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UH COE Lesson Plan Template (Inquiry Lesson)

Note: Suggestions for each section are provided in blue text. ​Delete all blue text​ and replace it with your own.

Name of Teacher Candidate  Alyssa Palacios

Lesson Overview
Grade Level 4th grade
Estimated Time Needed 50 minutes
Students will understand that different types of living things have different
Lesson Description
types of stages in their life.
Content Area Standards 4.10C, 4.2B
Technology Standards N/A
Students will illustrate, observe, and compare different life cycles of living

Life cycle
Terms/Vocabulary Baby
Technology Resources
Promethean Board
Hoover cam
Study guide
Other Resources sort cards
anchor chart
plain paper

Lesson Procedures 
A step-by-step description of the
scope and sequence of lesson
activities, with estimated time on task
noted in parentheses for each step.
In other words, completely describe Describe how each stage of Cite specifically what
the flow of the lesson-the content to the lesson will be managed, resources for this activity
be presented, and the strategies to including role of teacher and will be used, and describe
This template is built on the be used. Include actual words you learners (who is doing what in detail how they will be
traditional “Madeline will use and questions you will ask at each point), location (e.g., used.
Hunter” lesson structure. students. Consider items such as: classroom, computer lab, Note who will be using the
parts of the lesson that might be outside), and any special tool and in what ways. Note
difficult, and how you will know considerations, such as for any safety considerations
whether you can go on; how to differentiated instruction. needed.
ensure that students completely
understand directions before
releasing them to work
independently; and what students
UH COE Lesson Plan Template (Inquiry Lesson)
will do if they finish their work early.
● Teacher will show
students a baby
picture of themselves,
a young child picture,
an adult picture, and
then a mature (old)
● Want students to
Teacher will be at the
observe these
front of the room by the
pictures and have a
hoover cam presenting
class discussion about
pictures to the class to CFISD curriculum
Engage each stage of my life.
get them engaged and book 2018 -
(Engage student thinking, ● Will ask questions like:
thinking. launching science
access prior knowledge)
unit 4th grade.
1. What do you notice
Students will be
between the photos?
observing and
2. What happened to
answering questions.
3. Do I look different?
4. What do you think this
is called?
5. Do you think other
things go through the
same thing?

● Teacher will then pass

around card sorts for
each table to observe
and put in the correct
Teacher will pass out a
order together.
card sort for students to
● Each card sort will
complete with their
have different (living
things) that go through
a life cycle. ex: plants,
Students will work CFISD curriculum
Explore  flowers, frogs,
together to do a hands book 2018 -
(Collaborative and humans, fish, chicken,
on activity with life launching science
hands-on) snake)
cycles. unit 4th grade.
● I want to see my
students thinking. I will
Teacher will walk
be walking around to
around the room and
monitor their progress.
monitor student
● We will then review
thinking and progress.
them and I will ask a
series of higher level
thinking questions.
UH COE Lesson Plan Template (Inquiry Lesson)
● We will then watch a
video discussing
different living things
and their life cycles.
Teacher will present a
short video of different
life cycles for students.
● This will open the door
Explain  for more discussion Students will discuss
(student and teacher about life cycles and what they saw after CFISD curriculum
discourse, teacher clear up any video. book 2018 -
modeling, vocabulary misconceptions. launching science
instruction, clarify ● Then we will play a Teacher will then unit 4th grade.
misconceptions) game to test our introduce a fun quick
knowledge as a class game for students to
of what we know play to test their
about life cycles. knowledge of life
● Then we will get our cycles.
study guides and
highlight important
information to know
about life cycles.
● Teacher will give each
Teacher will give
student a half sheet of
students half sheet of
paper with (T/F &
Elaborate  paper for an CFISD curriculum
matching questions)
(Extend or apply the assessment of their book 2018 -
● Teacher will collect
learning to a new setting; knowledge. launching science
these to further
active and collaborative) unit 4th grade.
assess students
Students will complete
knowledge of content
and then turn into tote.
Teacher will wrap up
● We will then at the
lesson in a discussion
end have a class
with students about
Evaluate  discussion about what
what they just learned. CFISD curriculum
(Students demonstrate we learned.
book 2018 -
their understanding. How ● We will discuss new
Students will bring up launching science
will you know what they’ve vocabulary we learned
new vocabulary unit 4th grade.
learned?) or something
discussed, or any
interesting about life
misconceptions they

Plans for Differentiated Instruction/Accommodations 

I will have additional help from a paraprofessional come and assist in any way
Special Education 
that they can during the lesson. I will also make it a point to visit their table group
often to ensure full comprehension.
UH COE Lesson Plan Template (Inquiry Lesson)
I will be sure to incorporate lots of visual pictorial models for my ELL learners so
that way they can have a visual to aid them in putting together the different life
English Language 
cycles. I will also have them working in groups with their peers. I will be sure to
closely monitor as well that they are just as involved in participating with their
I will have these students help other students that need extra explanation. They
Gifted and Talented  will be a “teacher helper” and go around to see if any of their peers need an
extra hand on finishing their investigation.
Other:   N/A

Potential Challenges/Plan B 
As for as possible challenges I feel like my timing can be off, whether I am talking to fast or dragging it on. I do not
want to waste any time when teaching this lesson so my overall goal is to make sure timewise I am efficient. Also
classroom management wise could not be the best I want since this is science and we are doing something fun.
So it is important that I make sure to keep classroom behavior under control as well.