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A bike box is a designated area at the head of a

traffic lane at an intersection with a traffic light that
provides bicyclist with a safe and visible way to get
• Increases visibility of bicyclists
ahead of waiting traffic during a red light. Bike box
features include: • Reduces signal delay for bicyclists
• Facilitates the transition from a right-side bike
• A box formed by existing travel lanes, typically to a left-side bike lane during red signal indication
10-16 feet deep, used as a holding area for bicyclists.
The deeper the box, the less encroachment by • Helps prevent “right-hook” conflicts with turning
motor vehicles. vehicles at the start of the green indication
• Groups bicyclists together to clear an intersection
quickly, minimizing impediment to transit or
other traffic
• Pedestrians benefit from reduced vehicle
encroachment into the crosswalk

“Bike lanes create connected,

livable communities.”
– Mayor Greg Ballard

• Stop lines are used to indicate the point behind

which motor vehicles are required to stop in
compliance with a traffic control signal.
During the spring of 2013, DPW completed a bike
• Pavement markings are used and centered between lane project on 71st Street from Cross Key Drive to
the crosswalk line and the stop line to designate the
College Avenue adding 6.15 bike lane miles. Bike boxes
space as a bike box.
were installed at two intersections in the project area:
• If approaching an intersection with a bike box and
the traffic signal is green, commuters and cyclists • 71st Street at Cross Key and Lakeview drives
should proceed as normal through the area.
• 73rd Street at Spring Mill Road

For more information about Bikeways and Mayor Ballard’s

Connectivity Plan, visit www.indy.gov/Bikeways.