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1 Scope, Specific Technical Requirements and Quantities

1.1 Scope
This specification covers the requirements for design,
engineering, manufacture, assembly, stage testing, inspection,
testing before supply, packing and loading at works of 33kV
Indoor Switchgear along with its accessories and auxiliary
equipments / instruments etc. and erection, testing &
commissioning as mentioned in this section and in various other
sections of this specification for 33 KV switchgear.

Bidder will provide transportation, unloading, storage and ETC for

these items at site.

The scope shall encompass and include all the activities listed

1.2 General Requirements

1.2.1 At Parsa 132kV Substation three numbers of 33kV
incoming feeders (Including Spare) from Transformer have been
considered, which will be terminated on two separate sections of
a 33kV Indoor as incomers. There shall be three out going
feeders (Including Spare) in distributed over both the bus section
of the switchboard.
1.2.2 For the purpose of design of equipment / systems, an
ambient temperature of 50oC and humidity of 100% shall be
considered. The equipment shall operate in a highly polluted and
highly corrosive environment.
1.2.3 All equipment shall be suitable for voltage variations of
±10% of the rated value and frequency variations of ±5% of the
rated value.
1.2.4 The creepage distance of the insulators shall be generally
not less than 25mm/kV per unit of system phase to phase
1.2.5 Degree of protection for the switchgear shall be IP4X as
per IS 13947.
Specific Technical Requirements:

Sr. No. Description Required Parameters

1 Highest System Voltage 36kV

2 Current Rating 1600A

3 Number of Phases 3

4 System Frequency 50Hz

5 Fault Current 25kA for 1 sec.

6 Insulation Level 36/70/170kVp

7 Auxiliary Supply 240v 1-phase AC &

110V DC

8 33kV Bus Protection Differential

9 33kV Transformer feeder Transformer

Protection differential, O/C &

Bill of Quantities
Three phase, 33kV Indoor Switchgear
One no of 33kV metal clad switchgear,1600A,25kA rms for 1 sec
suitable for 110V DC control supply with following
feeder/equipment for each 33kV Metal clad switchgear.
i) Incomer feeder : 1600A, 2nos.
ii) Outgoing feeder : 1600A, 2 nos.
iii) Spare incomer feeder : 1600A, 1 no.
iv) Spare Outgoing feeder : 1600A, 1 no.
v) Bus Coupler : 1600A, 1 no.
vi) Bus VT : 2 nos.

Earthing Truck
Earthing arrangement for breaker/NT trucks shall be provided
either through integral earth switch separate earthing truck. In
case of latter arrangement, one set of different types of earthing
trucks per switchboard shall be supplied.
Recommended Spares
Supplier to propose the list of recommended spares for 3 years of
trouble free operation.
Type Tests, Routine Tests and Acceptance Test:
Bidder shall submit valid reports of type test carried out with in
ten years. These reports should have been conducted as per
technical specification and relevant IS/IEC. In case of more than
ten year old type test reports OR invalid type test reports are
submitted, the tests shall be conducted free of charge. No
separate type test charges shall be paid.
All the Routine and Acceptance test shall be carried out as per
relevant standards.

2 Equipment Specification
2.1 Codes and Standards
Switchgear and Breakers IEC 60298, IEC 60056, IS 13118
2.2 List of fitments on various modules
The various feeders and bus VT panel shall at least contain
following fitments:

S. No. Module Brief Description of major fitments

1600A Circuit breaker (Vacuum or SF6 Type),
1 Incoming
Sets of CT’s ( for metering and protection),
30kV Lightning Arrester, Cable termination
kit, Truck mounted 3 nos. single phase feeder
VT’s complete with HT fuses, T/N/C switch,
L/R switch, AC/DC On/Off switches, Digital
Ammeter, Digital Voltmeter, Digital
Wattmeter, Digital Energy meter , O/C & E/F
protection relay, Anti-pumping relay, Tripping
relay, latch type contact multiplication relay,
DC supervision relay, Trip circuit supervision
relay, PT fuse failure relay, Current
transducer, painted mimic to represent SLD,
Auxiliary relay, facia annunciator.
1600A Circuit breaker (Vacuum or SF6 Type),
2 Outgoing
Set of CT’s (for metering and protection),
Cable termination kit, T/N/C switch, L/R
switch, AC/DC On/Off switches, Ammeter with
selector switch, Digital Energy meter,
Wattmeter, O/C & E/F protection relay, Anti-
pumping relay, Tripping relay, latch type
contact multiplication relay, DC supervision
relay, Trip circuit supervision relay, Current
transducer, painted mimic to represent SLD,
Auxiliary relays, facia annunciator.
1600A Circuit breaker (Vacuum or SF6 Type),
3 Bus-
Set of CT’s (for metering and protection),
Cable termination kit, T/N/C switch, L/R
switch, AC/DC On/Off switches, Ammeter with
selector switch, Digital energy meter,
Wattmeter, O/C & E/F protection relay, Anti-
pumping relay, Tripping relay, latch type
contact multiplication relay, DC supervision
relay, Trip circuit supervision relay, Current
transducer, painted mimic to represent SLD,
Auxiliary relay, facia annunciator.
Additionally 33kV Bus bar differential
protection relay shall be mounted in Bus-
coupler Panel.
Truck Mounted bus connected 3 nos. single
4 Bus VT
phase PT’s Ratio 33kV/√3/110V/√3 complete
with HT fuses, MCB’s for AC/DC main supply,
AC/DC On/Off switches, voltmeter with
selector switch, U/V, O/V protection relay, PT
fuse failure relay, DC sup. Relay, Voltage
transducer, painted mimic to represent SLD,
Auxiliary relay, facia annunciator.

