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Laura Bowers

FRIT 7331
Prioritizing with Dollars
Budget Sources
Currently the Bahrain School Information Center (library media) has a budget of $10 per
student kindergarten through grade twelve. With an enrollment of approximately 730 students
this total budget comes out to approximately $7300.00. These funds are distributed directly from
the school district and are a separate item line from the main school budget. There are no book
fairs or other supplements in current DODEA schools. Unlike many of the schools described in
Lauren Barack’s 2016 article “On the Rebound” that have seen increases in their library budgets,
during the 2018-19 school year, the Bahrain School library saw a huge cut: a 50% reduction in
budget. In previous years Bahrain School library has received $20 per student in their yearly
Reflecting on the data in Barack’s article, the national average dollar per student is
around $12.00 which is well below the $20 per student that students in Department of Defense
school’s had been receiving (2016, p.45). The adjusted budget is aligned with current per student
cost trends. Upon examination, the district in which Bahrain School is a member is the only
district which instituted a reduction in budget. There has been no reasoning passed down to the
school librarians other than there is a possibility that future funds may be release. The current
Information Specialist uses her budget solely to buy books and other hard copy resources for the
collection. All software, databases and technology come from a different budget. It is concerning
however that there was a 50% reducation and the current Librarian is very unsettled about that
Budgeting Plan
Doug Johnson writes in ​Indispensable Librarian ​(2013) that library budgets “need to be
developed and owned not just by the library staff, but by all library stakeholders” (pg. 100). One
of my goals for the 2019-2020 school year would be to develop a library committee to help
create long term goals for the Bahrain School Information Center. I have included some
Laura Bowers
FRIT 7331
short-term goals to drive next year’s budget while long-term goals should be developed after a
library committee is founded. At this moment there are no long-term goals for the Bahrain
School Information Center school wide or at the district level. The school system uses
overarching goals to drive the Information Center mission however there are no specific
Information Center long-term goals.
Short Term Goals for the 2019-20 school year:
1. Increase Middle/High School interaction with the Information center
2. Increase the graphic novel section school wide
3. Increase collaboration opportunities
4. Provide professional development for IC staff to
5. Create a library committee made up of students, parents, administrators and teachers to
decide on long term goals for the Information Center.
We can achieve these short term goals by allocating our funds to the following areas:

● 40% of the budget (approximately $2920) going towards development the Graphic Novel
section in both the elementary section and the middle/high school section. Our students
Laura Bowers
FRIT 7331
have personally asked for these and our check out rates for graphic novels is very high.
Many of the current graphic novels in circulation are older and in need of replacement.
● 30% of the budget (approximately $2190) going towards new furniture for the Middle
and High School students to help increase their interactions in the Information Center.
The current furniture can be used in the Elementary section however a new sofa and
some new comfortable chairs and lighting should be purchased to create a separate space
for older students.
● 15% of the budget (approximately $1095) going towards collaborative resources for
Information Specialist to offer opportunities to classroom teachers. Lunches in addition to
creating time for this collaboration would be helpful. This budget could also go to
support forming a library committee group.
● 15% of the budget (approximately $1095) going towards Professional Development for
the IC staff. Both staff members would like to attend training specifically on new
technologies in the library media center/Information Center.


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