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Jaime Alicea, Superintendent of Schools

Bellevue Elementary Sarah Cupelli, Principal

Family Engagement Team Event Proposal


Event: _Haunted Hive Date of Event: _______October 19, 2018____________

Grade Level Responsible: ___3rd_______ Supervisor of Event: ____Smith___

Proposal for the Event:

What is needed for space/furniture/technology:

The hallway and lights, the gymnasium, and the front walkway.

What is needed by Teachers/students (classrooms) for the event:

Teachers on the second floor in third, fourth, fifth, Bell and BIC will need to cover their classroom
door windows with black paper the day of the event and put their blinds down in their classroom.

Teachers will need to hand out a flyer on 10/10 & 10/17. Flyers will also be created for district
Family Engagement department to distribute at other schools (event is open to the community for
the first time).

Teachers will also need to remind students and parents.

Any teacher that wishes to donate candy for the event should hand it into the office for Mrs. Files
to package before the event.

TA’s in the morning on Monday 10/22 to put the materials back in the bins under the stage.

How will Parent Engagement happen: (information, awareness, data shared)

Parents will engage with students and staff in a fun manner. We will also ask for volunteers to
come participate in the trunk or treat on the sign in card. This event will also be opened up to
families that do not attend Bellevue, as this has been highly requested in the past due to the
popularity of the event. It will also be open to volunteers from SCSD high schools that need to
fulfill any volunteer hours (haunted house members, game facilitators, serving food, etc.).

Community Resources for the Event: (who will contact)

Nina from Family Engagement will be posting on websites of other schools for increased

Are we inviting: Roberts, Seymour, Delaware and Frazier?

Local volunteers for Trunk or Treat.

Assign staff tasks for the event: ( See the staff sign up) This will be a separate sheet attached.

Tucker is sending out an email to all signed up to make sure they will still be able to work the
event. Would it be ok to say if you signed up and can’t you need to find a replacement? Looking
at the list and knowing we are inviting other school the team feels we should have more
volunteers than in the past and we currently have less.


We cannot use the bounce house even with parents here. It’s a liability.

Should we have the flyer say community wide haunted hive at Bellevue?

Possible alternative: Instead of having the whole event (with games)s just have the haunted hive
and then give kids their candy on the way out. This would eliminate the games in the gym and
have more people available to run the haunted house. What does the family engagement team
think?  if we do this should we change the price? Should we run it by PTO?

Do we have someone who would be willing to do face painting?

Feedback/Comments from Family Engagement Team: ___________________________________