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Wide Site

Coverage Solution

This technical poster provides only a general overview and does not constitute any offers or commitments. For detailed
information, see the product or feature documentation delivered with the software.

Unsatisfactory Legacy Cell Coverage
For example, in GU900 refarming scenarios, voice services need to be
migrated to the DSC1800 MHz frequency band. Due to the limited coverage
of this frequency band, some GSM voice services cannot be migrated.

Difficult Site Addition

Difficult site acquisition Long site deployment duration High investments

Wide Site Coverage Solution

This solution uses high-power RRUs, high-gain antennas, and features to
improve single-site coverage at low costs, increasing the cell coverage by
more than 40%.


1 Solution 1: Large-Power RRU and Feature

Recommended: RRU3953/RRU3959

Total uplink and downlink gains increase to 3.4 dB and 4.3 dB, respectively.

Large-power RRU MICC Tower-mounted RRU

2 Solution 2: Large-Power RRU, High-Gain Antenna, and Feature

Recommended: RRU3953

Total uplink and downlink gains increase to 8.6 dB and 6.8 dB, respectively.

Large-power RRU High-gain antenna MICC 4-Way Receiver Diversity Tower-mounted RRU