2.3 Constructional Details

2.3.1 The switchgear shall be fully compartmentalized metal clad

construction, comprising of a row of free standing floor mounted
panels. The switchgear assembly shall be rodent and vermin
2.3.2 The circuit breakers, bus voltage transformers shall be
mounted on withdraw able trucks, having distinct 'Service',
'Isolated' and 'Withdrawn' positions. Testing of breaker shall be
possible in isolated position by keeping control plug connected.
2.3.3 In panel design where breaker compartment does not have
a door i.e. Breaker truck front serves as a door, suitable blanking
covers, one for each size of panel per switchboard shall be
supplied. Use of inflammable material such as Hylam as an
interpole barrier shall not be accepted.
2.3.4 The height of panels shall not exceed 2600mm. Bushing or
other sealing arrangement between breaker and bus-bar/cable
compartments shall be provided so that there is no air
communication around isolating 'contacts in the safety shutter
area with truck in service position. The horizontal bus-bars,
vertical droppers and connections to the fixed end of the isolating
contacts shall be of high conductivity aluminum alloy or copper.
Pressure relief device shall be provided in each high voltage
2.3.5 The over-voltage generated by switching of breaker under
any duty condition shall not exceed 2.5 pu of nominal line to
neutral voltage. Evaluation criteria shall be as per IEEE envelope.
2.3.6 Bus-bar insulators shall be of track-resistant, high
strength, non-hygroscopic, noncombustible type and suitable to
withstand stresses due to over-voltages and short circuit current.
The temperature rise of bus-bars shall not exceed 55ºC for silver
plated joints and 40ºC for other joints under any condition over
an ambient of 50ºC.
2.3.7 The internal earth bus shall be provided to withstand short
circuit currents for one second. All enclosures shall be connected
to this earth bus. Earthing arrangement for breaker/NT trucks
shall be provided either through integral earth switch or through
separate earthing truck. In case of latter arrangement, one set of
different types of earthing trucks per switchboard shall be
supplied. Suitable mechanical interlock shall be provided to
prevent inadvertent earthing of any live part. Earthing switch
shall have short time (1 second) current withstand capability
equal to the breaker.
2.3.8 All components shall be correctly rated.
2.3.9 Panels should be suitable for top/bottom cable entry.
2.3.10 Each 33kV switchgear section shall have three phase VT.
2.3.11 All CTs and VTs shall be completely cast resin
encapsulated type with insulation class 'E' or better and suitable
for continuous operation. All VTs shall have suitable HRC current
limiting fuses / MCB on both primary and secondary sides, and
under voltage relays, timers, etc. for motor tripping and remote
annunciation on supply failure. Voltmeter with selector switch
shall be provided with each bus-section. Primary fuse
replacement shall be possible with VT truck in isolated position.
2.3.12 Each breaker panel shall have breaker control switch of
spring return type and a local/ remote selector switch of stay-put
type. The panel shall also have 'On', 'Off', 'Spring charged' and
Control supply healthy' indicating lamps. The lamps shall be
filament type and low watt consumption with built-in resistors.
2.3.13 Each switchboard/panel shall have suitable arrangement
to receive and distribute ac and dc supplies. Control dc supply
shall be duplicated for each board. Each switchgear panel shall
have thermostatically controlled space heater with switch,
illumination and power plug point.
2.3.14 All panels on front and back as well as inside shall have
engraved nameplate giving feeder description and component
2.4 Circuit Breakers
The breakers shall be of SF6 type or vacuum type. They shall be
re-strike free, stored energy operated, trip free, and with
electrical anti-pumping feature. For SF6 breakers, necessary
pressure/density monitoring device shall be provided for low-
pressure alarm. Only motor wound closing spring charging
arrangement shall be accepted. Operating cycle shall be 'O-
The breaker shall be controlled locally and /or remotely as
required. The closing and tripping coils shall operate under
extreme conditions of control voltage variation. Supervision
relays shall be provided for trip coil monitoring. Facilities shall be
provided for mechanical tripping of breaker and manual charging
of closing spring.

