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Academic Staff Directory

Dr. Zaw Min Oo
Associate Professor and Head of Department
Ph.D (Mechatronics)
E-mail: zawminoomc@gmail.com
U Nyi Nyi Phyo
Lecturer (M.E Mechatronics)
Automation Lab
E-mail: nyinyiphyo1980@gmail.com
Daw Khin Nan Aye
Lecturer (M.E Mechatronics)
E-mail: Khin7799@gmail.com
U Aung Thike
Lecturer (M.E Mechatronics) DEPARTMENT OF
E-mail: aungthike.mce@gmail.com MECHATRONIC
Daw Zin Zin Moe San
Lecturer (M.E Mechatronics) Hydraulic Lab Pneumatic Lab ENGINEERING
E-mail: zinzinmoesan@gmail.com
U Nay Linn Tun
Lecturer (B.E Mechatronics)
Daw Hnin Taw Tar
Assistant Lecturer (M.E Mechatronics)
E-mail: Hnin.ko1983@gmail.com
Daw Wyut Yi Kyaw
Demonstrator (M.E Mechatronics) Electro Pneumatic Lab PLC Lab
E-mail: 84wyutyi@gmail.com
Daw Hmwe Thit Sar Hlaing
Demonstrator (M.E Mechatronics)
E-mail: hmwethitsar@gmail.com
Daw War War Naing
Dr. Zaw Min Oo
Demonstrator (B.E Mechatronics)
E-mail: wahwahnaingmc@gmail.com Associate Professor and Head
Daw Htike Htike Aung Department of Mechatronic
Demonstrator (B.E Mechatronics) Simulation Lab Engineering
Electronic Experiment Lab
E-mail: htikemc2009@gmail.com Technological University
Daw Thida Nyein “Learning with teaching aid equipment is more (Thanlyin)
Demonstrator (B.E Mechatronics) effective.” Ph: +95 9 448044325
E-mail: thidanyeinlay90@gmail.com email: zawminoomc@gmail.com

VISION Curriculum for Mechatronic Fourth Year

 To produce the engineers who educate highly Engineering E-4011 English
qualified engineers in the field of automation EM-4016 Discrete Mathematics
First Year McE-4025 Theory of Machines I
and provide the development of our nation.
McE-4035 Design of Machine Elements
rm-1011 jrefrmpm
McE-4017 Modern Control System I
E-1011 English
McE-4029 Microprocessor and Microcontroller
MISSON EM-1011 Introductory Mathematics
McE-4026 Electronic Device II
 To provide the lifelong learning of the EM-1012 Calculus &Analytic Geometry
McE-4014 Strength of Material II
students E.Ch- 1011 Engineering Chemistry
E.Ph-1011 Engineering Physics
 To train the human resource development for Fifth Year
McE-1011 Introduction to Mechatronics
local need E-5011 English
ME-1011 Basic Technical Drawing
EM-5018 Industrial Management
Objective of Department McE-5017 Modern Control System II
Second Year McE-5025 Theory of Machine II
 To reduce the percentage of drop out student to
E-2011 English McE-5021 Robotic Analysis I
EM-2013 Calculus and Vector Analysis McE-5051 Image Processing
 To improve the pass percentage to 90% EM-2014 Complex Analysis McE-5027 Fuzzy Logic Control
McE-2016 Engineering Circuit Analysis McE-5041 Sensor and Actuator
McE-2012 Factory Control Engineering
Mechatronics McE-2046 Electrical Principle and Technology Final Year
Mechatronics is a multidisciplinary field of McE-2015 Engineering Mechanic E-6011 English
engineering that includes a combination of McE-2019 Computer Science and Programming HSS-6011 Humanities and Social Science
McE-6018 Industrial Engineering
mechanical, electrical and electronics, control
Third Year McE-6031 Mechatronic System Design
and computer engineering.
E-3011 English McE-6021 Robotic Analysis II
Mechatronic EM-3015 Differential Equation McE-6039 Computer Integrated Manufacturing
Engineering McE-3026 Electronic Devices I
McE-3036 Digital Electronics  Manufacturing industry play a very important
TTS GTI GTC TU Certification
role in the developing country.
McE-3032 Industrial Motor Control
McE-3022 Programmable Logic Controller  Industrial automation plays a very important
role in the manufacturing industry.
1986 1995 1999 2007 2015 2016 McE-3013 Engineering Thermodynamic
 Mechatronic Engineering plays a very important
McE-3014 Strength of Material I role in industrial automation.