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* Local Police intormed Martin McGardand of the following threat te his life on the evening of Friday 22 September 2017. ‘Notice of threat to personal safety 1am in receipt of information which would supp that your personal safety is in danger if you visit Northern Ireland, I stress that I will not under any circumstances disclose to you the identity of the source of this information and whilst I cannot car»ment on the reliability or otherwise of the source of the content of the information, I have no reas” .v disbelieve of the account as provided, Tm not in receipt of any other information in ..'.:1._ 0 this matter nor do I have any direct Involvement in your case. We need to inform v _. "wat criminal elements in Northern Ireland still regard you as a legitimate target for some sor of atl sck, we therefore repeat previous advice that you have been given, that you should not visit Northern Ireland, And you should not visit Northem Ireland for the foreseeable future. ‘Although [redacted] police will take what step. 2. cau to minimise that risk, the police cannot protect you from this threat on a day to day, h "tr hour basis. 1 also stress that the passing of this information via me in no way authorises you <9 kv any action which will place you in contravention of the law E.g. carrying weapo.s for self defence, assault on others, breaches of Public [inaudible]. Should you be found (inaudupi then you will be dealt with accordingly. | therefore suggest that you take such action that van see fit to increase your own safety measures E.g. house burglar alarms, change of daily routine, always walk with an associate, carty a mobile Dhone, install domestic CCTV door guide sys en , 1: crease house security measures, locks and bolts. Should you decide that you would like to receive ac ditional security advice in order to review your Personal security and that of your property, please notify myself by way of effect that I’m providing you by way of this notice and I can make arre agem nts for that to happen by someone who is appropriately qualified. Could you also prov" +- ~¥s of someone who the police can contact on urgent behalf to take messages if you are unavailable, Ends Martin Mc Gartland Statement: The above document was read to me by two c ticers who were sent by the local police force. The same local corrupt force that has been placing use, c wers close to me in real and immediate danger during the past 18 years by leaking and even p ..:g information about my history in Northem freland, by cross-referencing my birth and ne v {er ities on different police systems. All of which can be viewed by any Tom, Dick or Heather. They have even disclosed my present home address as a result of their corruption. This has resulted in sevctal hundred people becoming aware of my resent home address as well as my birth and ~~ “Jentities, ‘That local force (who I am unabie to name at chis time for security reasons) including its Chief Constable and special branch) have been colluding »nd conspiring with the security service, the Home office, the Police Service of Northern J>’ (PSNI) and Northumbria Police and they are protecting IRA terrorists by claiming “criminal elements in Northern Ireland” are behind the threat against me. Each have placed me in danger and thev continue to play Russian roulette with my life as well as the lives of others close to me. ‘They are also wilfully lying about the seriousness of the threat to me on the mainland (more so in the area where I now live) as the content of their st~"_.nent shows. Moreover, the threat has been known to them for many months (I maintain 1. «ny years) but they chase to conceal the threat (as well, as I believe, similar threats over the years) fre». ne, I maintain that the only reason why I have be -n inf rmed of the threat on Friday 22 September 2017 is as a direct result of a complaint I made to the Pouce Ombudsman for Northern Ireland against the PSNI in Aptil this year. ‘That complaint related to my belief that the R. °° (la’ et PSNI and Northumbria Police) were aware ofa threat against me in advance of my June 1999 shooting (by IRA) but that they chose not to inform me. That other serious threats known .> F 3M (as well as other police forces) before and post June 1999 (and up until Apri) 2017) were del" esa.ly concealed from me. They have placed me (others close to me) in real and immediate dai.,... nd they are continuing to do so. I am very clear that this is because the PSNI, the Security Service and the other corrupt mainland police forces want me dead. I (others close to me) are being left here, at ar at ds. ss now known (o several hundred people due to police corruption and reckless leaks, as sitting * -, with no protection and abandoned. I am living on borrowed time as a direct result of serious failures, cormuption, reckless behaviour by Security Service, Home Office, Northumbria Police, Police : ervice of Northem Ireland (PSNI), my local Police force {redacted Police} who are all com.uuuf to pursue a long- running vendetta against me and who are placing me in grave and immedi. us. ger both now and in the future. 1 am now calling on them to immediately put in place a package which would include effective and essential security measures to protect me, others close to me and my property from any potential threat now and also into the future, I am once aga' ..alling on the local Chief Constable to arrange a meeting with me as soon as possible Ends