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Jasneet Kaur
1234 Main Street, Oshawa, ON, L1G3C4
647-123-4567, jasneetkaur@gmail.com

Interested in the position of an Administrative Assistant at OPG company, having
excellent skills of communication and organization to provide best customer services.

Studied Office Administration – Certificate for two semesters in Durham College,
Whitby, ON ----- Graduated in April 2019.
Successfully completed Dental Assisting levels I and II for two semesters with
Honour Roll (GPA 4.2 out of 5) in Durham College, Oshawa, ON ----- Graduated
in April 2018.
Studied Advanced Diploma in Aesthetics and Hair Designing for a year in Orane
Institute of Beauty and Wellness, India ----- Graduated in June 2017.
Studied Bachelor of Dental Surgery for 4 years in Rayat-Bahra Dental College
and Hospital, India ----- Graduated in May 2015.


Soft Skills Technical Skills

Excellent customer service abilities with Knowledge of Microsoft Office (word,
an experience of more than one year excel etc.) as I have done my
working in a retailing store. Newsletter assignments and reports in
my program.

A good team player as I worked as a Knowledge of schedule meetings

volunteer in a dental office. learned in my Dental Assisting and
Office Administration programs.

Have good communication skills as I Advanced knowledge of Microsoft

worked in a dental office and a retailing Outlook as I am using this account in
store where I have to deal with college and completed assignments to
customers and clients by meeting or on set the reminders, for meeting
phone calls. arrangements etc.

Flexibility as I am adaptive to changing 40 accurate words per minutes,

office timings or environments. required for this job and I tested in
Jasneet Kaur
1234 Main Street, Oshawa, ON, L1G3C4
647-123-4567, jasneetkaur@gmail.com
Office Administrative program for my

Have an experience of more than one year of customer services by working in a
retailing store as a part time job. ----- Started in September 2017 to February
Besides dealing with the customers, I used the Microsoft Office (excel and word)
in the store. Also, kept the records of all the receipts and worked at the front

I worked as a volunteer in a dental clinic in India as a dentist for three months. ---
-- in March to May 2017.
I have done unpaid placements as a part of the program of Dental Assisting in a
dental office as a Dental Assistant, where I got a worked experience of keeping
the records, dealing with clients, and at the reception area (answering the calls,
confirming the appointments, scheduling the clients etc.). ----- Brooklin Dental
Clinic in May to June 2018.
I have done an unpaid specialist placement in Dr. Dhillon Dental Clinic for a day,
where I observed all the office procures and interacted with the clients for a day. -
----- May 25, 2018.
Presented a lecture by using Power Point in Catholic school in Ajax to students
and teachers regarding dental check-ups.

Awarded two times with Honours Roll each semester in Dental Assisting Level I
& II as I scored 4.2 GPA out of 5.
I have got a CPR certificate after the completion of training. ----- in October 2017.
Awarded in Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree for the presentation in November