2.5 Relays and Protection

All relays and timers shall be flush mounted with connections
from inside. They shall have transparent & dust tight cover,
removable from front. Draw out construction for easy
replacement from the front.
They shall have built-in test facilities, or can be provided with
necessary test blocks and test switches. One testing plug shall be
provided for each switchboard. The auxiliary relays and timers
may be in non-draw out cases.
The relays and timers shall operate under extreme conditions of
control voltage variation. They shall not have any inbuilt
batteries, and shall operate on available dc supply. They shall be
provided with hand-reset operation indicators (flags) or LEDs with
push buttons for resetting for analyzing the cause of breaker

All equipments shall have necessary protections. However,

following minimum protections shall be provided and also relays
shall be Static/numerical type.
a) Over current (51) & Earth Fault (51N) protection for all feeders
and Bus-coupler

b) 33kV Bus differential protection (87B) (To be located in Bus

Coupler feeder panel)

c) Over current protection (50/51) and Differential protection

(87) relays on the primary side of Outgoing feeders for

d) Aux. relays with indicating flags/LED for transformer buchholz

and temperature protection.
2.6 Main Bus-bar
High conductivity 1600A aluminium alloy/ copper bus-bar shall be
provided as per attached SLD. Bus-bar thickness shall be such to
withstand system short circuit level and it shall also in accordance
with other system parameters such as rated current etc.
Minimum thickness of conductor bus-bar shall be as per relevant
Indian standard.

2.7 Current Transformers

Each feeder of 33kV switchgear shall be provided with Current
Transformers with following core details:-

Core Current Accuracy Application

1 400-200/1A 1.0 Metering

2 400-200/1A 5P20 Over Current


3 400-200/1A PS Differential

2.8 Voltage Transformer

The main bus-bar of 33kV switchgear shall be provided with Bus
VT. The bus VT shall have following core details:

Core Voltage Ratio Burden Accuracy Application

1 33kV/√3/110/√3 100VA 1.0 Metering

2 33kV/√3/110/√3 50VA 3P Protection

2.9 Control and Secondary Wiring

All switchboards shall be supplied, completely wired internally up
to the terminal blocks. All inter-cubicle and inter-panel wiring and
connections between panels of same switchboard including all bus
wiring for AC and DC supplies is in bidders scope.
All internal wiring shall be carried out with 1100 V grade, single
core, 1.5 square mm or larger stranded copper wires having
colour coded, PVC insulation. CT circuits shall be wired with at
least 2.5 square mm copper wires. Voltage grade and insulation
shall be same as above.
Extra-flexible wires shall be used for wiring to device mounted on
moving parts such as hinged doors.
All wiring shall be properly supported, neatly arranged, readily
accessible and securely connected to equipment terminals and
terminals blocks.

2.10 Power Cables Termination

Cable termination compartment and arrangement for power
cables shall be suitable for stranded aluminium conductor,
armoured XLPE insulated and sheathed single core/three core, 36
kV grade cables.
All necessary cable terminating accessories such as Gland plates,
supporting clamps and brackets, power cable lugs, hardware etc.
shall be provided by the contractor to suit the final cable sizes,
which would be advised during detailed engineering.
The gland plate shall be of removable type. Bidder shall also
ensure that sufficient space is provided for all cable glands. Gland
plates shall be factory-drilled according to the cable gland sizes
and number which shall be informed to the Contractor later. For
all single core cables, gland plates shall be of non-magnetic

Conceptual SLD for 33kV System

Trafo -1 Trafo-2 Spare

I/C-1 I/C-2 I /C



O/G-1 O/G-2 Spare



1. Each Type of Limit Switch - 1 no

2. Each Type of Aux. Relay - 1 no

3. Each Type of LED lamp - 2 nos

4. Each Type of Push Button - 2 nos

5. Each Type of Control Fuse - 5 nos

6. Each Type of MCB - 1 no

7. Local/Remote Selector Switch - 2 nos

8. Breaker control switch - 1 no

9. Current Transformer - 1 no