioning of VSD Panel, Make: GE Energy
with the coordination of Vendor at site for MAN Made Gas Injection Compressor.
• Supervision of Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Normal and Essential Lighting
Distribution Boards, MOV Distribution Boards, Auxiliary Distribution Boards, Electrical Heat
Tracing Panels, UPS and Non UPS Power Distribution boards for Instrumentation.
• Supervision of Installation, Testing and Commissioning of 24 DC UPS for F&G System,
48V DC UPS for 22KV GIS Switchgear Control and Indication, 125 Volts DC UPS for
Switchgear Spring Charging and 220 V AC UPS for Essential Lighting Purpose. All UPS are
Chloride make. Testing and commissioning activities are coordinated with Vendor
• Supervision of Installation and Functional Checks of Harmonic Filter Panels, Electrical
Control System Panel and IRP Panels.
• Checked the functional checks of IO List Parameters with MCC Panels with DCS system.
• Start Up of Glycol Skid, Nitrogen skid and Gas injection Compressor skid motors with the
coordination of Rotating, Instrument and Electrical Engineers
• Preparation and Conduction of Motor No Load and Load run tests with the coordination of
Contractor, TPA and Client representatives and resolved technical Issues.
• Constructability review of the Engineering Drawings and Monitored the Updated design
documentation is being utilized for ongoing Project Activities.
• Joint Mechanical Completion Walk Down and generating work list items for work to be
done for compliance with ZADCO standards, Procedures and Specifications.

From April 2013 to September 2013 with Technip Abu Dhabi Project as Electrical Inspector
for KCROP (Khafji Crude Related offshore project) in Saudi Arabia at Offshore

• Witnessed Field installation, Pre Commissioning & Commissioning works at New PDP-4 &
5 Platforms, CLP (Control Living Platform) and IWJ6 & 7 Modification jobs.
• Witnessed Field installation, Pre Commissioning & Commissioning of Transformers (34.5 /
0.48KV, 112.5 KVA, 4.16 / 0.48 KV, 2MVA, 480 / 208V, 200KVA),
• Witnessed Field installation, Pre Commissioning & Commissioning of 34.5KV Switchgear
boards, 4.16KV SWGR Boards, 480V MCCs, 208V DBs and LV Motors.
• Inspected and Assisted different discipline for Fresh water system, Sea water intake, Fire
water system, Sewage water packages, Mobile Cranes, etc.
• Inspected and Witnessed Navigation aids system, Solar system, Life boat, AC UPS, DC
Power systems.
• Job cards preparation for Pre Commissioning & Commissioning.
• Coordination with Instrumentation for loop checks

From Sept 2011 to February 2013 with GL-Noble Denton, UAE as Electrical and
Instrumentation Inspector for ADMA-OPCO OFFSHORE Zakum Water Injection Platform
project at JAFZA McDermott Yard, Dubai and Offshore as Client Inspector

The Role

 Monitored the installation and pre-commissioning process of the contractor by carrying

regular inspections. Reviewed the various construction drawings and specifications for the
 Ensured that all materials are inspected for conformance to required criteria prior to
dispatching to site. Raised nonconformance reports against non-conforming items.
 Responsibly worked at all times to the required procedures and processes to meet the
company target of zero LTIs. This includes actively participating in identifying and
intervening when any HSE hazards are observed.
 Actively participated and promoted quality improvements to ensure zero quality defects.
 Ensured that all calibrated equipment used within calibration validity dates.

