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Individual Solutions

1 Large-Power RRUs Increase 2 High-Gain Antennas Enhance

Transmit Power Transmit and Receive Performance

For example, the RF

module transmit High-gain antenna
20 W power increases
from 20 W to 30 W.

The cell coverage

radius increases by Dual-beam antenna
more than 10%.
30 W

Uplink gain: 0 dB Downlink gain: 1.5 dB Uplink gain: 2.5 dB Downlink gain: 2.5 dB

3 MICC Eliminates Interference 4 4-Way Receiver Diversity Improves

from Uplink Signals Receive Sensitivity

MICC Processing of
multi sample points

Extended and
pilots Virtual Interference decoding
multi-antenna cancellation processing
conversion combining
RRU3953 RRU3953

Uplink gain: 1.9 dB Downlink gain: 0 dB Uplink gain: 2.7 dB Downlink gain: 0 dB

5 Tower-mounted RRUs
Replace RFUs with RRUs to reduce feeder
signal loss.

Recommended RRUs: RRU3953 and RRU3959

Support for increased power and GBFD-115902
Transmit Diversity in the downlink
Support for GBFD-160202 MICC and GBFD-115903 BBU
4-Way Receiver Diversity in the uplink
Uplink gain: 1.5 dB-3 dB Downlink gain: 1.5 dB-3 dB
Specific gain depends on the feeder length.

Glossary MICC multidimensional interference cancellation combining RRU remote radio unit RFU radio frequency unit

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