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PIANO VOCAL SCORE (o Ge nyus Music and Lyrics by Dolly Parton Book by Patricia Resnick Based on the 20th Century Fox Picture Originally produced on Broadway by Robert Greenblatt, April 2009 NOTICE: DO NOT DEFACE! Should you find it necessary to mark eues or cuts, use a soft black lead pencil only NOT FOR SALE This book is rented for the period specified in your contrac. It remains the propery of d y 5 PLEASE RETURN ALL MATERIALS TO: £ MT! MUSIC LIBRARY 31A INDUSTRIAL PARK ROAD NEW HARTFORD, CT 06057 ‘Muse Tuearae Inreenarionas 421 West 54th Stet Now York, NY 10019 (212) 5414s © Copyright. All Rights Reserved. é Gee e ee IIT ICC UU eee 9TO5 Piano Vocal Score Act One 1.9to Ja. Into the Bullpen... 2. Around Here 2a. Back to Work! ..... 3. Here For You.... 3a, Here For You (Reprise) ... 3b. Into the Xerox Room .... 4, Just Might . 4a. Punchin’ In... 5. Backwoods Barbie, 5a. Enright's the Man. 6. Heart to Hart... 6a. Violet's Pissed ..... 6b. Maui Wowie 7. Dance of Death 8, Cowgir!’s Revenge... 9, Potion Notion .. 10. Joy to the Girls. 119 a. Oh My God... 10b. Out of the Bathroom 10c. To the Hospital ... 124 125 41. 1 Killed the Boss ‘Tia. The Search for the Coffee Cup 12. Shine Like The Sun.. 9TOS Piano Vocal Score Act Two 13. Entr’acte .. 1 152 155 14, One of the Boys.. 169 4a, One of the Boys Playoff. 15.509) 170 16. Change It. 173 ‘16a. Ain't it Great? ww 191 16b. A Better Day . 192 ‘17. Let Love Grow .... 17a. Goodnight, Mr. Hart 17b. Stay Here, Dick...... 18, Get Out and Stay Out 18a, No She Didn't (Slacks). 18b. Hail to the Tinsworthy .. 19. Finale wo 215 20. Bows .. on 204 21. Exit Music aneremeaeenrnenenmnenennnannrnnnhnenap