The Highlights

Handled the Inspections on installation, testing & pre-commissioning of following items,

 Worked in ADMA OPCO offshore platform construction project (Zakum water Injection
plant) at McDermott yard in JAFZA as Electrical Inspector for Installation and testing of
Transformers of 66 KV GIS substation at Platform 33/11 KV,11/0.415 KV, 2MVA and 11/3.3
KV, 4 MVA, Electrical equipment’s in LV and HV Switchgear rooms, which have SF6
Switchgears and ACB Switch gears, Cables (Power, control and Instrumentation),
Distribution Panel Boards for Lighting and Small power systems, UPS systems.
 Visual, Close and detailed Inspections on Installation of Cables and cable glands, Cable
trays, Fiber Optic Cables/Patch Panels, Composite Submarine cables, Transformers,
Batteries and chargers, Navigational aids, Communication system, Lighting and
receptacles, LV Generators, Switch gears, Motor control centers, Various rated LV and HV
Motors, Fire and gas panels, Equipment and facilities tagging, SS Tubing and fittings,
Supports and brackets.
 Conducted inspections on performance of Installation and Pre-commissioning of
instruments (Smart HART type transmitters ( gauge pressure, absolute pressure, flow,
temperature, level), pressure temperature switches and gauges, solenoid operated valves,
control valves -pneumatic or electrical actuated, cables for normal and intrinsically safe
instrumentation circuits, Instrumentation loop checking, fire and gas detection systems ,
 Inspection of Subsea Composite Power cables Splicing and Termination, Termination for
Intrinsically safe (IS) circuits & Non I.S Systems, Ladder type and perforated trays
Installation, ladder racks and its supports installation and Small power for all the drive
 Inspection on Installation and Testing of Subsea and Platform top side Fiber Optic Cables
and Patch Panels.
 Inspection of Installation and Calibrations of Flow, Level, Temperature and Pressure
Transmitters, Gauges and sensors at Removal of Oil, Compact Floatation Units for
Produced water Treatment facility skid.
 Witness Inspection Conducted on Installation ,wiring and testing of I/O Racks, Power
Distribution Terminals, Isolators and Marshalling accessories inside Plant control system,
ESD System , F&G System and Installation Inspection of Ethernet switches and Profibus
repeaters at F&G Cause and Matrix panel
 Reviewed the ITPs, Material receipt Inspections, FAT Reports and manufacturers QC
 Inspection on Materials Storage, Preservation, Cables Routing, Support System, laying,
Glanding and Termination.
 Instruments calibration & signal loop checking, testing and calibration of gauges, Smart
transmitters, switches, indicators, control valves, and shutdown / blow-down valves.
Calibration and Refurbishment of PSV’s.
 Testing of Fire and gas detection system which include smart Fire and Gas Detectors and
Line of Sight Gas Detectors, ESD system with Cause and Effect Matrix.

From Nov'08 to Jan 2011 with ABS Consulting Arabia Ltd., Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as
Electrical and Instrumentation Inspector for Saudi Aramco Projects at Tanajib and Safaniya
Offshore Platforms as TPA Inspector

The Role

 Ensured that quality control is carried out during the installation, Testing and Pre-
Commissioning phases. This shall include but not limited to the following items:
o Installation, Testing and commissioning of 132/33 KV GIS substation associated with Gas
Insulated Switch gears at Rastanura central terminal off sites and utilities , KSA
o Installation, Testing and commissioning of Capacitor Banks and Reactors, Neutral
Earthling Resistors, AC/DC Systems with UPS Electrical Control and Protection Panels,
Firefighting and fire alarm system, U/G duct banks, 13.8 KV Submarine power Cables
terminations from Rastanura Central Terminal to Tanajib and Safania Offshore Platforms.
o Witnessed De-gassing of 132 KV GIS, Removing 132 KV Feeder bay cable and
dismantling the TULIP contact Assembly. Erection of Test bushing, related accessories,
Vacuuming and SF6 Gas filling for HI-POT test.
o Witnessed the Implementation of Tagging and Lockout procedure for Electrical equipment
in the project.
o Inspection on Testing and Commissioning of Switchgears, Motor control centres, Junction
Boxes, Power Distribution Panels, HVAC System, Navigation lightings, Fog horn, Fire and
Gas Instruments, Telecom Systems.
o Inspected Installation and Commissioning of MPFM units, Actuator Control Valves,
Integrated Double block and bleed valves and Sampling unit at Module as per Operational
Test Procedures.
o Performing inspections and repairs of platform field instruments trouble shooting and Pre-
o Witnessed the HIPOT,IR test, Continuity Tests, Cold and Hot loop checks etc.,
o Witnessed the Motor No load and Functional checks during Pre-commissioning,
o Preparation and closing of Punch list items
o Reporting unsafe practices and violations of project procedures and Specifications.
o Inspection of Bench testing of Field Instruments and Loop checking of Instrumentation
o Submitted Projects day to day activities and Inspection reports and Participation in
Progress and Site Construction Quality meetings.
o Vigilance on Project Construction with safety work environment in accordance with Saudi
Aramco Standards Systems.
o Coordination with Project Management Team and Execution in line with Standard work
processes and procedures.
o Verification and review of Project QA/QC Procedures, ITP and Method statements and
co-ordination to carry out all tests as per contract requirements.


