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Design summary

1. Determine design action, shear forces(fv) and bending moments(M)

2. Selection of section,
 Calculate required plastic modulus, then determine size of beam.
3. Classification of section
 Determine the class of web and flange of beam
4. Resistance of cross section to shear ULS
 Calculate Ved/Vc,Rd ≤ 1
5. Resistance of section to bending ULS
 MEd/Mc,Rd ≤ 1
6. Resistance to shear to buckling ULS
 72ε/n
7. Resistance to Flange Induced buckling load
8. Resistance of web to transverse forces (web buckling)
9. Deflection(SLS)


Desgin Summary

1. Determine the design axial forces,Ned

2. Selection of Section
 Determine Required Area, A= Ned/(fy/γmo) , then select size of column UKC
3. Classification of Section
 Determine the Class of Web and Flange of selected column size.
4. Compressive Resistance of Cross-Section
 Ned/Nc,Rd ≤ 1
5. Buckling Resistance of Cross Section
 Ned/Nb,Rd ≤ 1
Connection (Double Angle Web cleat)

1. Determine detail and Section properties

2. Determine Postion of holes for bolts
Check min and max spacing and distance for bolts.
3. Bolted Connection
 Shear Resistance of Bolts( at supporting column)
 Bearing Resistance of Bolts ( at supporting Column)
 Shear Resistance of Bolts (at beam Web).
4. Cleats Connected to supporting Column
 Shear resistance of cleats
5. Beam Web
 Bearing Resistance Of Beam Web
 Block Tearing

Tension member

Desgin summary

1. Determine detail and Properties.

2. Tension
a. Ned/Nt,Rd ≤1
b. Nt,Rd shoud taken smaller of :
i. Npl,Rd =Afy/γmo
ii. Nu,Rd = 0.9 Anet fu /γm2
c. Determine Gross section and Net Area
3. Tension Check
a. Ned/Nt,Rd ≤ 1