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TLED 430

Tyneezha Harris

TPACK Template Mobile Applications Assignment


Mobile Application for Creating Mobile Application for Collaborating

Subject English-Writing
Grade Level 2nd Grade 2nd Grade
Learning Objective 2.12 The student will write stories, letters, and 2.12 The student will write stories, letters, and
simple explanations. simple explanations.
b) Organize writing to include a beginning, middle, c) Expand writing to include descriptive detail.
and end for narrative and expository writing.
Pedagogy Planning

Complete the My students are using the Inkflow mobile My students are using the Easy Blog Jr. mobile
sentences to the right. application on their cell phone or tablet to create a application on their individual cell phones or
short story. tablets to collaborate with their peers and discuss
and respond to their peers’ blog post.

Activity Students will be creating a short story using the Students will be doing weekly blog post to help
Inflow App. Before the start of the activity the with the creation of their short story. The teacher
teacher will explain to the students the typical set will show the students how to login and begin
up of a story which will be the beginning, the posting in the class to share with peers. The teacher
middle, and the end. After the explanation the will give the students different ways in which they
teacher will show the students how to use the can post their blog which will be by creating a video
Inflow on the iPads that will be provided for the or a blog post by typing or adding a picture to it. So,
whole class. The teacher will provide an example from those three options the students will think of
for the class to see. In this activity students will their bigger project in mind and create 2-3
need to have a title, 4-5 pages in the story, and a sentences around the topic of their book. Once the
picture on each page. After creating the story sentences are uploaded, they will have to comment
TLED 430

students will have a one on one with the teacher on their peer’s post and give them feedback on
on what to change and correct. Then students will what they think they could change or what they
read their story to the class for a grade. This will really like about it. Students will be doing this up
help students with their writing in the future. until the last two weeks in which they will be
working on their projects. They will be able to use
the feedback and sentences they created on the
blog to create their book.

Name of the Mobile Inkflow Easy Blog Jr.

TechnologyThe teacher


App Store Where https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/inkflow-visual- https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/easy-blog-

Mobile Application is notebook/id519524685?mt=8 jr/id716354615?mt=8
Available (e.g. Apple
App Store, Google Play