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Assessment Diagnosis Scientific Basis Planning Intervention Rationale Evaluation

Subjective: Self-care deficit Impaired ability to perform After 8 hours, the Independent:
“Grabe na kaau kalain related to inability to or complete bathing client will able to After 8 hours the client was
sa ako lawas dili perceive body part activities for self. Self-care perform self-care a.) Promote client’s/ a.) Enhances able to perform self-care
nalang sad ko maligo (bathing) also may be expanded to activities within significant other’s commitment to plan, activities within level of own
kay dili nako kaya na include the practices used level of own participation in problem optimizing outcomes, ability
ako ra usa” as by the client to promote ability identification and desired and supporting
verbalized by the health, the individual goals and decision making recovery and health
patient. responsibility for self, and promotion
a way of thinking. (Doenges, M.,
Objective: Moorhouse, M.F., Murr,
A., “Nurse’s Pocket Guide
- Impaired Edition 4”, pg. 727)
ability to Careful examination of the
access patient’s deficit is required
regulate bath in order to be certain that b.) Instruct in or review b.) Individualized
water the patient is not failing at appropriate skills necessary teaching best affords
- Impaired self-care because of a lack for self-care, using terms reinforcement of
ability to put in material resources or a understandable to client and learning. Sensitivity
on/ remove problem with arranging with sensitivity to to special needs
various items the environment to suit developmental needs for attaches value to the
of clothing the patient’s physical practice client’s needs.
- Poor personal limitations. Doenges, M., Moorhouse,
hygiene M.F., Murr, A., “Nurse’s
(Doenges, M., Moorhouse, M.F., Pocket Guide Edition 4”,
Murr, A., “Nurse’s Pocket Guide pg. 727)
Edition 4”, pg. 725)