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Eric Davis

Student ID: 000393845

Western Governors University

TDT1 Task 1

Mentor: Roger Beus

April 17, 2019

My website can be found here: https://ericdavisportfolio.weebly.com/

Looking to meet the requirements for WGU’s TDT1 course I did a Google search to find a

website builder to create my electronic portfolio online. I decide to sign up and create my

website at https://www.weebly.com/. It was simple to sign up to create my website; it only

required an email address along with a few other details. After getting signed up, I have a variety

of website themes to choose from. I chose the portfolio template since I am creating an electronic

portfolio. The website builder allowed me to choose a website name as well and I chose Eric

Davis: ericdavisportfolio.weebly.com.

First thing I did was set up my tabs for my pages(Home, Print Materials, Graphic

Materials, Multimedia Materials, Contact, and Task 1 Process Document Page. The tabs for my

pages are located in the right corner of my website. Next, on the home page, I added a WGU

logo image you can click and it will take you to the WGU website. I was able to select the tab

that says image and drag it to my website. I then just dropped the logo and added the WGU Link.
Then I decided to add a header to make my website look better, so I selected an image and pulled

it into my website. It was easy to do, I just clicked on the page and clicked show header, it then

allowed me to select the picture. I also made a SCRIB button; you can click to access my Task 1

Process Document. This document is where I explain the instructions and information needed to

help someone start creating an electronic portfolio. I also added the link to the Weebly website to

help anyone that wants to create an electronic portfolio on a free website, so they can click on the

link to go to the website and start creating their website. The last thing I did was publish the

website so that it could go live and be accessed by anyone.

I like the fact that Weebly allows you to set up your website so only certain people can

view it if you want. The experience of using Weebly to create my online portfolio was very

simple. The tools are very user-friendly, and it was nice that it walks you through the set-up

process, to begin with. I would recommend Weebly to other people interested in creating a