Apr'07-Jun'08 with JGC Arabia Ltd., Rabigh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as Electrical
Supervisor - QC

Worked at Rabigh Olefin Plants Projects (PetroRabigh).

The Role

 Supervised quality control functions of a project and its parts, including quality control
inspection schedules and the collection of quality records. Assessing implementation of the
quality plan on site.
 Supervised inspections, reports & documentation issued by Inspectors; collecting and
filing required quality records.
 Coordinated with PQM and site personnel procedures, manuals and reports. Confirming
all site activities are carried out according to reference documentation.

The Highlights

 Worked for Installation, testing and pre-commissioning of 132/ 34.5/13.8/4.16/0.48 KV

Transformers, 1.5 MVA / 480 Volts DG Sets, 13.8 KV, 4.16 KV and 480 V Switchgears as
well as various capacities of 4.16 KV and 480 Volts Motor control Centers, Motors
(Reliance, Toshiba, Ansaldo) and equipments connected with Substation for HOFCC and
EC Area.
 Switchgears of 13.8 KV were have SF6 Circuit Breakers
Apr'05-Mar'07 with HTI India Pvt. Ltd. (Engineers and Consultants), Chennai as Electrical
Field Engineer at Hyundai India Automobiles II Phase construction Project

 Deftly handled the electrical systems Installations, testing & commissioning at Hyundai
Motors India Ltd., Phase II (Automobile Company) at Chennai, India. This included
supervision of quality and site coordination works for 230/ 11 KV GIS substation which
contained Power Transformers ( ICTs), SF6 Circuit breakers, Shunt & Bus Reactors,
Reactive compensation Equipments, Instrument Transformers, Isolators, Lightning / Surge
Arrestors ,Control panels, Protection & Relay panels, P.L.C.C Equipments, Control & Power
cables, Substation Automation and Fire Fighting equipments and auxiliary Supplies..
 Installations, testing & commissioning Various 11/0.440 KV Sub Stations, 11 KV SF6
Switch Gears, 440 Volt Circuit Breakers, 440 Volts LDBs and PDBs, 440 V Motor Control
Centers, Motors for different purposes, D.G. Sets, Grounding Grids, Fire Alarm Control
Panels, Fire Detectors and PA Systems.
 Carried out inspection and test for various electrical apparatus and machines, such as
transformers, circuit breakers, HV/LV switchgears and other electrical equipment in the
presence of the clients.
 Performed pre- functional and functional testing of various electrical equipment and
accessories to make sure that the said equipment are really operational.
 Performed line test, insulation resistance test, hi potential test, and continuity test as
required on all power cables and control cables to make sure that all the terminations are all
 Performed various tests required for CT’s and VT’s.

