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Effective Classroom Environment

Alonso Gonzalez

Grand Canyon University

February 6, 2019

Effective Environment

In order to succeed as a teacher, one must have an effective classroom environment. An

effective classroom environment will be different for everyone because we all have different

teaching philosophies, but I am sure that we can all agree that we want to provide an

environment for our students where they are comfortable, respectful, and can be successful in

school and in life. We all want what is best for our students and the following writing will

examine what an effective classroom may look like.

Classroom Philosophy

As teachers, we should all have philosophies that suit us and follow our procedures

and expectations in the classroom. My philosophy focuses on the idea of building a safe and

respectful environment where students can be successful. I believe in providing support for all

students, especially during these times of change and difficulties. Working in a middle school one

can see that at this age students are experiencing physical and emotional change that and at times

it can be difficult for some to focus because of the changes they may be going through. I try to

focus on providing a positive environment for my students where they are taught and not

disciplines. What this means is that being positive about things can really go a long way, especially

at this age where students may have difficulties noticing the positive things that may happen. In

order to create that positive environment, the way I manage the class is very important and plays

a major role in achieving my goals that have been set for the school year.


At this age students attempt to be more independent and are trying to figure out who they

are as a person, so in order to support them through this stage of their life it is important to give

them responsibilities that they can accomplish on their own. To try and accomplish this with my

students I would create assignments and procedures where students have certain responsibilities

that they must each fulfill to complete a task as a team. Strategies that can help with providing this

environment and support is group work. When working in groups each student is given a job that

will lead to the completion of the assignment collectively. This allows students to feel independent,

but also allows them to build positive relationships while working together. This is important in

order to have an effective classroom environment because students need to be comfortable in a

class but still be held accountable for their work.


In order to follow our own philosophies, we need to look at everything that is done in our

classrooms. That means looking at our attitude, teaching strategies, and how we teach our

students. For someone like me who wants to provide a safe respectful environment where

students can be successful, I need to look at how I treat students, what I ask of them, and how I

support them. If I notice mistakes I make and learn from them, I can expect the same from my

students and provide them with an effective classroom environment where they are allowed to

make mistakes, participate, and be comfortable while also learning from those mistakes and

learning the content that is needed.