Feb'01-Mar’05 with Haradh Gas Plant and Qatif Facilities at Berry Gas Plant Projects at
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as Electrical Supervisor in Technip through FAFCO Limited, KSA

 Testing and commissioning of control & relay panel for Generators, Transformers, and
Bus Coupler, Bus-Transfer, and Line feeder.
 Testing and commissioning of power control center and motor control center.
 Testing and Commissioning of Switch Gears.
 Configuration as per schematic diagram & Testing of Protective Relays for various needs.
Experienced with Over Current And Earth Fault Relays, Motor Protection Relays,
Differential Protection Relay, Over Load Relays, Thermal Over Load Relays ,Check
Synchronizing Relay, Definite Time Relay ,Under Voltage Relay, Over voltage relay, Timer
Relay, TCS relay
 Testing of Transformer protection, Transformer Differential Protection & REF Protection,
Bus Bar protection, Motor protection, and synchronizing scheme.
 Testing of CT, P.T., CVT, Circuit breaker, switch gear and Power Transformer
 Operation and Maintenance of Process Plant and sub-station Electrical Equipments and
 Trouble shooting of all Electrical circuits, control and protection circuits
Co-ordination with client in As Built Scheme drawing submission, test report submission, As
build cable schedule submission and all site activity to satisfy the customer.
 Stability checking of power transformers, generator and motors.
 Testing and commissioning on Plant fire water system up-gradation Project and
equipment handled were 440V Motor control centers, Deluge system, Fire control Panels,
UV/IR Detectors, Sprinklers, Pressure Indicating Transmitters and Gauges, various capacity
of AC motors, 440 V Diesel Generators and Control Panels, functional test coordination with
DCS system at CCR.

Dec'97-Jun'00 with Bahwan Engineering Co. LLC, Sultanate of Oman as Electrical

Technician at PDO plants in Campaign Maintenance Project year 1997-2000

 Maintenance and Operation at process plants at Petroleum Development Oman in

Northern PDO
 Cleaning and Maintenance works at Various Sub-stations, Gas turbine Power Plants,
 Installation and testing of Power and control cabling.
 Maintenance of MV and LV MCC Panels, switchgear panels, various capacities of
transformers and motors, UPS system, etc.
 Maintenance works with Coordination of CCR at YIBAL.

August '93-Sep'97 with Shanti Electrical Pvt. Ltd., ("A" Grade Electrical Contractor)
Chennai., India as Electrical Supervisor

 Organized, coordinated and controlled the correct installation of the electrical devices
needed to make the production plants operational, assisted the superior in the start up
stages and in the elimination of any anomalies, ensured full compliance with operating
conditions and safety and quality procedures and standards.
 Maintained the technical file of the activities underway (drawings, specifications etc.) up-
 Solved the problems regarding the Electrical installations along with the Client's
representative and/or sub-contractors.


 Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering from Pandiyan Polytechnic, Tirupattur,

Tamil Nadu in 1993.
 BBA from Institute of Correspondence Education, University of Madras, Tamil Nadu in
 School Secondary Education from HHS School, Ambur, Tamil Nadu in 1990.

Approvals / Licenses

 Approved as Electrical Supervisor for Satah Full field Development Project by ZADCO,
Abu Dhabi projects Division.
 Approved as Electrical and Instrumentation Inspector For ADMA-OPCO Project at UAE
for TPI Inspections
 Approved as Electrical Inspector by Northern Aramco Project Inspection Department and
Central region Project inspection Department. Saudi Aramco SAP Number - 70011750
 Approved as Electrical Commissioning Supervisor By Petro-Rabigh Project PMT.
 Appreciated as Electrical Engineer - COMMISSIONING by Saudi Aramco HGP PMT.
 Competent Electrical Person by Petroleum Development Oman, Oman.
 Licensed as Competence Electrical Supervisor ('C' License) issued by Tamil Nadu State
Government, India.

ATTS Asia, SingaporeCompEx, ATEX Course and certification

Aug 2014 — Aug 2014
Competency Based course to Install and Inspection of Explosion Protected equipments
using in hazardous Area